I mean, don't you guys want a world like Star Trek?! We already invented the cell phone you piece of shit. Don't ruin it for us.

plz, don’t do this Doland.

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Well then…. its sleep o clock

i truly am so amused that he’s holding that fullstop management cap in his hand while wearing a beanie because that just makes the product placement even more obvious

Decided to show two of my favourite boys a little bit of London. So far they have done nothing but make fun of my stature and complain about the weather #whereisalowdoorewhenyouneedone #i’mwearingheels #6′5″istootall

@preludeinz @akireyta I heard you guys like tiny dynamo Penny also?

First page of “Timeless Prisoner”

Chapter 1: A Guest from afar

(its to read like a manga)

I can still feel the past year
thick in my bloodstream
and I hope I always will.
It was the year of hope,
and the year of unimaginable
Half a year spent being afraid
of one event coming to pass,
and the other half spent carrying on living and loving
when it did.
A year of consequences,
but also a year of learning to let go
of people who could never love me
and the year of finding people who did.
The year of first kisses
with boys under streetlights
and girls in doorways.
A years with nights I can’t remember,
and with nights I won’t ever forget.
Last year had too many ellipses
too many things left
unfinished, unsaid.
But did last year have to be
so permeated by fear?
For myself, for my friends, for my country.
It was the year when the world’s eyes
were ripped open
and the light was too much
for us to bear.

And now, several months into this new year;
I thought it would be the same
(last year taught me to be cynical too).
But it’s a year of unexpectedly
loving myself.
A year for thinking my round stomach
and jiggly thighs are cute.
A year for facings things head on, working hard, for growing.
There’ll be fullstops this year,
epilogues and endings.
That’s okay, it’s good, even. I’ll be ready this time.
A life cannot be lived fully in
one sentence, one chapter, one story.
This year is for brackets
(for learning all the facts)
and a year for commas,
for pausing, catching my breath,
and then continuing,
because there’s no way I’m finished yet.

—  is march too late for a new year’s poem? / L.H

Moving on was harder than one can be let on to believe. And all the stuff your friends had said about heartbreak that all seemed so fake seemed way too real right now. Becuase moving on was a bitch and all the speeches of ’ he’s an asshole and he broke your heart , why do you still care about him ?’ were coming back to bite you in the ass. Becuase Jason was an asshole and he broke your heart and crushed into little pieces than stomped on them but boy oh boy did you still love him . But his words from last night had put a really stinging and hurtful fullstop to whatever hopes you had for him . And it hurt like hell but now you knew you had no other option but to move on .

Which is why you had spent the last two to three weeks just involving yourself so deeply in your work and the people around you just to make sure that Jason wouldn’t cross your mind too much. He did though , and it was more than often but atleast it was bearable now. So you did what every other person going through a breakup would , you put away all the pictures you had with him in your spam folder , took all the extra weapons and clothes he put in your house in a box and shoved them at the back of your closet where you couldn’t see them and basically removed all traces of him. You had gone out with friends to as many places you could think of , talked to your old friends , had dinner with your family and didn’t even totally ignore the cute Starbucks barista that flirted with you from time to time becuase why not.

All the while , you had created a really nice allusion that you were indeed over Jason Todd. But on a night like this , where it was raining down cats and dogs outside and the clown prince of gotham had come back with a special kind of vengeance against Gotham , successfully ruining all plans you could have had , and you sat Infront of your TV with a show blaring in the background and Chinese takeout littered on your coffee table , you couldn’t help but miss Jason. Becuase on a night like this , Jason would come back to you all beaten up and battered and even though patching him was no fun job , you actually enjoyed nights like this. Becuase Jason would tell you about all the bad guys he beat or how he pissed Bruce off and you two would laugh and talk. And now you were sitting watching re runs of how I met your mother and thinking about your ex. How sad.

So when you heard a knock on you door at nearly 1 am you were convinced the joker had come to kill you. Which Is why you got up hurriedly to open the door and imagine the surprise you felt when you saw Jason standing there through your peephole. It was like your brain had stopped functioning. So you did what every mature person in your place would.
“Who is it ?” You called .
“(Y/N) , it’s me Jason , please open the door ”
“Jason ? Oh yeah sorry I’m not home. ” You said , your voice shaking a little in the end. Not the smartest thing you could have done but then again you were you. Your statement was met with a heavy sigh from the other side of the door.
“(Y/N) I know you don’t wanna see me , and hell I know i deserved it but please let me in okay , please. This is serious ”

And If you wouldn’t have known that tone of voice so well you would never have opened the door because hell , you didnt a wet sloppy Jason Todd walking back into your life at 1 am but you ended up opening the door to Jason , who was soaked from head to toe and whilst normally you would have been concerned at his state ,but at that moment all you wanted was for him to go away.
“What is it ?!” You snapped not even waiting for Jason to say anything and watching his face fall at your greeting before sighing defeatedly .
“Can we talk ?”

