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Here’s the full transcript of Mark talking Darkiplier in the livestream

(Time approx. 3 hours, 52 minutes to 4 hours, 4 minutes into the stream. And, yes, this took forever). Thought you’d like this, maybe.

I’ve bolded stuff I find especially interesting.


Mark: Long ago, a long time ago, I liked to do these scary edits because I just felt like doing scary edits and this is how Darkiplier got born. And then what happened was over time Darkiplier became less and less about the scary figure and more about this romantic figure, and it always rubbed me the wrong way. And I kind of shied away from Darkiplier for a while. And I really really really- if I was going to bring Darkiplier, and when we thought about this, we thought, okay there should be a Darkiplier route. And that was there from the beginning, and so when I wanted to do it I wanted to do it my way, and I wanted to do it right, and I wanted to have this unending level of creepiness. And at the same time, I didn’t want to step on the toes of Antisepticeye because I know there’s a big fan base of that, and I didn’t want to get in the way of that at all and I really don’t care that there’s more than one dark personalities of people. But when I saw the opportunity to have this character here, I spent like 8 hours editing this, like just meticulously every single RBG. This is a layer, we green screened this one, I color corrected it, I separated the RBG layers I added the shakes and glitchiness every frame. I worked on the voice, too. The voice took me the longest to figure out. Like the shakes! And my computer was dying this whole time cause I put my effects on here.

Tyler: The amount of time you had to spend rendering this.

Mark: And so, the audio’s actually three separate layers. It would have been two, but Kathryn helped me out on that one to make it more clear. It’s a normal pitched layer that’s edited, echoed, reverbed, mastered, and convoluted which means it’s just thrown off to the left and right, and then it’s a deep layer of that. But then to make it really come together- it didn’t live without this center channel that wasn’t convoluted but was centered. But getting that voice right was so pinnacle, so paramount to what I wanted to come out of this. And we did like thirty minutes of shooting various versions of me talking to the camera and I wanted to pick the exact dialogue that really kind of gave away my idea of what Dark is in not a terribly obvious way.

Tyler: The other thing, this was supposed to all be one video.

Mark: But YouTube annotations, this new version doesn’t allow you to link the same video multiple times, so these are literally the old videos that I first did when Darkiplier first came about, like, these are the ones, especially this one here, and then this is my cheap knockoff Darkiplier.

Amy: Canon Darkiplier.

Mark: Canon Darkiplier. And I’m going to readily admit something. I joked about Darkiplier because it didn’t seem like something people wanted to take seriously, and I’m okay with that on certain aspects but it had diverged into multiple different facets and multiple different personalities, and everyone had their own version of Darkiplier, and I thought it was hilarious that, “Hey, here’s my version of Darkiplier, and he’s an idiot.” Like, he’s just this weird emo kid. And then I stepped back from that, like, I stepped back. And you can even- in that time, when I was doing those videos, in this era, I was not very happy. I was kind of… I was pessimistic about a lot of things. And I felt like that bled through in a lot of things I did. And that’s why even October of last year I literally made Darkiplier an emo character. And then when we were getting to this, I thought about it like very carefully and I thought back to why I did it originally, and I did it originally because, well, Darkiplier wasn’t even a thing. Darkiplier was not a thing when I was making those videos. I just wanted to make some creepy stuff. And then I thought about that, and I was like if I want to make a statement about who this is, I need to own that and I need to put something out there that is not ambiguous, because I realize that’s where I went wrong. I didn’t have a solid character so obviously, people would come up with their own versions, they would fill in the gaps where they saw fit. So, when I made this I had to embrace it fully and fine-tune it down to exactly where I wanted. When you choose the “fake” choice carrying through to this one, I really wanted that to come through, except at the end to this video, where it gets silly, but that’s because the real me comes in and the real me’s an idiot. And I’ve actually watched this over and over again because I’m listening to the takes I put in here and I’m listening to my inflection and my tone, my demeanor and I’m imagining like how to refine it better next time when I bring him back, like how to do it better.

Tyler: I remember now, I set up the table.

Mark: Yeah, you did. You set up the table we had to change it out for clear glasses because the green screen was reflecting through. But yeah, even this, like the intersplices of anger, and this is me getting real deep in the meta of Darkiplier, like if that’s even a thing that can be- let me just pause it here. I don’t read too much into this but if there’s something that I want to take seriously, I want to actually do right. So, in my mind, Darkiplier is an entirely different person from me. But, much like Warfstache, doesn’t obey the laws of physics. He exists in another world entirely and bleeds through into this one. This is sounding really nerdy of me.

Tyler: I remember the Warfstache talk.

Mark: So Completely unironically, Darkiplier is a completely separate entity from who I am. But, he admires what I’ve accomplished, and he’s very much… people picked up on this, and people thought it was really creepy, because it’s what I wanted. He’s a social manipulator. He is literally, 100% manipulative. He leads you into this false sense of security, and he wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you. That is literally what I wanted for Darkiplier. And how creepy and scary that actually is from the surface. Especially in this first bit, where he says, “If dinner is what you want, then I can provide.” And I wanted this to come across in a seductive way while also masking, like, this burning rage inside that breaks through the suave nature of it. That was my clue to reveal he’s not your friend. He’s not here to help you. He’s here to use you. And that also came across when I was thinking about, like, the effects. Like, his image shatters, he separates because he’s not entirely kept together, you know what I mean? So, I wanted like the drastic impacts of the rage pulling back suddenly to the calm nature and the demeanor and this last one, I was thinking was especially telling. It’s not me trying to break through, it’s his shell cracking.

Kathryn: I love that.

Mark: Yeah? It’s my favorite of all of them.

Kathryn: That’s one’s my favorite. I have legitimately just gone and watched that bit.

Mark: Yeah?

Kathryn: It’s really good.

Mark: Oh, thank you.

Kathryn: I really like that.

Mark: Yeah. And number 1 the visuals work hard on this one, but nailing the audio- that high-pitched ringing that a lot of people were like wow that really hurts my ears, that was by design. That was supposed to hurt because listening to him- a lot if inspiration for him comes from G-man from Half-life 2 and 1, like this weird interdimensional person that seems human but is obviously not and doesn’t obey the laws of physics, and is just like this shell of a person that’s in a suit. Not a suit, literally a human suit, and is trying to figure out how to puppet it right that you believe him, but he’s really good at it. And that’s where the scariness of Darkiplier, I think, really comes from, is because he seems like someone you can trust, and he will manipulate you, and take advantage of you, and literally use you, and to me that’s terrifying. Like that’s the antithesis of what I want to be and so if I’m going to make an opposite version of me, he’s gonna be the fucking worst. Like worse than any romantic story can ever bring about. He’s fucking awful.

