12/3/16, #7 and Supercinema

Ok, so going in I told myself, “Becky, you are NOT allowed on the 5th floor.”

We got there at 6:20 and were the first people in line. So early we thought we messed up times. Met some lovely ladies in line and chatted. :-)

Anyway, went in and visited with those in the bar and made the first elevator. Had to push past people who just stood because they obviously wanted to be the last ones out, but the car was ½ full. I’ve I figured out where I was, I ended up in Taxi’s shop and got confused because someone was there. Followed him a bit and realized it was Fulton. Hurray!!! I know who he is now!!! Followed him to the Speakeasy and everyone there left when he did, leaving me along with Speaks. Whoever it was, his little dance during the one song was utterly adorable. Left after Boy and Bald did and made my way to the Rep Bar just in time for Hecate to call. Gorgeous.

Chased Boy Witch after and saw that scene for the first time. Lost him on the stairs after and went to the second floor. Here is where things got weird. When Porter headed to the luggage claim, everyone left him. It was the two of us as he wrote his note. Just us. Oh my gosh… so he gives it to me, but I want to stay with him so I keep following back to the lobby. About 5-10 minutes later is when someone shows up with a note for him…. Followed him the rest of that loop (along with my new friend we met on line) and both of us had a little tantrum in the hallway outside his office when he pulled a Santa in for the 1:1 even after we had been with him for so long. Pooh! LOL

I took a break for some water in the Manderly and wet back to loop with Porter some more. Again, I was the only one with him when he was writing his note!!! Some people came by at the end and joined us, but he crumbled it up and put it into his pocket. THEN someone arrived with a note for him. I felt bad when Porter just ignored him, so I handed him my boat and took his note and told him to go back and find her. Probably should not have done that, but the timing seemed really off…. and I felt bad for the guy who was obviously trying so hard.

Followed Porter some more, and eventually went down to the ballroom. Came face to face with Boy and Sexy, and the entire ton behind them. We stopped and stared at each other, Boy made like he was going to put his arm around me and I turned to go with him…. and he gave me that look of his, laughed, and continued on. Thus continues my torment from Steven’s Boy Witch, because twice earlier in the show he had done something similar. Grrr… lol

Sat in the ballroom for the rest, and again tormented as Boy Witch was right in front of me…. and he turns and gives @lollyveggiesaurus the walkout instead. GAH!!!!!!!!

So, I spent the whole show seeing new to me things, and I am formulating some theories about Steven’s Boy Witch and Louis’s Porter…. need to think on them some more.

So, while I didn’t actually get any 1:1s, I wound up with unofficial ones because no one stuck around!!!

***QUESTION: have those miniature scenes always been in the walls of the Speakeasy? Or am I just not remembering them???

Supercinema was fun!! I was anxious and a bit hesitant but I had a great time!!! Only two floors were open (no bathtub for us…) but the performances were beautiful and I danced and bounced around. I have some pictures and the opening performance video to upload later.

It was a great way to recharge. With being a mom to a 4 month old and a 4 year old us working full time I have been so burnt out and feeling down and awful. This weekend helped me to feel like me again. I’m better equipped to handle things now. And maybe I will actually work on Christmas presents that I owe people.