LINK TO PART ONE : http://nerd–writing.tumblr.com/post/156626111453/gone-jason-todd-x-reader ~Circe
Breezeblocks Curse

curse inspired by alt-j’s breezeblocks, to affect someone you resent for leaving you behind. they will feel a great difficulty/sluggishness when trying accomplishing what they left you to do. 


- honey
- cough syrup
- bathwater
- a scrap of their clothing. 

perform with the song playing, chant along if you like.

the concoction starts sweet, as things between you started. pour the honey in over the clothing scrap, followed by the cough syrup. drown it in bathwater, contain it all in a jar. 

seal with a kiss and black wax, and hide it away. 

She may contain the urge to run away
But hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks
Citrezene your fever’s gripped me again
Never kisses all you ever send are fullstops, la la la la


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Oikawa Tooru and Iwaizumi Hajime. Friends since childhood, lovers since high school. They’ve always been by each other’s side, even now, when they’re both in college. They’d both agreed that it’d be easier to room with each other, but rooming with the flambouyant Oikawa meant signing a contract that - somewhere, maybe it was in the terms and conditions - meant that Iwaizumi had agreed to little to no sleep at all.

Oikawa Tooru [ 10:58PM ]: Iwa-chan, are you awake?

Oikawa Tooru [ 10:59PM ]: I can hear your sheets moving but i dont know if that’s because you’re moving in your sleep or because you’re awake.

Oikawa Tooru [ 10:59PM ]: Well, anyways, i was thinking about something.

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:00PM ]: i swear to God, Shittykawa. I have an in-class assessment tomorrow.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:00PM ]: I had a brilliant idea for my writing class and i want to tell you.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:01PM ]: oh. Sorry.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:01PM ]: Good night, Iwa-Chan

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:02PM ]: if i wasn’t so tired, i’d go to the bathroom and puke. Don’t send me love hearts.

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:02PM ]: Good night, Oikawa.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:02PM ]:

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:03PM ]:

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:03PM ]: i can hear you laughing, Iwa-chan. The screen divider isn’t sound proof :’)

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:03PM ]: Shut up, Shittykawa.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:03PM ]: you were the one who was trying to muffle their laughs!

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:04PM ]: So mean, Iwa-chan.

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:04PM ]: so annoying, Oikawa-chan.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:05PM ]: Good night, Iwa-chan

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:05PM ]: May the aliens look over you and protect you

“Oikawa, don’t you even message me. I saw the light of your phone.”

“Okay, fine, I won’t message you.”



“I need to sleep, ‘Kawa.”

“What happens to love? What even is love? And what happens to it-”

“Oikawa, please.”

“-after you stop loving someone? If Rose and Jack stop loving eachother, what would happen to their love for one another? I think love is like… water. It’s always the same. Evaporation doesn’t change the water - the water is just in a different form. So, does that mean that love changes after you… fall out of love?”

“Look here, shittykawa. You’re going to be quiet and let me sleep, for both my sake and yours. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to ruin that pretty face of yours, would you?”

“So, you admit that my face is pret- Iwa-chan, don’t throw your book at me! The pages will be damaged!”

“Good night, Oikawa.”

“What about your book-”

“Good night.”


“Good night.”

Oikawa Tooru [12:00AM]: Morning, Iwa chan!

“You little shit, let me sleep!”

“You weren’t asleep yet?”

“No, because you’re humming of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ is annoying.”

“Annoyingly beautiful? On pitch?”

“Annoying. Fullstop.”

“Hey, Iwa-chan, do you think the aliens get lonely?”

“Oikawa, for the love of each and every god in existence, you’re a 21 year old man in college, not a 7 year old.”

“I’m just asking, sheesh.”

“Good night.”

“But do they? Are there different races of aliens?”

“Oikawa, I will strangle you if you ask another question about aliens without changing your course to an astronomy one.”

“So mean, Iwa-chan.”

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:47AM ]: isn’t It weird how 12AM comes before 11AM??

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:47AM ]: so time goes 12-11AM

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:27AM ]: and then 12-11PM

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:28AM ]: why doesn’t it go 1-12AM and then 1-12PM?

