fulton school

The Fulton Family 

Nancy Fulton - High School Student (Aja Naomi King) 
Fredrick Fulton - Father - High School Principal (Andre Braugher) 
Veronica Fulton - Mother - Events Organizer (Angela Bassett)
Sarah Fulton - Younger Sister - Middle School Student (Skai Jackson) 

The Fultons try their best to appear as a picture perfect family. A strong father-figure, a nurturing mother, and two successful and beautiful daughters who are ready to take on the world. 

The truth isn’t too far off, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still have their own problems hidden behind their rose-tinted windows. 

Fredrick Fulton always aspired to make sure his daughters were gracious and kind, but also strong, moral, and independent. Above all else, he wanted his children to be successful. It was a lot of pressure growing up under his scrutiny, because as good as his intentions were, his authoritarian nature didn’t stop at the school doors and was routinely a part of the Fulton girls’ home life. Nancy learned to push herself as much as possible to try to gain his approval. Perfection was the goal, however whenever she achieved anything near it he hardly seemed to notice as it was simply what he expected. It made things difficult, and although it pushed her to be better, it also causes her a lot of stress that’s she’s never really been sure how to handle. 

From their mother, Veronica, the Fulton sisters learnt that growing up as a woman meant a lot of things, but mostly that presentation was key and that other people’s opinions of you made you who you were. It didn’t matter how good of a person you were; if people didn’t like you for some reason, you needed to change. This only increased Nancy’s feelings of pressure to achieve perfection, often making her self esteem run extremely low the moment she receives any kind of negative critique from anyone. 

Sarah Fulton is the youngest of the family, and as such Nancy has taken it upon herself to instill what she believes the real lessons in life should be. She tries her best to make sure her sister doesn’t fall into the trap of caring too much about other people’s opinions of her, whilst still encouraging her to reach her full potential. Sarah is a talented artist, and whilst their parents aren’t fond of it as a long-term goal, Nancy fully supports her younger sibling in doing whatever makes her happy because the Lord knows she wishes she could do the same.