fullmetal alchemsit brotherhood

So, my school does this thing where advanced art students can paint a cabinet door. And I went into the art room today and realized one of them was Alphonse Elric!!!! All the other cabinets are famous paintings, so I always assumed this was just some weird robot thingy, but its not!!!!! Its fucking fan art! (P.s. sorry for the crappy picture)


And finally this crossover with Voltron Legendary Defender and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is done! x3

  • Shiro as Edward Elric
  • Hunk as Alphonse Elric
  • Pidge as Winry Rockbell
  • Keith as Roy Mustang
  • Lance as Riza Hawkeye/Jean Havoc -Is a combination of both-
  • Princess Allura like Olivier Armstrong
  • Coran like Alexander Armstrong


I don’t think Winry gets enough credit as a genius. Like, automail would need her to understand engineering, robotics, anatomy, and particularly how nervous systems work, and she’s technically a surgeon. She was already a regular helper at Pinako’s shop when she was 11. At 15, she walked into a town full of top automail experts and impressed all but one of them with a rush-order arm she’d made. Then, she took over one person’s shop so thoroughly, her customers won’t even let someone else make the outer casings. On top of that, she read medical books as a child and not only understood them, but retained enough of it to successfully deliver a baby years later even though that had nothing to do with her preferred field. And she didn’t have any help from the Truth.

Winry might not be an alchemist, but she’s a medical and engineering genius and somebody needs to tell her that right now.

It still makes me laugh at how shocked my high school students are when I know things

“You mean Yamcha? If there was one character I’d be okay with not wishing back with the dragonballs it would be him. But Vegeta kicks ass.” - me overhearing students talking about dragonball z and not knowing the name of said character.


“Dumbledore!”– me when students start the “snape, snape, severus snape” from puppet pals.

Me: sings and acts out “You’re Welcome” from Moana when students start singing it in class.

Me–Discusses the differences between marvel movies and the comics at length after over hearing students discussing comic books when they had no clue I knew comic books.


“Hugh Jackman’s character is the showman. I am not sure if that pun was intentional or not…let’s say, intention.” - me when discussing The Prestige with students who I know loved The Greatest Showman.

“I love your backpack, I love Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood.”– me commenting on a student’s backpack with flamel emblem.


“I love that book,  I am so excited for the last book to be released.  Have you read the author’s A Court of Thorns and Roses series?”– me to a student who I notice reading the Throne of Glass series while subbing

Me– sings the entire Pokemon theme song from memory when bet by a student that I couldn’t.


Me– annihilating my students in Disney trivia…the whole class challenged me together and still couldn’t take me down.


Me– who knows about fanfiction? You will all be writing it for a creative writing assignment.

Me–I am going to show you a Dan and Phil video that discusses shipping and fandom in fanfiction to help give you an idea.

Me– uses Doctor Who and Sherlock (BBC) to teach genre in creative writing.

“I got front row seats! Its going to be so awesome! I can’t wait!” – me overhearing students discuss Dan and Phil’s new tour (the same happened for the first one)

Me– runs into a student at The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire.


The number of times I’ve come up behind a student who was reading manga online instead of working and specifically been able to tell them, “You can read…(insert title here) later,” and been able to know exactly which title to name is ridiculous…bleach and naruto are popular, but the titles are diverse and varied.

Me– butts into a discussion on which characters students think are the best from naruto with specific details on my own thoughts.  Just the fact that I know characters beyond team 7 seems to shock students.

“Your piece is not from A Very Potter Musical so please don’t read it like Professor Snape.”– me when students try to get away with dramatizing a piece and suddenly keep adding in AVPM quotes.

Student— “Ms. O, are you humming the Sailor Moon theme song?”

Me– “Yes, I’ve had it in my head all day.”

Me– chaperons every dance and dances the entire dance to Nsync’s “Bye Bye Bye”

Students (its gotten to the point students request the song before I get the chance just to see it):

Me– maliciously enjoys rubbing my Hamilton tickets in my students faces.

Me– teaches students how to play the pokemon card game when not a single one who collects the cards knows how to play.

Me– gets into the habit of telling kids, “you know nothing Jon Snow,” when I disagree with them.