Amy: It was convenient, though, I like the way it goes from Relax to this, like the video “Relax,” because then people were not expecting this. But it’s so nice to have it on Valentine’s Day. It works so well.

Mark: And then came the bullshit transition that we had to do. So, this is comical in a way.

Amy: It doesn’t drag it though.

Mark: Yeah it doesn’t drag. You get the scary. Tyler’s here-

Tyler: In Mark’s suit, which I have fit in, but not the pants.

Mark: He didn’t fit, we forgot to get a tie, like, we printed out a mask, and I looked at this and was like I could try to make this creepy, and then I went, I objectively can’t. Let me throw in some punch sound effects.

Tyler: I have to make sure, cause-

Mark: He couldn’t see shoot.

Tyler: No, I couldn’t, and I had to keep moving the mask cause there was one time we did this that the mask ended up completely on the side of my head and I was just like, hey Mark, you can’t touch my face.

Amy: The convenient thing about this, though, with all the glitches is that you can hide stuff with it.

Tyler: Yeah, and there’s a reason I never let go of Mark I have no clue where anything is.

Mark: Yeah, oh man. Oh, this, oh my god. Oh, and secret Easter egg- you know who Dark is because he doesn’t have a shadow. Totally intentional and by design.

Amy: His toes are missing too, but.

Mark: Shh he doesn’t have toes he’s so scary.




heedless;  showing a reckless lack of care or attention

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Beetlejuice Part 2 (Connor Murphy x reader)

Part 1 (I don’t know how to link things properly) https://restoftheworldfallsaway.tumblr.com/post/163510166050/beetlejuice-connor-murphy-x-reader-fic-part-1-of 

4000+ words.

tw: suicide, depression, anxiety, angst. just it’s really fucking sad okay.

Happy midnight, this is Connor’s hour. I am sorry i am shit. You guys deserve better.

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“Never Think” - A ‘Riverdale’ Imagine

Archie Andrews x Fem! Reader

Author Note: Thank you all for being so patient! I’ve made a full recovery and I’m ready to get back to posting. Hopefully I’ll be posting almost every day if I get enough requests. So, this imagine is going to be a tad different as its inspired by Rob Pattinsons song “Never Think.” I can really imagine Archie writing and playing this song and would advise you to go listen to it as it will be in the imagine. Here’s the link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R89K1zydhPI

I hope you all enjoy! I would really appreciate feedback and feel free to send me requests!

Archie smiled looking across the table at (Y/N) as she pulled out her purse to pay for the milkshakes they both had. “Put that away.” He gestured towards the purse and chuckled at the funny look she was giving him. It was somewhere between surprised and confused. “Don’t look too surprised, I’m allowed to treat my best friend to a milkshake every now and then.”

(Y/N) shook her head and sighed “Archie just let me pay for…” but before she could finish her sentence the redheaded boy was already handing the waitress the money.

“Keep the change” he smiled towards her before looking back at (Y/N) “Sorry, were you saying something?” he raised an eyebrow, a mischievous smirk playing on his face.

“Yeah, I was just saying how much I secretly don’t like you.” She stuck out her tongue and skipped to the door. Archie just smiled watching her. Truth was he had liked (Y/N) for a very long time, ever since he met her really. He didn’t know what it was about her specifically. He didn’t know if it was the way her eyes would seem to light up whenever he played her music or if it was how her smile was the brightest and realest he had ever seen or if it was the way she was never scared to be herself and how she wouldn’t take any rubbish from anybody. What he did know was that he loved her, everything about her. He just didn’t know how to tell her. “Hello! Earth to Archie!” (Y/N)’s voice brought him out of his small daydream.

Archie shook his head a little and blinked. The look of confusion on his face. “What?”

“I was just asking if you were ready to go or if you’d prefer to stand and stare at nothing for the rest of the night.” She raised an eyebrow “What were you thinking about?” she asked.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.” He replied a little too fast. “I’ll walk you home, okay?” he smiled walking towards her. (Y/N) just nodded, trying her hardest not to look too concerned for him.

They were only 5 minutes down the road from Pop’s Diner when (Y/N) decided to break the silence. “Are you sure you’re okay? I swear this is the longest you’ve ever been quiet the whole time I’ve known you.” She joked

Archie let out a small chuckle “Yeah, I’m fine (Y/N). I was just thinking about how much money I just lost. It’s breaking my heart a little.”

“Excuse me, but I clearly remember you telling me to put my money away and then paying before I could even put up a good fight. I had a great speech prepared about how its men like you that create the stereotype of women never paying.”

“Oh you prepared a speech. So, you knew I was going to insist on paying?” Archie glanced at

(Y/N) while they both walked. A goofy grin plastered on his face.

“Archie Andrews. You know fine well that is not what I meant.” She frowned. “ I just know you like the back of my hand and enjoy being prepared.” She chuckled before letting out a small shiver.

“Here take my jacket.” Archie smiled as he started to take it off.

“No! I’m not even cold.” She protested.

“Well that’s an obvious lie, You’re shivering like mad. Just take it please.” He held out the jacket to her.


Archie shook his head, a small smile  on his face. “You, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) are unbelievable stubborn.”

She chuckled “I learn from the best” she replied while playfully elbowing him in the side. Almost buckling in laughter while he pretended to be in agony.

They continued like that most of the way back, they must have been around 5 minutes from Archie’s house when it started to pour down in rain.

“Oh My God!” (Y/N) squealed as the freezing cold rain hit her.

Archie grabbed her hand “My house is just around the corner come on.” He said as they began to jog up to his house.

“I should have taken your jacket when I had the chance!” she laughed as she jogged along with him.

“Dad, I’m home! (Y/N)’s here!” Archie yelled as they both clambered to his room. Rain water dripping onto the floor from their wet bodies. Closing the door behind them Archie let out a laugh seeing the mess of them both. “Do you want some dry clothes? I mean I probably won’t have trousers that will fit you but one of my t-shirts will probably act like a dress or something.” He shrugged.

“Yes please!” She smiled, still shivering as she watched him look through the drawers in his room for something she could wear. After a few minutes, he handed her a baggy blue t-shirt. “Thank you, I’ll just you know, go get changed.” She laughed, leaving the room to go to the bathroom down the hall.

