Breezeblocks Curse

curse inspired by alt-j’s breezeblocks, to affect someone you resent for leaving you behind. they will feel a great difficulty/sluggishness when trying accomplishing what they left you to do. 


- honey
- cough syrup
- bathwater
- a scrap of their clothing. 

perform with the song playing, chant along if you like.

the concoction starts sweet, as things between you started. pour the honey in over the clothing scrap, followed by the cough syrup. drown it in bathwater, contain it all in a jar. 

seal with a kiss and black wax, and hide it away. 

She may contain the urge to run away
But hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks
Citrezene your fever’s gripped me again
Never kisses all you ever send are fullstops, la la la la

thog realizing that ashe is kinda attractive in a weird way: hm

thog seeing ashe’s strength and power for the first time and kinda digging it: …hmmm

thog realizing that ashe has Muscle: oh shit

thog realizing that his subconsious is thinking about Buff Ashe a LOT: SHIT

thog catching himself staring at ashe as she twists her hands or gives a sideways grin and unable to look away: S H I T

thog waking up in a cold sweat realizing that he couldnt live with himself if something bad ever happened to ashe: SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT

thog searching ban-infested woods with nothing but his pistol because god dammit he needs to make sure she’s safe: SHIT FUCK FUCK FUCK SHIT SHIT 

thog when he sees ashe for the first time in days? weeks? and his heart goes fullstop in relief and affection: 


This is incredible

There is no possible way Johnlock won’t be canon - Sherlock said I LOVE YOU I swear to god if this is a joke and he’s saying it to some girl or he means it ‘platonically’ i will be so upset because that would be queerbaiting and Steven and Mark would never queerbait they have to know that it would be queerbaiting and they can’t do that and SHERLOCK SAID I LOVE YOU you have got to be kidding me they are too much they have to know that if Johnlock isn’t happening it would be queerbaiting it’s gonna happen I trust them not to do this I know it’s gonna happen, they’re finally breaking free of 1895, the true story will finally be told, that they’re in LOVE, after all these years and all these stories the world finally gets to know that John Watson and Sherlock Holmes are in love, I’m sorry for the awful run-on but I’m crying and don’t have time for fullstops so thank you for listening to me ramble because it really matters to me have a nice day and stay gay my friends

Your touch is like poetry in motion,
awaking parts of me I didn’t even know existed.

Your fingers draw the
constellations on my skin,
piercing me with stardust
trickling through your veins.

The stillness of your soul
echoes deep within me,
rhythmically reverberating
as the moment ripens.

Your caress lingers on my day dreams,
seducing me with the taunting romance of possibility.

22nd March 2017

anonymous asked:

So I've been watching your stuff for awhile and every now and then you reblog an addition to your post and you're unhappy with it. I just want to know, do you not want people to add on to your posts fullstop or do you just dislike the stuff you reblog and mention that you dislike because it misses the point or is talking about something different than your original intention?

Usually if I express genuine annoyance with an addition to my post, my objection is either to the content or the relevance. 

For example, when I made a post about gross dudes being mad that Tracer is gay because they want to have sex with her and got the response “reminder that bisexuals exist,” like, there’s nothing technically wrong with what they’re saying, it’s not something anybody was disputing in the post and not something that had anything to do with the post, which was about dudes feeling entitled to the affections of a fictional Lesbian

Or then there’s the time I posted about how annoyed I am with live-action remakes of animated classics and wish we could have the opposite instead and got a billion comments about how “actually the live action remakes are great, let’s have both!” which is…. like, actually the exact opposite of the thing I was trying to say.

In this specific instance though, I hated that particular response because roachpatrol is the worst (you can look up why elsewhere) and I don’t like that they were able to interact with my posts at all

But as a rule no I don’t mind people adding onto my posts

💖KIK GROUP 2.0!!!💖

Hey everyone! It’s your girl Alisha here again, an I’m back with another Kik group (the first one’s all full! (For now!)

If you’d like to hear s'more about this second group, just keep on reading!

This group is to make friends, share interests, talk about your hobbies, whatever! It’s going to be a safe, relaxing space for everyone that’s involved!

1.) You’re between the ages of 15-25.
2.) You use something other than simple text speech (we’ve got peeps from all over the world in this group: believe me… It causes problems if we have some that just try and use this.)
3.) You RESPECT and are polite to everyone within the group.

| Two Ways! |
1.) Kik me @ .sophrosyne (with the fullstop up front.) And mention the group!
2.) Or message me on here/send me an ask with YOUR kik username!

Also: I’ll 🐝 needing one or two admins to help me out, so whenever or wherever you message me: let me know if you’d 🐝 interested!!!


  • Xiumin: hm idk if I'm feeling this nude eyeshadow
  • Stylist: but you look good in nude eyeshadow
  • *Luhan bursts into the room*
  • *pushes stylist out the way*

anonymous asked:

Whenever I read your bio I always read it as Renee 50% Smut 50% Fluff 100% My mind just removes the fullstops hahaha, so I end up asking myself what type of genre is Renee? So I have a random Q what genre of book would you say your life is? And what genre do you want it to be? Xx lets-imagine-fanfics

Oh goodness…my life is probably some really tedious, boring genre. It’s probably just some really shitty nonfiction tbh. I would want my life to be fantasy or some sort of historical fiction! Something mysterious and fun with a subplot involving me and a handsome boy! Thanks for asking…that was a really fun question!