It's amazing how a fullstop can change the tone of a sentence

Diana: Hey girl, what’s up?

Emma: Nothing

Diana: So you going to the game later?


Diana: Hey girl, what’s up?

Emma: Nothing.

Diana: Jeeez, why the attitude? 

she breathes in words that fill her lungs with
magic and hope so her ribcage is close to
breaking, but her heart is forever warm.

it’s like the gods put stars in her eyes and
the angels inked their soft whispers onto
her skin.
like constellations traced out into a
her fingers are crafted from dust into
a forest of secrets made from the
sorrows and joys of those around her.

hollowed flesh, torn down walls, and she
is brimming with daisies and dandelions
and an endless ocean that spreads out like
a blanket across hopes and dreams and

undone hair, opened palms, and she
is cheap perfume, bar soap and
black coffee;
a broken violin, merely a distant echo of
melody playing into the ambience
of the afternoon.

she is warm like the sun that just about touches
your cheeks with a flush.
she is gentle like the brush of wind against
your hair.
she is strong like a storm during a cold
winter night.
she is everything in the world strung together
with words and fullstops and the carve of her
she is life.
she is poetry.

—  for inkskinned, who has kept me alive with her beautiful poetry || s.g.

right now louis is drafting a tweet, checking all typos, searching for powerful literary devices to use, having it proofread by the band, correcting punctuation and deciding how many exclamation points, fullstops or question marks to use, and deciding on the perfect time to hit send