Archie let out a small laugh as he watched her walk away before quickly undressing and putting on some dry clothes. He was fully changed and tuning his guitar when (Y/N) came back into the room. “What d’you think?” she asked, giving a playful spin. The baggy blue top was still baggy on her but very short, it came up very high on her thigh, just below her bottom.

Archie glanced up at her from his guitar, speechless for a few seconds by how beautiful he found her. He gave her a small smirk “Would you prefer what I think or the response from a straight teenage male?”

“Actually, just forget I asked.” She sat down on the bed, facing him while he was sitting in a chair. “Have you been working on anything new?” she asked, nodding towards the guitar he was holding. Archie sheepishly nodded. “Play it for me?”

Archie smiled as he started to play. It was a slower song, filled with lyrics that were seeping with emotion. Every now and then he would glance up from his guitar so he could see her eyes sparkling. He silently prayed as he continued to sing that she knew the song was about her. Once he had finished he looked back at her, waiting for her response but all she did was sit there and stare into nothing. Much like he had done earlier that day back at Pop’s Diner. “Well?” he asked quietly.

A large smile grew on her face as she focused again. “Archie, that was amazing. The best thing I’ve heard so far. It was so emotional like it was filled with raw emotion.”

“So, you liked it?” Archie bit his lip while watching her. God, he loved her.

“Of course, I do! I loved it.” She grinned before lying down on the bed. “What was it called?”

There was silence for a while as Archie raked his brains for a name to the song. “I was thinking maybe ‘Never Think.’”

“I love it.” She let out a small yawn. “Will you play me some more?” Archie responded by gently strumming the guitar and starting to play another song. At some point during Archie playing (Y/N) had fallen asleep. Not long after that Archie’s dad came in to check on them both and to say he’ phone her parents to let them know she was staying so she didn’t have to be woken up.

Once Archie had finished his final song he put his guitar down as quietly as possible as to not wake (Y/N) up. It was late now and the rain still hadn’t stopped. He could still hear it pounding down onto the window behind him. He yawned loudly as he slid off his shirt before moving to lie on the bed next to (Y/N). “Archie?” she quietly murmured, stirring from her sleep.

“Sorry, go back to sleep.” He sighed, watching her.

She nodded a small okay before moving to place her head on Archie’s chest. In response, he wrapped his muscly arms around her. “Are you sure you’re okay, Archie?” she whispered. “You got really weird at Pop’s.”

There was silence for a few minutes as Archie tried to think of something to say. He couldn’t decide if now was the right time to tell her or not. Things felt so perfect the way they were in that moment he didn’t want to ruin it. “I’m positive,” he whispered back “I was just daydreaming.”

(Y/N) frowned into the darkness as she decided not to even question what about. Instead, she asked “will you ever tell me what about?”

“Soon, I promise.” He replied before very quietly singing the lyrics to ‘Never Think’ until they both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

i love you (and i like you)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @ive-always-been-a-pirate!!! I hope you have an absolutely fantastic, amazing day, because you are one of the sweetest peeps out there and deserve it. Here’s a quick little Parks & Rec AU to celebrate!! (because the only thing possibly more perfect than CS is Ben & Leslie) HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Nothing infuriated Emma Swan more than Killian Jones.

She hated him the minute he waltzed into her department, announcing that Storybrooke was basically bankrupt and that he and his friend were there to make sure that didn’t happen. Which, in hindsight, sounds like a good thing, but not when doing so meant slashing half of the parks department’s budget. As Director of said department, how could she be okay with that?

“It’s not just us, Emma, it’s everyone,” her deputy, David, reminded her.

She groaned in response.

“Would you rather the city went broke?”


She hated that sinful British accent of his, and the way his dark hair sometimes fell in his blue eyes, and how that scruff-covered jaw was just begging for someone to run a thumb across it. Those were the things she noticed when he took her out for a drink in an attempt to assuage her regarding the coming changes.

And that he was annoyingly charming, and funny, and flirtatious, and unfortunately, he too wanted to do the most good for the most people.

“Why is it you went into parks, Swan? Someone as fierce as you seems more fit for politics.”

She snorted, then shrugged. “I mean, I’ve thought about it. Running for office. I’d love to. But then I had my son, and I really wanted to make sure that he always had a safe place to play and have adventures. So this was kind of logical.”

He took a sip of his rum, swallowed, then looked up at her. “No, that’s not all, is it?”

“Beg your pardon?”

(This was when she learned she hated how well he could read her.)

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Checkmate Part 3

Anti appeared from the darkness, eyes narrowed in anger. Even though he was recently stabbed, you probably couldn’t tell by looking at him. He still walked straight and confidently, even with the faint purple bruise on his jaw and the white bandages peeking out from under his collar still visible. He picked up the phone, glancing at the screen and then at Chase.

“Is this yours, Brody?”

Chase stood, eyes wide in horror as he took a few steps back. He tried to answer but nothing would surface but terrified mumbles. Anti dropped the phone again, shoving Chase against the bars and digging his knife into his stomach.

“I said, Ï̧̨͓̮̖͉͇̾͊̽̚̕̕͡͞Š̸͇̤̩̟̺̹̜̜̤͇̏͂̎̕ T̷͚͔̯̪̻̣̭̂̀̃̂̇͋H̵̞̰̻̹̠̞̃̊̄̌͒͞Į̸̨̬͈̭͙̜͑̃͂̑͢͜͜͝S̸͍̱͔̞̙̫̻͖̍̀̃͂̀͐̐͆̕ Y̵̡̭̻̤̮͕̮͇̲̑͒̽̍̓̈͊͒̽̕Ó̵͙̪̰̦̳͎̺̣̊͌̆̈́͛̐͆͐ͅU͉͙̲͚̼̽̊̊̅͡R̶͎̦͕̫̹͇͒̐́̈́̔͟Ŝ̛̲͇̲̖̻͎͚̐͂͝?̶̡̻̮̺̱͈̤̦͚̫͊̓̀̊̑̀̔͝!̷̨͇͚̞̦̥͔͚̇̏͊͒́̅͌̑͐̋”

Anti twisted the knife in further as Chase writhed beneath him, his garbled screaming echoing into the void.

he managed to answer, collapsing on the floor as Anti pulled the knife out. The demon turned, picking up the phone and smashing it in his hands, watching as the image of Chase’s family faded to black.

