fullmetal challenge

Make Me Choose
    @radioactivesamurai : Nico di Angelo or Edward Elric (I’m not taking any more questions for this challenge) 

THIS was the most difficult to choose from! I almost drew Nico just for the sake of drawing Nico bec I haven’t drawn him in forever, but I would be lying to myself. Finally done with this challenge! Thanks for your questions :D


[fmab challenge] five quotes (3/5)

Edward to Winry: “You helped a woman give birth in rush valley, and saved her and her baby. You gave me an arm and leg so I could stand again. Your hands aren’t meant for killing people. They’re for helping them live.” - episode 22

Fullmetal Challenge
Day 2 - favorite character

Riza Hawkeye

“The fighting maybe, but the nightmares of what we did in this place are far from over. They’ll stay with me for as long as I live… I believed in you, trusted you with my father’s research, & I applied to the military academy because I hoped to help other people. The way things turned out… it’s not what I wanted, but there’s no escaping the truth. I can never atone for the suffering I’ve caused.”


30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 4- Favorite Female Anime Character

Riza Hawkeye!! (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Compared to the favorite male character choice, this one was a piece of cake. Riza is hands down my favorite because she is a badass woman who doesn’t need no man, but sticks beside her idiot colonel because he’s her idiot colonel dammit  I will go down with this ship.