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The Making of my Stormfly cosplay :)


The photoshoot from confuzzled 2017 :)

Top row, left to right:
- Enigma the Husky
- Ekron the Bearded Vulture
- Kai the Jackalope
- Reverb the Pegasus Pony
- Voodoo the Gemsbok
- Teeko the Red Panda
- Sayre the Fox

Bottom row, left to right:
- Catastrophic the Hyena
- Todd the Silver Fox
- Luika the Chinchilla
- Nova the Goat
- Alistair the Barn Owl
- Pumpkin the Goat

Here’s some more photos on my flickr, with albums according to photographer!


I can’t wait to see next year’s!                    


Me at St Patrick’s Day 2016, Moscow <3

Fursuit&character © me

This baby bird flew from the nest!


- lEDs “follow me” eyes and cooler in the beak
- soft textured ears
- soft textured feathers on the head and wings
- all soft inserts on the body removable
- silicone scales on the gloves
- airbrush painting realistic hands
- 5 types of realistic faux fur + fleece
- through the nostrils on the cere of the beak
- silicone pawpads on the feets
- soft silicone tongue


Check out my fursuit unboxing video :D