Hi guys, so I’m going to start posting the individual square pictures today. I was going to edit them, but then I figured that would be silly considering they’re not good pictures or anything, just necessary ones. So there you go. These are the first 10 off of side A. I really like Lauren’s doodles and the fact that Kristin used striped fabric. Oh and if you don’t want your last name on it or state, just ask me and I’ll blur it out.

fullonrainstormss replied to your post: all the disneystrologies are done *throws…

do you wanna do one more? may 14th! :)))))

you’re such a lil stink

You’re Fawn from Tinker Bell! (Disney Fairies) Your personality traits are active, confident, and easy-going. Magical Gifts: Fawn bestows the gifts of enthusiasm, mischievousness, and an aptitude for languages  If your situation calls for rough-and tumble playfulness, invite Fawn to help with the games.

If you’re seeing this message, please don’t send anymore birthdays. I’m overflowing with asks, sorry. Thank you!

Guys! Look what I got in the mail today!! The custom Meredith fabric, for the quilt. It looks flawless in real life, I’m so excited. I’m gonna start really putting it together tonight, like not just pinning, but sewing. Also, if you were going to send me your message to write out and you haven’t I need it right now. I’m about to write out the 6 messages. And if you’re supposed to mail it to me, you’ve got a week to do so.

And if you’re not participating yet, I’ve got 2 spots left on the quilt!