Oiakwa Tooru [ 12:29AM ]: who ever designed the concept of time is stupid

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:29AM1 ]: Iwa-chan I’m having a life crisis right now

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:37AM ]: I tried to search it up but it seems like the concept of time was changed over the years

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:37AM ]: so i don’t know who actually created the concept of time

Iwaizumi Tooru [ 12:38AM ]: I can and will not hesitate to block your number

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:38AM ]: That won’t stop me from talking to you :P

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:40AM ]: Iwa-chan?

“Are you awake, Iwa-chan?”

“…what’s that smell?”

“Mac and cheese!”

“Oikawa, what the hell? It’s almost 3 in the morning and you’re having mac and cheese?”

“Do you want some, Iwa-chan?”

“No. Let me sleep.”

“Okay, Iwa-chan.”

“Night, ‘Kawa.”

“Don’t you mean… 'Kawaii?”

“Shut up, Shittykawa.”

“You aren’t you when you’re hungry. Want some mac and-”

“Shut up, will you?”

“So mean, Iwa-chan…”

Oikawa Tooru [ 3:59AM ]: I slept for almost one hour. It’s a miracle.

Oikawa Tooru [ 3:59AM ]: Mac and Cheese?

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:00AM ]: more like snack and miracle

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:00AM ]: okay sorry Iwa-chan.

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:09AM ]: I was thinking

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:09AM ]: I know I can be annoying

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:09AM ]: and a pain in the ass and I just wanna say sorry

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:10AM ]: for a lot of things.

“…you okay there, 'Kawa?”


“Don’t you think it’s a bit late to apologize, Shittykawa? After all these years?”

“mm… sorry, Iwa-chan.”

“I’m just kidding. Hey, are you crying? ”

“N-No! Why would you suggest that?”

“…Are you sure you’re okay, Oikawa?”




“You know I love you, right?”


“No matter how annoying you are.”

“I know.”

“Okay. Get some sleep, then.”

“Good night, Iwa-chan.”

“Good night, Oikawa.”

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:12AM ]: I love you too, Iwa-chan

Benefits of Having a Househusband: Chapter 9 - It’s not hard to make them happy

aka, 10 times Jay being a househusband worked in Erin’s favour

Also on ff.net and A03

Once again, huge thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her beta'ing help and idea bouncing! Hope you guys enjoy!

“So I was thinking…” Jay began as they entered the locker room.

During their morning briefing, Voight had informed the team that two of them were needed to make a quick round trip to the city of Springfield to pick up some important case files which were far too classified to be emailed or faxed over. In addition to that, whilst they were there, it would give them the opportunity to ask questions and see any evidence they wanted to.

Voight had chosen Erin and Jay to make the trip, telling them to leave within 30 minutes and to be back by that evening. It wasn’t the first time the Intelligence team had pulled a highly controversial and public case, but it was the first time that Voight’s powers hadn’t stretched out of the city, leaving the team to make up for the difference.

“Oh, this ought to be good,” Erin laughed, pulling out what she would need from her locker and dumping them onto the bench behind her.

“Springfield is a three-and-a-half, four hour drive, right? That places it well out of Chicago, which means I should get driving privileges for this mini roadtrip,” he stated diplomatically, already shutting his own locker after having retrieved the minimal items he figured he would need.

Tugging on her jacket, Erin shot him a sceptical look as he made his way over to lean against the locker next to hers. “I don’t remember agreeing to only being allowed to drive in Chicago.”

“I don’t remember agreeing to only you being allowed to drive, fullstop,” Jay retorted, making her smirk. Closing her locker, she picked up her phone and purse, slowly adding them to her pockets to join the car keys she could already feel in there. She hadn’t verbally replied to his observation, which had obviously only made him more impatient. “Erin, please? You know it’s fair.”

Pursing her lips, she did her best to stare him down, but she knew she was fighting a losing battle against his innocent baby blues and the softest pout forming on his features. It was hard enough for her to stop herself from simply kissing the look away, knowing that though he wouldn’t be able to keep up the pretense if she did, she would be giving in in a whole other way.

Letting out a long, deep sigh, Erin finally nodded concedingly. “Fine. But I get to choose the music,” she bargained, waiting until his face lit up with the boyish grin she knew and loved before pulling the keys out of her pocket and practically slapping them into his proffered hand.

“Honey, you can choose where to eat for all I care. I get to drive,” Jay replied cheerily, earning himself a raised brow at his offer.

Finding somewhere to eat was always a heated debate between them, something which the driver usually had the most control over. Not that their appetites or choice in food differed from one another, but they usually had different ideas as to which place served the best dish for whatever they were arguing over on any particular day. And it was a huge factor in Jay’s argument about feeling like a househusband when she practically overruled his choices simply because she was driving.

Shaking her head affectionately at his rather giddy mood, Erin bit back her own grin in an attempt not to seem amused by his reaction, lest he got the wrong idea about possibly coercing her to let him drive more often.

