you know what, I’m gonna say this because it’s been on my mind for a while

Nobody gets up in arms when I criticize Louis’ team for their shit promo strategies. No one got angry when I went off on Niall for staying with Modest and SJPR. Liam’s team has been consistently great all through this year, with the 1D anniversary, the 5th anniversary of UAN and just all around fan interaction. Tho then can keep the chiam baby promo.

BUT the minute I’m here talking about Harry’s promo strategies and saying i’m less than fucking impressed I’m a bad fan and I hate Harry?? nah fam

What is with this fandom and treating Harry and Jeff like they’re fucking rockstars and they can do no wrong? I know it comes from 1dhq over the years pushing that narrative BUT I’M TIRED. 

I’m gonna criticize all their teams when they do a shit job because that’s what I do. 

izuku probably wasn’t actually born quirkless [manga spoilers]

as well as All Might, for that matter. And this isn’t a theory– it’s already most likely canon.

In chapter 135 of the manga, right before the mission to rescue Eri, Aizawa explains how his quirk-erasing quirk is different and less permanent that Eri’s ability.

this panel explained the science behind how quirks exist. They’re not just random magical powers, after all; they’re bodily functions.

And because Aizawa has already been established as a trustworthy, highly esteemed character, (and because nobody at the panel of heroes corrected/contradicted him) we know he’s not lying to the audience. 

So this plus alpha mechanism is what allows quirks to exist in the human body. From our understanding, the plus alpha mechanism is not part of a person’s quirk. It just ensures that any given person who has the plus alpha mechanism possesses a quirk of their own because their body is capable of having one.

So this would mean that people who are quirkless do not have the plus alpha mechanism.

But if Izuku and All Might were born without a plus alpha mechanism, how are they able to wield One for All?

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i truly am so amused that he’s holding that fullstop management cap in his hand while wearing a beanie because that just makes the product placement even more obvious

pros of this zrought

  • he out there living his life
  • he probably happy with things
  • he most likely working on something good for me
  • he resting
  • when he comes back he gon drown my ass so its all worth it


  • im a needy bitch
  • im literally dying
  • i just need to know what hairstyle he currently has
  • im so fucking needy he should post a fullstop on twitter and end my suffering
  • literally no idea when this zrought will end
  • why do i associate my happiness with seeing zayn
  • i just need to know he is ok
Letters to Batman

summary: Dick Grayson write a letter to batman (it’s kinda a series i might do? idk) it’s based of this post. it’s Dick Grayson angst :D

it wasn’t requested i was just wanted to write some angst. this is the first fanfic i’ve posted here (if you don’t count the one i deleted)

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Breezeblocks Curse

curse inspired by alt-j’s breezeblocks, to affect someone you resent for leaving you behind. they will feel a great difficulty/sluggishness when trying accomplishing what they left you to do. 


- honey
- cough syrup
- bathwater
- a scrap of their clothing. 

perform with the song playing, chant along if you like.

the concoction starts sweet, as things between you started. pour the honey in over the clothing scrap, followed by the cough syrup. drown it in bathwater, contain it all in a jar. 

seal with a kiss and black wax, and hide it away. 

She may contain the urge to run away
But hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks
Citrezene your fever’s gripped me again
Never kisses all you ever send are fullstops, la la la la

Decided to show two of my favourite boys a little bit of London. So far they have done nothing but make fun of my stature and complain about the weather #whereisalowdoorewhenyouneedone #i’mwearingheels #6′5″istootall

@preludeinz @akireyta I heard you guys like tiny dynamo Penny also?

i feel like i need to reiterate a lot of my feelings on nathan prescott. so here it goes; nathan is absolutely partly culpable for what happened to rachel and kate but jefferson needs to be held to equal or greater accountability. nathan alone is entirely and solely culpable for the death of chloe.

however, i think the way the dev team purposefully wrote a mentally ill teenager into the role of a red herring for the real adult villain of the game was poor writing that intentionally demonizes folks with psychotic disorders which are already highly stigmatized by our society and don’t need to be further misconstrued. 

also, the canon events that lead to nathan being mr. jefferson’s protege in the first place?? that lead to him being emotionally manipulated by this older authority figure into a large majority of the bad things he did?? those didn’t need to happen. it is almost entirely preventable for someone like nathan to wind up in a situation like he did and it starts with someone in nathan’s life (ideally his father) taking responsibility for him and not pulling him out of therapy or using financial power to wipe away his misgivings. 

and i’m almost 90% sure that when people say ‘nathan deserved better’ thats exactly what they mean.

First page of “Timeless Prisoner”

Chapter 1: A Guest from afar

(its to read like a manga)