Real — a Fuuma Kotarou / Kinjou Shirasu playlist

Blackbird: Evan Rachel Wood || Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want: The Smiths || Bird On a Wire: Rogue Wave || St Walker: Young the Giant || Dog Days are Over: Florence + the Machine || Bright Mouths: Electric President || Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix): Blue Foundation || Sinister Kid: The Black Keys || Bleeding Out: Imagine Dragons || Broken Crown: Mumford & Sons || Falling: HAIM || Ghosting: Mother Mother

“Where is the real you? Was he ever at Kumo Shrine?”


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Names in Donten ni Warau

I’m going to break down the meaning of the name characters for you, you can interpret the significance of them yourself. Note that these are the literal meanings of the characters used to write the names, not the names themselves. I’m using the meaning of the strokes from Mandarin, this differs from other variations. Most of these characters originated in Mandarin, but their meanings might not be the same in Japanese.

I repeat, these are the RAWS of the characters/words as they are, in their rawest form. The rawest form being Chinese, which retains the full meaning of the brush strokes.

金城 白子, Kinjō Shirasu:

金 (Gold) 城 (City) = Golden City 

白 (white) 子 (-in which context, as it is a suffix, child)

風魔 小太郎, Fūma Kotarō:

風 (wind, breeze) 魔 (devil) = possibly meaning celebrated

小 (small/little) 太 (too) 郎 (-) = no meaning, is just Kotaro

曇 天火, Kumo Tenka:

曇 (Cloud/cloudiness)

天 (sky) 火 (fire)

曇 空丸, Kumo Soramaru:

曇 (Cloud/cloudiness)

空 (empty) 丸 (pill) 

曇 宙太郎, Kumo Chūtarō:

曇 (Cloud/cloudiness)

宙 (eternity/infinite) 太 (too) 郎 (-)