SAT AUG 15 - 11:00 AM

1651 N Fulton Avenue


On Saturday August 15, 2015 FGP will host a interactive community block party in the Sandtown/Winchester area at the site of the#PowerOfThePeople mural on the corner of N Fulton Ave. & Presbury St. The entire day will be dedicated to the life and legacy of our brother “Pepper” and the youth of our community.

Beats Rhymes & Relief artists will be adding some new imagery to the mural while we celebrate life with some good music, great food and a whole lot of family fun.

Between 12pm and 2pm local barbers will be providing FREE haircuts for the kids so they are #Fresh for the upcoming school year and our community partners will be distributing Book Bags & School Supplies to the youth.

Donations will be accepted at the following locations:
FGP Headquarters
1707 N Charles St (second floor)
Baltimore, MD 21201
10am-10pm (please call to schedule time)
Rameen - 410.980.7717

Under Cut Barber Shop
10 E Preston St
Baltimore MD 21202
10am-6pm Mon-Sat

LBS Headquarters
235 North Holiday St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
Tuesdays & Thursdays (Starting 08/04/15)
11am-3pm OR 5pm-7pm

Pikkasso Kutz Barber Shop
7171 Security Blvd
Windsor Mill MD 21244
10am-6pm Daily

SNM #55, 8/2

Macbeth: Luke
Lady Macbeth: Emily T
Malcolm: Will
Banquo: Evan
Macduff: Brandin
Lady Macduff: Marissa
Duncan: Phil
Hecate: Elizabeth
Boy: Tony
Sexy: Emeri
Bald: Stephanie B
Danvers: Debra
Porter: Nick
Fulton: Gino
Speakeasy: JWW
Taxi: James G
Agnes: Mallory
Nurse: Robi
Matron: Virginia
PIB: Paul C & Megh

And thus completes my unrequited love of Will Seefried.  I whole looped his Malcolm and realized that I hadn’t full-looped Malcolm in a very long time.  Virtually the entire track from banquet to ballroom felt unfamiliar.  I had completely forgotten that Malcolm is in Agnes’s apartment during Hecate’s walkabout.  But, to the point, I’ve spent so dozens loops and partial loops and scenes with Will, hoping to catch his eye (and hand) for a private moment.  Alas, it seems that it’s not meant to be.

I’m not mad, Will.  I’m just disappointed. 


After the second rave, I went up to the fifth floor and somehow fell into a time wormhole in which I showed up 2-3 minutes late to every scene I thought I was on time for.  Into the Rep Bar to catch Agnes walking out in tears. To the high street to see Taxi in Fulton’s office, but waiting around to realize I’d just missed their confrontation. Tried to cut through the hotel lobby to get back to the Manderley but arrived just in time to be blocked by a black mask as Lady Macduff arrived for her imminent doom. 

Determined to set myself right, I set off to find Banquo, and he was in his room, just where I thought he should be.  Watched him pray and wander and have an excellent crypt scene with Bald.  Stuck with him to the beginning of the final ballroom when I decided to go try my luck at a card game.

I’ve played the card game probably a dozen times by now, and I’ve won a couple.  But this was the first time that I won by pure luck.  I was the third one to play, and there were four cards to choose from.  As luck would have it, I picked the right one and was rewarded with some JWW side-eye and some bourbon.

I finished the show with Gino’s Fulton, which is always a favorite.  I love seeing how his rituals vary slightly from show to show and loop to loop.  And he’s always just so damn sad and broken during the finale and walkout.  Heartbreaking.

Lily hosting the Follies was absolutely wonderful.  The Follies are always great fun, particularly seeing so much of the fandom there.  Met treesofdunsinane for the first time, which was dear.  This was also the first weekend someone recognized me from my Tumblr, which is awesome and weird. 

There’s going to be a significant slowdown in my attendance over the next few months.  For one, my bank account needs to recover from this addiction.  But also, the school year is starting, steering me into my busiest three months of the year.  There won’t be much time for regular jaunts to Manhattan, but I’m sure I’ll have the occasional impulse trip if I find a free Sunday or two

Until then…

Sinir Bozucu Derecede Doğruluğu Olan Abidik Gubidik İlkeler Temalı :

Bir eliniz dolu iken diğer elinizle kilitli bir kapıyı açmak zorunda kaldığınızda, anahtar kesinlikle elinizin dolu olduğu taraftaki cebinizdedir.

Birine bir makinenin çalışmadığını kanıtlamaya çalışırsanız makine o anda çalışacaktır.

Hiç kimse sizi kendinizi iyi hissettiğiniz zaman terketmez.

Ne zaman bir işi yapmaya karar verirseniz, o anda yapmanız gereken bir başka iş çıkar.

Her çözüm beraberinde yeni sorunlar getirir.

Gözle görülen eleştirilmeye mahkumdur.

Düşen bir nesneyi sakın tutmaya çalışmayın. Bırakın düşsün, daha az zarar görecektir.

Ne kadar az iş yaparsanız, işleriniz o kadar yolunda gider.

Telefonda yanlış numara çevirdiğinizde, asla meşgul çalmaz.

Ufak bir arızayı gidermeye çalışırken, daha önemli bir arızaya neden olursunuz.

Öpüşen insanlar birbirlerine o kadar yaklaşırlar ki, birbirlerinin hatalarını göremezler.

Bir işin ters gitme olasılığı varsa, kesinlikle ters gidecektir.

Her iş düşündüğünüzden daha uzun sürer.

Birkaç işinizin birden ters gitme olasılığı varsa, kesinlikle size en çok zarar verecek iş ters gidecektir.

Markette veya herhangi bir yerde sıraya dikilirseniz, sizin geçtiğiniz kuyruk mutlaka en yavaş ilerleyeni olacaktır.

Mary Magdalene … did not do what you and I would do. She did not pour out the precious perfume drop by drop as if to indicate by the slowness of the giving the generosity of the gift. She broke the vessel and gave everything, for love knows no limits. Immediately the house was filled with perfume. It was almost as if, after the death of that perfume and the breaking of the bottle, there was a resurrection. Broken things are precious. We eat broken bread because we share in the death of our Lord and his broken life. Broken flowers give perfume. Broken incense is used in adoration. A broken ship saved Paul and many other passengers on the way to Rome. Sometimes the only way the good Lord can get into some hearts is to break them.

- Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Bread and Wine

Why did Our Blessed Lord use bread and wine as the elements of this Memorial? 

First of all, because no two substances in nature better symbolize unity than bread and wine. As bread is made from a multiplicity of grains of wheat, and wine is made from a multiplicity of grapes, so the many who believe are one in Christ. 

Second, no two substances in nature have to suffer more to become what they are than bread and wine. Wheat has to pass through the rigors of winter, be ground beneath the Calvary of a mill, and then subjected to purging fire before it can become bread. Grapes in their turn must be subjected to the Gethsemane of a wine press and have their life crushed from them to become wine. Thus, do they symbolize the Passion and Sufferings of Christ, and the condition of Salvation, for Our Lord said unless we die to ourselves we cannot live in Him. 

A third reason is that there are no two substances in nature which have more traditionally nourished man than bread and wine. In bringing these elements to the altar, men are equivalently bringing themselves. When bread and wine are taken or consumed, they are changed into man’s body and blood. But when He took bread and wine, He changed them into Himself.” 

Fulton J. Sheen, Life of Christ