it’s a quiet night and my head still hurts so i’m going to head to bed but can we stop acting like people are so much better than us ??? like it’s tumblr and if someone won’t give you the time of day they aren’t cool, they’re an asshat. don’t put people on pedestals especially when they’ve done nothing but look down upon others. (but generally just don’t do it fullstop bc ppl arent above or below you they’re just other ppl with blogs!)

What if tumblr users lost their mouses?

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Shift + R - Reblog Post

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space - shows photo sets and videos

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You’re welcome

It's amazing how a fullstop can change the tone of a sentence

Diana: Hey girl, what’s up?

Emma: Nothing

Diana: So you going to the game later?


Diana: Hey girl, what’s up?

Emma: Nothing.

Diana: Jeeez, why the attitude? 

had a dream last night that pharrell williams was doing a gig in my bedroom and it was proper massive and he pulled my friend on stage

and the threw the mic cos she didnt know the words but me and robyn did so we were screaming into the mic and pharrell sat next to me as I put my socks on and told me I had awesome legs and I said thanks I grew them myself and everyone laughed and it was proper funny and that is it.