“Schneeplestien, take care of this. I still have plans for him, it’d be a shame for him to die now.”
Even though the demon was obviously angry, there was something off about it. He seemed more exhausted with the process rather than truly mad at it, like he was tired of it all and just wanted left alone. It unsettled them to see him like that, because he seemed almost human in a way none of them were used to.
“I’d also appreciate it if you’d stay here to guard. It’s obvious I can’t trust these idiots, and the last thing I need is someone betraying me last minute. I’ll be back in about two hours, make sure nothing happens. I know I can at least trust you for that.”

None of them had even noticed Schneeplestien’s presence before, but he seemed to have been there the whole time. He made his way past Anti and kneeled next to Chase, digging into his medical bag for supplies. The demon’s black blood still stained his gloves, most likely from bandaging his wound earlier.

“Hold still, Chase. We’ve been through this before, I can’t stitch you up if you keep moving like that,” he chided, lifting up Chase’s shirt to reveal a nasty gash above his belly button. Schneeplestien cleaned the wound quickly, making sure he didn’t lose more blood than necessary.

Meanwhile, Marvin and Jackieboy Man were just beginning to recover from the shock of seeing Chase stabbed right in front of them.

“Chase, I didn’t mean for him to see it, I’m so sorry.” Marvin kneeled next to his friend, attempting to console him.

“It’s not your fault, he would have found me out anyway. Besides, I’ve had worse than this.” Chase smiled sadly, but it didn’t reach his eyes. It was only then that Marvin noticed all of Chase’s other scars.

They peppered his arms and stomach like tally markers, all of them obviously blade wounds. However, it was the long, thin line on his neck that made the magician’s blood run cold.
Still, he stayed silent as he sat next to Chase, tracing the etchings of his mask. All of the anger from before had vanished. His rage, his desire for revenge, it was all short lived. Now the magician felt nothing. It was a hollow, empty feeling that was almost worse than disappearing into obscurity. At least when he was dying in the darkness he could feel it. But as he looked on his hurting friend, he felt nothing, and that pained him most of all.

“There. All done.” Schneeplestien stood, cleaning the stitched up wound one more time before shrugging off his medical coat and laying it over Chase like a blanket. “Try to get some sleep, it’ll numb the pain.”

The doctor cleaned up all of his medical supplies, changing his bloody gloves and attempting to get the red stains out of the floor before turning to Marvin.

“You up for some chess?”

Marvin didn’t answer for a moment, slightly shocked. “Wait, what?”

“Chess. What else do you think I do down here? It’s better than sitting in awkward silence for two hours. Gets your mind off of things,” he answered, pulling a portable chess set out of his doctors bag.

“Uh, sure?” Marvin got to his feet, joining Schneeplestien at a small table set against one of the outside walls of the cell.

Although it took awhile to set up, eventually the pieces were in place, Schneeplestien with white and Marvin with black.

The two were silent as the game began, Marvin watching carefully as Schneeplestien made his move. However, he was far more focused on how tired the doctor looked. The bags under his eyes, the way his hands trembled, the faint but still noticeable scars peeking up from under his collar. Still, his eyes kept their warmth and intensity. The light in them hadn’t gone out just yet, and that fact lifted the magician’s spirits just a little. They played in silence for a little longer before Marvin spoke again.

“I don’t know what happened, Schneep. I had so much drive, so much anger, and then it just disappeared. Now I don’t feel anything,” Marvin didn’t know why he was spilling all of this, but he had to talk about it to someone even if they didn’t have an answer. Turns out that Schneeplestien did have an answer, just not the one he wanted to hear.

The doctor chuckled darkly, taking another of Marvin’s pieces from the board.
“That’s what demon magic does to you, it takes twice as much as it gives. I learned the hard way that demon’s magic is a reflection of them. They’re creatures created from chaos to spread chaos with no capacity for empathy. That’s where their magic comes from, and that’s what it spreads. Your turn.”

The magician looked at him quizzically as he studied the board.
“Where did you find that out from?” he asked, moving his pawn and taking another of Schneeplestien’s pieces.

“I’ve spoken to Host on the subject. He knows far more about this than I do, and after I began to realize how much of a threat Anti was becoming I went to him for advice. He told me some…interesting things. His knowledge is one of the only reasons I’m still alive right now, actually.”

All of them knew exactly how Host knew so much about demons.

“Wait, you went there? To talk to him in person with Dark in the same building?!”
Chase sputtered, holding his wound as he readjusted himself.

“Dark isn’t like Anti, Chase. He doesn’t randomly kill people on sight. All he did was give me a side glance as I walked down the hallway, that’s it. I’m not one of Mark’s egos, I’m not part of whatever plans he has going on over there. He has no reason to bother me.”

That didn’t seem to completely calm Chase’s worries, but he kept quiet. The silence was thick and suffocating, but no one really had anything to add.

“Do you think he could ever change?”
This was Chase’s voice again. He sat up against the wall, Schneeplestien’s coat draped over his lap.
“Anti, I mean.”

The doctor looked at him for a long moment before turning back to the board, studying the piece in his hand.
“Realistically? No. Spreading pain and chaos is in a demon’s nature. It would be like taking in a wild tiger and treating it like a domesticated dog. You’d get your head bitten off. Still, he isn’t some faceless dark being of evil. He’s… strangely human sometimes. I’d never thought I’d see the day that Anti was in a legitimately weakened state, but you’d be surprised.”

This got Jackieboy Man’s attention. He perked up, fully tuning into the conversation.

“Wait, what? When was this?”

The doctor looked over at him with a smile that actually looked slightly sinister in the dark light.

“You should know, Jackie. You’re the one that put him there. That gash you gave him would have killed a human who wasn’t given immediate hospitalization. A cut that deep right through the torso? Bound to puncture a few organs at the very best. I found Anti half choking on his own blood.”

The hero was struck silent, looking from the doctor down to his own hands. He knew he had above average strength but enough to hurt someone that much? He wasn’t even trying to kill the demon necessarily, just incapacitate him. The doctor seemed to notice the conflicted look on his face.

“Luckily for him, demons don’t work like we do. While from what I’ve observed they have a similar pain tolerance, they are also extremely durable and regenerate at speeds a human could only dream of achieving. When I found him, he wouldn’t let me help no matter how much I insisted that he would die if left alone. So, instead, I waited there. I sat next to him for a half an hour while he coughed up blood and nearly drowned in it. When he eventually let me look at him, it had healed to the point of only being a minor cut. Still obviously uncomfortable, but certainly not life threatening.”

