fully expecting backlash from this

lmao y'all are wild. God forbid Aaron and Robert behave in ways that are very them. Just because they know communication is a problem for them, just because they know they need to work on it and have gotten better in certain ways, does NOT mean that all of a sudden when they are under extreme stress and pain that they are gonna magically be great at it and tell each other what’s going on LOL do we know the same characters? It’s quite realistic for Aaron to shut down the way he is. He is being bombarded by impossible to handle situations. He is internalizing and trying not to let anyone else deal with it. It’s quite realistic for Robert to not tell Aaron how he feels because he thinks it’ll just make things worse for Aaron, which despite what far too many of you think, he does not want to do. It’s realistic for Robert to get too drunk and let all his bottled up feelings out. It’s realistic for him to do something stupid as hell in the moment cause he’s the biggest idiot I’ve ever loved. Neither Robert or Aaron are good at coping in these situations, especially when they don’t have each other to lean on.

I’m sorry but years and years of habit doesn’t just go away. How you cope doesn’t just go away when you know it’s bad for you. I don’t see this as recycled anything. These boys don’t communicate. They have spent their entire lives being shit communicators and just because they have found someone they love and want to be better people with…does not mean that they are just gonna stop having their bad habits. That they aren’t gonna self destruct in the same way they always do.

Husband Reacts to 1D: Iconic Larry Stylinson Moments (21-30)

Disclaimer: I do not ship Larry. After viewing the contents of the video, I can say with certainty that Husband does not, either. Please proceed with caution.

Recently, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to get Husband to react to some the “Larry Stylinson” videos. As we all know, this is probably the most hotly debated topic in our little fandom, but I tried to present to him the most balanced, unbiased view of Larry Stylinson that I could.

He knew nothing going into it. I briefly explained that many members of the fandom believe that Harry and Louis were (or still are) in a romantic relationship, which has been hidden from the public, and remains unconfirmed by either party. I then showed him the “Top 30 Iconic Larry Moments” video, uploaded by youtube user freddieismyqueen. I asked him to react on the content: namely, did the clips present enough proof to convince him that Larry Stylinson once existed (or still does)?

I am fully expecting backlash and an outpouring of opinions from both Larries and Antis on this topic. Please be kind to me, I am merely the messenger.

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