fulton brewery

Standard Lager (Fulton)

Brewery : Fulton
Beer : Standard
Style : Amber Lager / Red Lager / Lager
Variance : It’s standard…

7 / 10

I hate the word “standard”. I used to work in the Millwork department at my current hardware store and at least once a day someone would come in looking for a door or a window and tell me that they had a “standard” size. Mother fucker, do you think if there was a standard size for that shit we would carry so many different sizes and shapes? Do you? Say standard one more time bitch! Sorry, I just had some serious PTSD from my 2 years in the department but after a few more sips of this my nerves are back at ease. This is my final beer from Fulton and I’m not too happy about it but I guess this just gives me a reason to take a trip and give them a visit. I’m guessing you can already figure out but the name of this beer that Fulton didn’t set out to create the most amazing or most top rated beer in the world but what they did do is brew the perfect beer to bridge the gap from commercial to craft beer. A nice bite starts things off with some mild nuttiness and some caramel flavors before a mix of bitter and sweet malt flavor joins in and that’s about it. In essence, this is the Alyson Hannigan of beers because even though she is pretty plain jane and she was kind of annoying in American Pie, you all know you’d still hit it just like I know you should all still drink this. If you are looking for that stepping stone into the world of craft so you can finally give up big beer once and for all, pick up a can of Standard because it is good enough to sway you to our team but familiar enough to have you coming back for more. As for you bastards, bring this to your next party because that’s what I see this being best for but just don’t go too far out of your way to pick it up. Cheers!

Written by: Steve B.