Though the regeneration was interesting, it was the first part that got Jackieboy Man’s attention. The doctor sat with him. He didn’t leave, or run, he waited there. Even after everything Anti had done to him, he stayed.
“But why? Why did you help him?”

The doctor turned back to the chess board, turning a knight over in his hands before making his move.
“Because I’m a doctor, Jackie. It’s my job to heal those who need it, even if they may not deserve it. If I left him there to die on purpose, what would that have made me?”

“A murderer.”
Marvin spoke up again, being the only one to say what they had all been thinking.
“And that would have made you just as bad as him.”


Schneeplestien took Marvin’s slight distraction as an opportunity to finish the game, knocking his king off of the board and onto the stone floor. The sound echoed into the void as the piece rolled to a stop at Chase’s feet.

“And that is when I stopped seeing Anti as a faceless force for evil. When I found him there dying he was less like a malevolent demon and more like a scared and hurt animal backed into a corner. Its when you realize that he has weaknesses and limits like you or I that you start to see the bigger picture.”

Schneeplestien stood from the table, beginning to pack the pieces back into their case.

“Regardless, I appreciate you all treating me to one last game.”

Marvin stood from the table abruptly, almost knocking over his chair in the process. “What do you mean last?!”

The doctor stopped, looking up from his work with resigned eyes.
“Anti’s had a plan for me for awhile now, he just hasn’t shared much about it. All I know is that it’s happening today, and from what I know of Anti’s ‘plans’, it usually doesn’t end well. He wants to prove some kind of point to the audience, and I’m meant to be his barter.”

“I can’t loose you too! Isn’t there any chance?!” Chase attempted to stand, only to fall back down with a groan.

Schneeplestien smiled sadly, and Chase knew the answer.
“There’s always a chance, however slim. Still, I’ve accepted it. Not like I have much to live for nowadays anyway. If I had to choose a dying wish though, it would be for you all to not go down my path. Treat me as an example of what happens to those who lose hope. As long as you have something to fight for, no one can take your hope away. Not Anti, not anyone. Remember that.”

The doctor removed his gloves and shoved them into his pocket as static filled the air.

“Are you excited for your big entrance, Hendrik? I’m sure they’re all just dying to see you!”
Anti’s excitement almost made Marvin sick to his stomach, but he said nothing.

Schneeplestien looked back at his friends one last time. First at Marvin, then Chase, then Jackieboy Man, then Seán.
“Good luck, and whatever you do, don’t give in to anger. It does nothing but make you something you’re not and leave you empty at the end of it.” He gave Marvin a knowing glance that made his stomach twist in shame. The magician knew exactly who he was referring to, but it was too late to take back what he’d already done.

Anti laughed at this, snapping his fingers and leading the doctor back into the darkness. The gesture didn’t seem to have any effect, but when Jackieboy Man looked back into the space that Seán had once occupied, he was gone.

Welp, there it is. All I’m going to say is that I tried and man was this a journey. I apologize if it got repetitive or boring, but I didn’t want to break it up into any smaller parts. Once again the concept of Seán stuck in a visual representation of purgatory/ alternate dimension was inspired by @hufflepufftrax I’d also like to thank @fear-is-nameless and everyone else who enjoyed the first one. It was your comments and support that made this train wreck happen.
Also, if you guys would like a separate fic about Schneep’s visit with Host, I can do that. Just let me know. Even though I kinda glossed over Marvin in this, this isn’t the end of his redemption arc. He’s still working with Anti and he’s still pissed at Seán, neither of those things have changed. However, he is kinda questioning himself and his own morals, so be aware of that little detail. Hope you guys liked it, and see you in the next one! (If I ever get it done.)

Movie Nights Are New

Little Fic for sin-tastein art! http://sin-tastein.tumblr.com/post/160827353747/sintastein-20-minutes-into-netflix-and-chill-and

“Which one should we watch the first or second?” “Just bloody pick one before I change my mind.”

The bluenette scrambles his decision before thrusting the rejects away messily on the tv stand, gently cleaning the disc before popping the sucker in. Looking back he smiles as Murdoc stretches his arms behind the ratty old couch stained from years of damage and made his way over. It wasn’t often he partook in one of his Grotesque films, if anything thing it was once in a blue moon, But he wasn’t going to complain if it meant doing something other than sweating over a torn up note pad in a room full of smoke.

Pressing play Murdoc gives a guff of acknowledgment towards the movie, scooting over a tad for his singer to sit by. As the movie starts up he gives a small smirk to the familiar soundtrack used for their very song A1.

“So unfulfilling, I was waiting for the drums to kick in” Murdoc announces quietly causing 2D to give a slight chuckle.

This is nice he says to himself as he catches glimpse at the other, tuned in fully to the story that’s been unwound a million times, noticing the soft heat emanating at his side,clenching up at certain scenes. No sound other than the blaring vintage disc as all bandmates were tucked away to their own devices.

“That’s you, your bub.” Stuart says out of nowhere pointing to the zombie chained on screen.

It takes Murdoc a second to comprehend what was said through his half sober mind but when he does he jerks his head to 2D in offense, watching as the singer laughed maniacally at his own joke.

“I’m sorry, i-it’s I know it’s not that Funny, but I cant its just so stupid that i’m picturing it” “Dents?” The Satanist asks with a subtle calm “Yeah?” “Shut the fuck up” “Im trying im sorry!” He yells again with more laughter than the last causing the Bassist to smile in return, leaning closer to the giggling mess.

Thirty minutes in and he grows bored and fidgety, noticing the man more closely at his side,when his breathing hitched in surprise, when his pulse speed fast, his senses were overpowered by butterscotch. He wondered if he noticed it too? He asked himself stealing another glance towards the man in question.

Not a chance this guy is balls deep in he replied to himself in defeat as he watches the horror junkie stare wide eyed at the screen.

He adjusts his posture hoping to reel Stuart back in but to no advances, there was a movement but only just a tad before he was sucked in again to the film. Biting his lip in irritation Murdoc leans down to his ear and gives a breathy whisper to the other, a smirk upon his lips.

“Im hungry.”

Dents looks to him in wonder There we- Before handing him the popcorn bowl with a smile. Go..

Numbingly taking the bowl he stares into the half eaten mess, dissociating for a good minute or two before asking himself what the hell happened.