“Let’s go before Hank sends out a search party. The last thing we need is for him to see you coming out of the locker room with that grin on your face,” she remarked, giving him a light push to send him on his way as she followed him, hand on his back to keep him going.

It didn’t take long to get onto the road after that, venturing into the bullpen to pick up any last minute discussions before heading down to their work vehicle. Erin couldn’t help but notice the extra bounce in Jay’s step or the way he smiled at her lopsidedly over the roof of the car as they got in on unfamiliar sides. It warmed her heart to know she had caused this mood, a feeling of satisfaction and content growing as she settled into the passenger’s seat and enjoyed watching him steer them out of their city.

“What?” Jay asked when they had reached the highway, once Erin had finished fiddling with the radio and chosen a contemporary station, leaving it in low for some background noise. She had gone back to nonchalantly observing him, eyes sliding from him to the road and back again at steady intervals.

“I really need to let you drive more often if you get this excited about a small road trip,” she quipped, reaching into the glove compartment to retrieve both their sunglasses as the mid-morning sun hit their eyes.

“I’ve been saying that since day one, Erin,” he reminded her, accepting his shades and pushing them on without a glance in her direction.

Slipping on her own pair, she laughed and nodded. “I know. I just didn’t realise how sheltered you had become. It’s like you’re a Stepford Wife, taking her first step out into the real world,” she teased, patting him on the shoulder and earning herself a disgruntled huff from him.

“Actually,” Jay retorted lightly with a smirk on his features, “We prefer the term 'househusband’, if you must.”

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top 5 worst tumblr moments ;D

oh boi howdy this is gonna be great :DD

1. Discovering Aphobia is a thing on this site and people proudly call themselves Aphobes. ESPECIALLY after I found out Asexuality exists and finally had a word for it and wasnt just weird or something.

2. Finding out what the word TERF means and that there are actually people THAT fucking ignorant out there.

3. Scrolling through the “fidget spinner” tag and only finding 10% positive posts and 90% ignorant/shitty posts against people who use them because some obnoxious people made it into a meme

4. Any time someone adds to a weird post “Man ALL _____ are so wild” or just generalizes people based on race/gender/sexuality and think they’re SOOO progressive. Like, no, this kind of thinking has existed for such a long time and its always been shit and just because you changed the thing you hate, it isnt fucking smarter ._.

5. Having things I like kinda ruined for me by dumbass people trying to police the entire fanbase. Or having to cringe every time I see specific ships because rabid fans wont stop pushing the creators to put it in the show or else they’re homophobic. 


Am I the only one finding these pics sketchy or weird? Friend emailed a link to me of them (idk why but he did and the posts are public btw so anyone can see them if you look her up) and idk.. suddenly she went from loving an Atlanta team to changing to a mets fan for Dylan? And the “re-start” gift? She completely ditched Originality and individuality after he met him I’m guessing.. also I’m half Canadian and half British so I only know like 5% about baseball and most of that is just team names tbh.. I’m still trying to understand the sport; anyways I find this really odd

🎩idk my dude like just think she’s shade af fullstop🎩

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"he’s having a rest after a truly career defining 6 weeks and before heading into the next " umm fuck yes, that's really what to focus on here. There was a six week stretch of pure magic and now they can let the anticipation build up again for the next phase. I have absolute faith in harry and his team and you know the buzz and excitement around him is just gonna continue to build and their entire strategy is geared towards getting the best kind of exposure at the perfect time 👌

the timing of this all is so perfect because he’s been basically unavoidable the past month but not in an overwhelming way, and then he’s gonna be doing dunkirk promo so he’ll STILL be around everywhere but it still won’t be excessive because he won’t be promoting his music haha so it’s continual exposure without saturation which is an incredibLy fine line but looks like his team have already mastered 🥂


I have forgotten.

I have forgotten
what it means to discover
new things;

new potential
sits a waste
as I squander time amidst
the old doings

that sit here in celibate
piles; paper - sheaves and sheets
of them and more,
to read and preview and peruse
before I sign.

I feel waste
growing in me,
its roots embedded
where my feet don’t lift
from the floor

and I have forgotten
what it means
to be an adventurer of sorts

to mix tea with orange juice
as I once so foolishly did;
to fly down a staircase
four to five steps at a time

always on the move, always moving

But here I sit, in a stench of amnesia,
having forgotten
what it means to discover
new talents within me

The things I could do,
to try my hand at
for sake of penny bets
and exhilaration!

My exclamation has dwindled
to potted fullstops
pottering into an ellipsis…

And I have forgotten
what it means
to feel excitement to the very core
of my bones.