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This hurricane is hitting my home town directly. Some of my family and friends stayed in the area and although they are checking in, I’m still scared. 

Confirmed so far: Large section of Rockport-Fulton High School is in crumbles. King’s Square apartments in Corpus Christi has sustained damage, some of the walls have fallen out. People are trapped in the Rockport Police Station. Roof collapsed on a senior housing center in Rockport, people trapped inside. Fairfield Hotel in Rockport is demolished, tenants were evacuated to safety. 

The eye is over them now, the second half is coming through soon. Please keep South Texas in your thoughts and prayers. If you have loved ones down here, I truly hope they are safe and sound. 


ENZO MORRA / gaten matarazzo / no known mutant abilities.
bambi’s little brother, the two are very close despite the large age gap between them. he and their parents moved to be closer to bambi when she went to the mansion. she worries he might be a mutant like her and likes to keep a close eye on him. because bambi doesn’t live with them, enzo looks after her pet rabbit, peach pop.

DOMINIQUE SATO ‘DOM’ / hayley kiyoko / human.
bambi’s first girlfriend. she was a senior when bambi was a sophomore. dom was far more popular than bambi, which meant that bambi wasn’t the subject of people’s bullying for a while whlie dominique was there. after dominique graduated, it came out that they were dating. without dom around, bambi fell victim to bullying again. the pair eventually broke up when bambi left for xavier’s school.

TROIA FULTON / madelaine petsch / human.
bambi’s bully and first-and-only victim of her powers. troia wasn’t actively a bully, but she could be rude or make comments that would embarrass people. one such comment pointed at bambi stressed her to the point of exposing her powers. for a few months after the incident, troia suffered from photic retinopathy but eventually healed and could see again; her vision was badly stunted though. the two haven’t interacted since this incident.

ISOBEL SILVA ‘IB’ | SPARROW / isabella gomez / mutant | avikinesis.
bambi’s younger cousin on reina’s side. ib was a straight-laced, a’s-across-the-board type student. or, she was, until her powers emerged. after receiving what she felt was a bad mark and getting angry about what this could mean for her overall grade, the classroom was suddenly alive with a cacophony of birds smashing into the windows and eventually through the windows to attack the students and teacher. ib was the only one left without even a scratch where most others in the room had to get multiple stitches for their injuries. the teacher was hit the worst, losing one of his eyes. when ib later discovered she could talk to birds and even make them doing things by just asking, she quickly contacted bambi. now living at the mansion, she shares a room with shilo king.

FARIDEH SHAFAEI | WONDERLAND / nikohl boosheri / mutant | mentifery.
bambi’s roommate and first friend at the mansion. bambi is forever impressive by farideh’s mutation, and even more so of her control over it. farideh is the calm to bambi’s wild storm. she especially enjoys bambi’s stories as it helps her to be more creative with her powers; on more than one occasion bambi has spotted something out of her own stories brought to life on the battlefield and she’s always flattered.

RYAN ST CLAIR | SOLDIER / dominic sherwood / mutant | combat mastery, future sight.
bambi and ryan seldom get along. bambi thinks he’s bossy and too uptight, ryan thinks she’s a child and is stupid for not using her abilities to their full potential. bambi, being who she is, plays polite when he’s around, but complains about him later to farideh and river. ryan is less polite and tends to try and boss her around whenever they’re on the same team, which is often.

SHILO KING | SHARKTOOTH / china anne mcclain / mutant | shark physiology.
a younger mutant that showed up at xavier’s around a year ago. bambi was assigned to show her around and get her suited into life at the mansion. she now shares a room with bambi’s younger cousin isobel and the pair are quite close. bambi finds shilo’s abilities ‘cool, but terrifying’. the two bond while dyeing their hair.

RIVER JHEON | CATNAP / lee hyun-jae / mutant | sleep manipulation.
river is a quiet dude, at all times. considering his powers make anyone who hears him speak immediately fall into a deep slumber, he’s resorted to using sign language or writing notes. he was one of the first people bambi met after arriving at the school and taught her sign language when she asked him too. the pair are very close friends, along with farideh. he typically hangs alongside bambi when they go on missions.

RIMA MOROLES | UPROAR / emeraude toubia / mutant | sound manipulation.
a kleptomaniac mutant bambi met around her first few months at the mansion, but not actually at the mansion. rima wasn’t much of a team player and the pair actually met at a pawn shop where rima was selling her most recently stolen good. rima agreed to come to xavier’s mansion at one point but didn’t stay long; she did keep in contact with bambi though after she left. she always remembers bambi’s birthday and likes to send her expensive gifts. bambi often worries these gifts might actually have been stolen.

“We figured being the 90 percent now would prep them for being the 99 percent later.”

4 Horrible Schools That Would Make Ayn Rand Proud

#4. A Middle School Where Field Trips Are for the 20 Percent Who Can Afford Them

[West Middle School in Fulton County, Georgia], apparently hard up for cash, decided to quietly remove the option on permission slips that allowed for low-income households to send their kids on the field trips without paying the fee. This would be in a district, by the way, where virtually all of the households are low income (90 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced lunches). So it created the ridiculous situation where every once in a while the richest 25 kids would be whisked away on some magical adventure while the poors stayed behind and sat quietly in shame. 

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