Twenty minutes remaining and no such luck, In fact he gave up fifteen minutes ago (he knows, he’s been counting) and like always waiting was pure hell. He Rested his elbows on his knees in defeat,dragging his hands along his face while the Songbird relaxed against the back,arms behind his head. How long was this movie again?

He debated every so often if he should just put things in action, yet every time he looked to see the man happily enjoy the apocalyptic fantasy even he couldn’t pull him away. So like whatever man was left he waited, looking to the blue tuned dark hair in the low light room. His eyes traveled down the skinny frame leaving his mind open to all the pretty sounds to be made once you hit the right spot, if you touched the right places. Sitting, waiting, hardening.


Eyes blurred bloodshot to the screen as he watched the credits roll, feeling the Bluenette stretch his arms with a satisfied grunt.

“I don't know, I think the Night of living dead was better, jus got that- you know? That old horror movie vibe, It's all black in white?” Stuart says looking over to Murdoc for input.

Murdoc sits up and looks over to Stuart tiredly as the Singer gives a toothless smile.

“You hungry? We could get some fried chicken or somef-”

The hobgoblin interrupts his question by yanking him close, attacking him with a lust filled kissed to the cushions below.

‘Ow Mudz!,mudz..” Stuart chimes with a warning of his teeth,breathing the name a second time around.

He minded his teeth to only graze, using mostly his tongue to get the job done. Murdoc encouraged his front man to wander,smiling at the hands starting to grip his hair and back, kissing the tunes from the bluenettes throat. Delighted with his response he settles on a small patch of skin near his ear, not only to tease him more with the sounds of what he was doing but to feel the breath of his moans, he figured it was a win-win.

“Mu-mmm~ Mur-…”

With a final nip of the ear he lurked further, kissing at the exposed collarbone from the button up cardigan. As he pushed his hands under to explore the fragile frame he listened to all the little gasps his Star had to offer as he ran his nails over his ribs teasingly.

“L-lemme-” Stuart tries to talk through the heavy sighs.

Murdoc looks up and captures his lips once more,charmed as Stuart nipped for entrance, smiling at his obedience, the little surprise at his length of tongue, no matter how many times he’s exposed to it. Lavishing in the semi-controlling kiss the green hands began to explore further upwards tweaking at his nipples chuckling against the jolt of the man’s body.

Soothing into the touch he let the other continue his way, watching him open his shirt with the help of his teeth, nice little skill, good multi-tasking. He told himself as he rested his head back with another moan arching his back to the feel of the lips at his stomach.

Feeling the crisp air against his skin he hardened at the sight in front of him. He looked to the eyes glazed over in lust as the Bassist hook his thumbs into his underwear, confident to keep eye contact with every new hicky forming closer to the prominent bulge in his jeans.

Jesus how can he do this so calmly. He thinks as his face goes red

As soon as the zipper stops a hand in his hair halts his actions.

“I wanna, I wanna cum with you” he asks brushing the hair through his fingers.

Murdoc shifts their positions lying on his side and leaves kisses on his neck once more. A hand reaches under to grasp him and he nearly dies from the sudden relief.

“You’re too good for me Dents”

“Keep talking” He pleads as he shakingly goes to work on the others belt.

Murodc gives a rare moan as he finally feels contact to his shaft, mummering encouragements to each pull from the skillful fingers threatening to edge him to insanity.Thrusting his hand under the pillow he gets a comfortable leverage to the man’s hair while he reveled in the bliss that is his calloused hand.

“I couldn’t fucking wait till that damn movie was over, looking at you like that” He murmurs into his ear

“Imagining so many pretty positions for you~”Murdoc chuckles as Stuart grips tightly onto his cross, blush spreading down his chest as he quickens his hand.

“Anywhere my mouth could wa-nder-mnnff, Sweet Satan you might just kill me”

Burying his head into Stuart’s neck he tries to compose himself, finding it harder to do with the gasping and pleading of faster. He keeps his hand teasingly slow much to 2d’s discomfort and watches him buck into his hand to gain more friction. Placing soft kisses on the forming bruises he grips his dick tightly biting his lip at the others sultry moan.

“You do this alot, you grab my cross during stuff like this”
“I love it, especially when you ride me-when it’s balled up in your fist” one more full stroke.
“Fuck, plea-lease” He says clenching his eyes closed trying to relax against his demon like nature.

Figuring he had enough he quickens his pace, watching the relief wash over him, eyeing his body as it shakes with the much needed pleasure releases tentatively from the weeping slit. He was so close, and if he kept it up so would he.

As he thumbed the tip in small circles he felt himself starting to rise at a quickened pace as every movement suddenly felt so right, another moan slipped past as he whispered The singers name unevenly, Noticing that both their movements started to get shaky

2D came with a loud groan as he balled the chain in his first, biting his fingers against the noise while Murdoc hid his in the nape of his neck kissing out his high, mumbling sweet nothings against each peck.

“Perfect, your fucking perfect”


Written for @sunflowerseedsandscience and quickly reposted because formatting sucks and I’m also possibly brunch drunk.  This is un-edited un-betaed, and will show up better later here and on AO3.  Til then.  Cheers.  


It’s essentially his last-ditch effort.  The phone call was out of the blue and also not quite unexpected.  


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A few words on the Wonder Woman movie, because I feel like I will explode if I don’t vomit my thoughts on it. HUGE spoilers follow, I’ll try to tag the post accordingly.

Gail Simone, one of the writers behind Wonder Woman’s comic run from a few years back, recently described the new film as “something worth imparting.” Now, I won’t say she took the words right out of my mouth – she put it far more elegantly than I ever could have – but it is a fundamental truth that I echo wholeheartedly. The baseline that every superhero movie eventually measures against.

In Wonder Woman’s case, we got the purest, most well-distilled version of a movie about love.

And I’m not talking in abstracts here. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill blockbuster where character growth takes place within the microcosm of a defiant punch or a surface-level realization. This is an instance where a naïve, hopeful individual steps within the darkest time of humanity’s history and is barraged with disillusionment and disappointment at every step of the way. Led on by her master manipulator of a brother, she experiences the true unrelenting spectrum of horrors that mankind is capable of when left to its own devices, where there are no easy answers in broad strokes, where even good men and women are often forcibly turned into monsters, where even something as beautiful as newfound love can be violently jerked away in service to fixing the unfixable.

