When you buy an automobile, the manufacturer gives you a set of instructions.  He tells you the pressure to which you ought to inflate your tires, the kind of oil you ought to use in the crankcase, and the proper fuel to put in the gas tank.  He has nothing against you by giving you these instructions as God had nothing against you in giving you commandments.  The manufacturer wants to be helpful; he is anxious that you get the maximum utility out of the car.  And God is anxious that we get the maximum happiness out of life.  Such is the purpose of His commandments.
—  Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Preface to Religion

My face just lit up the moment he ordered them and I WAS SO HAPPY ; v ;

It’s the weekend so I get to draw agaaaain!

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Unless there is a Good Friday in our lives there will never be an Easter Sunday; unless we die to this world, we shall not live to the next; unless there is the crown of thorns, there will never be the halo of light; unless there is the cross, there will never be an empty tomb; unless we lose our life, we shall not find it; unless we are crucified with Christ, we shall never rise with Christ. Such is the plan, and on our choice, depends eternal issues.
—  Fulton J. Sheen