fully tuned

Happy Pisces New Moon to all! A great day to write yourself a new story about how you relate to your intuition and imagination. Have you allowed yourself to be fully in tune with what you know to be your authentic being, or has some old way of thinking and being held you back? Are you able to dream and imagine the best life for yourself or have you lost faith in the future? Meditate today on how to begin anew, on how to see, think, and feel about yourself in a new way so that you can then manifest what you know in your heart to be your divine truth. I believe in you. And that’s not just an amazing Kylie Minogue song. That’s my heart’s message to you.

Starscream was never a newspark, bitlet, nor protoform - he’s cold constructed, not forged nor kindled. His fully-formed and fine-tuned body came off a production line, had a soul shoved in it, and was auctioned off to a military company before he ever even awoke for the first time.

Naturally, I needed to draw him as a baby anyways for r e a s o n s.

As a hatchling, Starscream is very…simplified- he wouldn’t develop many traits until later, like most of his additional armor- even his wings are basically just flappy, unjointed boards that are little more than the basics of a strut system and stored sentio metallico that will continue to develop as he grows more complex.

He’s also very small, just look at the size comparison with that human, but would grow to reach his adult height in about a month, month and a half, given the right diet. He’ll be eating nearly constantly and be eternally hungry, but I mean…that’s all babies. This is why his armor is covered in a constantly-shifting set of seams and exposed “circuitry” formed by nutrient paths for growing nanite colonies.