Unpopular opinion: Ares is a brilliant choice for a villain, despite all the outcries I’ve heard comparing that specific element of the film to Marvel’s infamous bad guy problem. For our young protagonist, Ares is the ultimate idea of Diana herself, devoid of empathy, a being fully in tune with mankind’s identity, treating it with the harshness it deserves; whispering seedlings of hatred that sprout and grow into violent conflicts. A soft-spoken and quiet man in appearance, he is the proverbial Lucifer deftly disproving his father’s designs for succession, wearing the shattered steel and molten ash of humanity’s wars as armor on his body. He was an arresting vision when revealed in full.

Diana has no dog in this fight, nothing to weigh against his timeless argument. In her moment of desperation and loss, she breaks down and gives in to hatred, only for Ares to double down in his final swing at converting her – a ploy as old as time itself; a scapegoat, so meticulously chosen to represent the worst of humanity. Doctor Poison is brought to her knees and fully exposed as a damaged, albeit undeniably evil individual, responsible for some of the most horrifying acts of mass murder in man’s world. But before Diana’s wrath, she is helpless.

In this brilliant moment of weightless cinema, an emotionally and mentally defeated Wonder Woman is confronted by two vastly different embodiments of evil that require resolution through something other than the tank she holds above her head. The hope that pulled her away from her paradise bubble of an island has been decimated, but through her experiences with Steve, Etta, Sameer, and maybe just a little bit of ice-cream, she rediscovers it. In her darkest, most vulnerable moment she chooses to love the broken murderer and reject the jealous god.

This is where we, as an audience, can feel Wonder Woman truly being born. As is the tradition of all good filmmaking, her rebirth is symbolized by a surge of power that banishes the God of War, and a new dawn that illuminates the war-torn, imperfect, unsightly cradle of humanity that Diana chooses to embrace. Up to this point, her emotional journey had been a clear succession of beats that Patty Jenkins tried to communicate as directly as possible, making this catharsis that much more tangible and powerful.

Diana’s choice in the end is a devastatingly difficult one. It is a choice I would not have made, that most of the movie’s audience members would probably not have made. And even within this hate-torn political landscape we live in today, the film manages the impossible task of wrestling and shaking those thoughts into something resembling hope. That it is not really about worth or deserving. It is about belief. About love.

This movie’s message about love is so unabashed and on-the-nose that I want to cry thinking about all the little girls and boys who will soak it in and grow up as better individuals. This is such an important film in this moment in time. A milestone in popular culture, and one for the history books.

Definitely something worth imparting.

Nice bloke.

Ancient proverb of a fully-mannered, reserved,troubled realist who has had numerous childhood traumas and hasn’t even felt sure in his own abilities, incapable of lyring or fully committing himself in personal relationships, constantly doubting himself, blind to the conventions of money, fully tuned to being aware of his treatment of others, used when giving an answer to a single person he has ever cared for in his lifetime on the face of this Earth in the year of our Lord 2017, completely smitten and taken aback by her performance, deliverance and existence, the answer having to do with a scum-driven pathetic, jealous, image-orientated dickhead and arsehole, who believes himself better because he has completed a higher education and happens to be her fiance.

chapter 16 sneak peek #1, steroline

Stefan and Caroline in the living room.

“Beks, slow down, I can’t—” he slipped into a tired sigh, scrubbing a hand over his ‘here we go again’ expression before curling it around his chin, propping it up. His eyes flickered up to hers in something like remorse. ‘This might take a while,’ he mouthed.

Caroline waved off the apology, sinking back into the armchair and settling in for a bit of work. She flipped her laptop open, legs curling up beneath her, hand fishing out to loop around the handle of her cooling tea mug, fully intending on tuning him out—in fact, she thought he might take the call elsewhere for a little privacy.

But instead he remained on the couch, body pitched forward, elbows propped against his knees as he rubbed his jaw with one hand and held the phone with the other. Unintentionally, she found herself watching him. His thick brows were drawn inward, eyes tapered into a listening gaze, the kind that vaguely pinballed from spot to spot without really focusing on anything in front of it. He looked serious, and for a second she wondered if everything was okay.  

And then he sighed, knuckles slipping off his chin. “Remind me why him texting back ‘lol’ means he’s with Bethany again?” Something appeared to be snapped back in response because he lifted a surrendering hand. “Right, Tiffany, sorry.”

Caroline felt her lips slowly tugging upward, kindling, disbelieving. His sister had called him to bitch about drama. College-y, immature drama, if that snippet had been anything to go off. She felt a tide of amusement rising inside her, at the idea that of all the people she knew, Stefan was probably the least suited to be a teen social guru, but it had an undercurrent of something warmer, too.

A wash of endearment.

Because judging by his reaction, this happened pretty often, and judging by the lack of lull on the other line, his sister felt pretty confident that he’d sit through every word of it, and judging by the fact that they had two other sisters but she chose to call Stefan instead, he was probably the only one who would, and if that wasn’t the most annoyingly Stefan thing ever, she didn’t know what was.

The wry curve of her mouth softened. He was dragging an absent thumb across his lips, eyes thinned into a ruminative peer, seemingly taking the story being told to him genuinely seriously, and on an impulse she knew wasn’t smart at all, she wondered what it was like to have that. The certainty of him waiting at the finish line of a bad day. The reliability of his voice on the other end of the line, patient, sincere, calmly parsing through the bluster to try and understand what was wrong.

Bonnie had always said he’d been something of a rock for her growing up, but it wasn’t until recently that Caroline really understood it. Not only because of the things she’d learned about Bonnie, but because of the things she’d learned about him, how suited they made him to the role. Like the murmuring timbre his voice took on when he was trying to talk you down. Or how effective the steady hum of his heartbeat was as a calming metronome for racing thoughts. Or the uncanny way that every taut, carved out line of him somehow gave whenever he took you into his arms, molding to you, swathing, tensionless, a boneless blanket of warmth.

Before this week, she’d always cast off his whole ‘savior best friend’ role as just another self-righteous thing about him—Saint Stefan, the perpetual ‘aw shucks’ hero, swooping in to humble brag and save the day. Now, though, knowing what she knew, that felt so petty. She was grateful as hell that Bonnie had him to lean on growing up. She couldn’t imagine how things would’ve turned out if she hadn’t.

As if sensing her thoughts, his stare flicked up to hers, and it promptly took on a bemused flicker at the attention. Likely because she’d propped her chin against her hand and had been straight up staring at him for the past two minutes. She straightened up hastily and slipped her hand through hair, trying to play it off as nothing, and the corner of his mouth took on an amused tug at the twitchiness of the reaction.

