Fulvic Acid

I’ve been doing research at work, learning about the benefits of Fulvic Acid and Magnesium for a new supplement line I’m designing. Since they are both beneficial to the body, I wrestled myself a sample of the actual products and tried them. The R&D guy said that you can’t taste them if you take them in 12-16 oz of water. Egads, is that a lie! The Magnesium has a distinctly metallic taste, and the Fulvic acid tastes like pond water smells*

*It is derived from the decomposition of humic plant matter.

I tried both in my coffee this morning and now my coffee is a drab olive green / gray color and has an odd flavor. Too lazy to throw it out and start over, I’m instead masking with Butterscotch Stevia…

I’m not sure I’m cut out for this healthy shit. :)


P.S. Fulvic also sounds vaguely nasty…

The dark side

I don’t have any real reason as to why I wanted to try this. It looks awful. It’s ozonated spring water enriched with fulvic acid and trace minerals to help regulate the human body’s pH disguised as dirty looking water. Surprisingly, it didn’t taste unusual. I doubt I’ll spend that amount money on a bottle of water again but hey, the packaging is almost worth it.

artbif answered your question: Could Humic and Fulvic Acid Be UFOod Source

“Definitely! Humic Acid is secreted from the alien humicular gland and Fulvic Acid is a result of the UFO exhaust in the atmosphere.”

So standing directly under a launching UFO and breathing the exhaust could have positive health benefits?!?!

The radiation emitted may kill you but the Fulvic acid is suppose to be a great Antioxidant. Wonder if it can offset the radiation’s affect.

Sounds like a clinical trial is in order.

Have you guys seen this crazy ass water? I feel like such a badass drinking it. It has fulvic acid in it and aparently fulvic acid was made by the gods because it’s stupid good for you. Adding it to water turns the water black and it’s insanity. It just tastes like water though. I guess it’s like the best electrolyte ever and seriously guys, when I drink a little bit of it, it actually feels like it’s hydrating me. More than normal water anyway.

Considering 90% of the things I drink are coffee or coffee flavored or contains 300% of my daily value of caffeine, I’m calling my $2 bottle of water a win.

Plus it has a hidden message written in black on the bottle that you can’t see until you drink it that says ‘Enjoy the Dark Side’. Maybe 'hidden message’ is a bit much… it’s just their catch phrase but it was hidden! You don’t know it’s there because the water behind it is BLACK.