I had the pleasure of performing at a charity event yesterday in my new fursuit. My two friends and I volunteered to perform and interact with children involved with Variety children’s charity. Go check them out, they’re amazing at what they do!
I had an incredible time and it was an extremely rewarding experience to put smiles on all the childrens’ faces. I enjoyed dressing up a big brown dog and dancing around. Thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity! ❤️

This baby bird flew from the nest!


- lEDs “follow me” eyes and cooler in the beak
- soft textured ears
- soft textured feathers on the head and wings
- all soft inserts on the body removable
- silicone scales on the gloves
- airbrush painting realistic hands
- 5 types of realistic faux fur + fleece
- through the nostrils on the cere of the beak
- silicone pawpads on the feets
- soft silicone tongue


Me at St Patrick’s Day 2016, Moscow <3

Fursuit&character © me


Dutch Angel Dragons are immune to lightsabers! :0  Sniper noms the saber with these newfound powers.