Thankfully, it only took two seconds for it to dive back into a frown, stare averting. “This is still Bethany we’re talking about or—” a sigh cut him off. “Tiffany, sorry, Tiffany.”

Caroline might be unofficially meeting the first of the Salvatore sisters! Catch up on the fic here.

You’re Beautiful

Characters: Scotty x Reader.

Summary: Scotty comforts you but will this lead to him finally confessing his feelings for you? (I am really bad at summaries!)

Word Count: 870 words

A/N: This is for a lovely Anon who requested this from my 300 celebration ‘100 ways to say I love you’ .

Originally posted by chekovpavels

Sitting in the canteen after a long shift you had your head in a book, wanting a bit of peace and deterring people from attempting conversation with you. Unfortunately, the men sat behind you didn’t seem to have a volume filter and their conversation permeated your concentration.

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asketchbookthing  asked:

1 and 12 for the fic meme!!!! <3

#1 “Oh my God. You’re in love with her.Ao3 Link (Note: This takes place literally right before Liam sets them up on their infamous first date. <3)


The quiet moments were the ones Kallo waited for. It was rather convenient that they were also the ones he remembered in much grander detail. The way she’d give him that sideways smile. The glances and little laughs that filled the silence. The work ethic accompanied by a light hearted hum as the time passed by.

Then there were the loud moments. The powerful moments. The ones that just made him appreciate her in the most unusual ways. The moments when he’d see her standing there in full armor, sniper rifle in hand, looking so dangerous and protective at the same time. The last thing he thought of when he imagined Sara Ryder was guns, but she played the part beautifully, and he was helpless.

But his favorite moments? The ones he loved most were the unexpected moments. The impulsive actions that lead the Tempest all across the Cluster on a whim. The days Sara would burst through the door with a plan so insane, so stupidly brave, or so unbelievably reckless that the crew couldn’t help but follow her in her excitement. Perhaps trying to ride Fiends on Eos was taking it a little far, but still, they made the most of it.

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@cherik-is-really-gay You are such a sweetie and thank you for the prompt!


“What. Is. That.”

Charles smiled nervously as his best friend glared furiously at his face. “Um… fell down the stairs?” he offered, wincing as Erik’s lips peeled back in a snarl, showing quite a few of his shark-sharp teeth.

“No. Someone did that to you.” He grabbed Charles’ shirt with one hand and yanked him closer, inspecting the edges of Charles’ black eye with gentle fingers. Charles blushed a little, but did not squirm or flinch. Erik wouldn’t hurt him. Erik would never even think of causing him discomfort, let alone pain.

But from the look on his face, he was thinking of causing pain to others.

“I didn’t see them,” Charles lied with a sigh. “They just… hit me and ran.”

“Liar. Who did this? I’ll break their hands. I’ll tear the iron from their blood. I’ll–”

“Erik, stop.”

Erik stopped talking, but Charles could certainly still hear him thinking. He usually tuned out the thoughts of his classmates (teenagers were such predictably disgusting people), but he’d never been able to fully tune out Erik. That was alright, though, seeing as he was utterly infatuated with him and didn’t really want to tune him out. 

Charles took a breath and said firmly, “It doesn’t matter. Come on, we’ll be late for class.”


Charles might have thought it unimportant, but Erik did not.

He knew Charles liked him. Well, he liked Charles. And if anyone had a problem with that, they could take it up with Erik, who could at least hit back.

He watched sharply for reactions to Charles’ poor eye. Most were surprised, pitying, sympathetic; but there was a group of jocks who snickered behind their hands, until they saw Erik staring at them, unblinking. Then they began to look nervous. Erik smiled cruelly.

He’d found his prey.


“You didn’t have to do that.”

Erik shrugged and slung his arm around Charles’ shoulders. “But I wanted to.”

Charles glanced back, seeing the pitiful pile that was the five bullies who’d tried to take Charles. Of course Erik had leapt out of a tree to land on the biggest bully’s back, driving him to the ground. Of course Erik had lashed out and given another bully a shiner to match Charles’. Of course he’d beaten up the bullies, and now he was walking Charles home.

“Charles. Read my mind.”

“What?” Charles asked blankly, looking up at Erik, who smiled, the soft, non-sharky smile he gave only to Charles.

“Read my mind.”

“Erik, I don’t think–”


He could never resist when Erik said please. He sighed and opened his mind to Erik’s.


“Oh,” Charles whispered.

Erik grinned. “So. Can I?”



Caleb groaned and stirred, his head and back aching. He looked up just in time to see Erik nearly pick Charles up and kiss him fiercely. And Charles kissed back.

Caleb let his head drop to the ground, scowling. Now he’d never get Erik. Fucking Charles.

Piss off, dumbass, Charles’ crisp voice said in his head, and then everything went dark again.

anonymous asked:

Are you still on hiatus? I miss your writing. :'( - ♡_♡

It’s a partial/temporary hiatus, but unfortunately I am :( 

I’ve got midterms coming up very soon and several projects to work on as well. Work is also kicking my ass, lmao.

On the bright side though, I seem to be slowly gaining back my free time lately. I’ll be able to start regularly updating again, hopefully very soon!

anonymous asked:

you have a really nice taste in music. what are some of your favorite songs? i need more things to listen to

oh man lol

i’m currently listening to The Shoes specifically their album Crack My Bones. my favorite songs on that are cliche, people movin’, crack my bones, time to dance and wolf under the moon

BUT that’s just my current favorite music rn & that changes often. a better list can be found here. (um idk if this link works but on the computer right click & open in new tab if it doesn’t)

some added songs to that would be:

Mitski - Townie

Black Kids - Hurricane Jane

Japanese Breakfast - The Woman That Loves You

The Modern Lovers - That Summer Feeling

The Cramps - Like a Bad Girl Should

Black Kids - Partie Traumatic

Sufjan Stevens - The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out To Get Us!

Foster the People - I Would Do Anything For You

there’s so many i’d just say check out Sufjan Stevens, The Drums, Strawberry Switchblade, Mitski, Black Kids, Japanese Breakfast, The Modern Lovers, Beat Happening, & Best Coast. Those are the bands I’m listening the most to rn. 

But I also like Beach House, Marina and the Diamonds, Studio Killers, St. Vincent, Carly Rae Jepsen, Fitz and the Tantrums, Devendra Banhart etc.. idk it really depends on the mood lol. This is a lot of info sorry for dumping so much on u! aha i just love my music. and of course my tunes tag has a ton of songs that i like so! you could always look there