fullmetal alcohol

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Drinking Game.

(Caution: Spoilers ahead.)


1. Drink each time you find yourself attempting to sing along to the opening songs using nonsense words.

2. Drink every time someone mentions Ed’s height. Down your drink when he makes a face resembling this:

3. Drink each time Armstrong sparkles. Then blush cause DAMN HE FINE.

4. In fact. Drink EVERY TIME you are unexpectedly attracted to an anime character and maybe start questioning your life choices. Drink again.

5. Drink whenever Al is a sweet cinnamon roll. Too good for this world..too pure.

6. Close your eyes (heh) and down your drink whenever Mustang is a total badass.

7. Drink anytime Winry looks better in overalls than you’ve ever looked in your life.

8. Drink every time Ed completely destroys his automail.

9. Drink anytime Izumi is a fucking goddess.

10. And finally, down your drink to drown your sorrows when the episode finishes.


Special bonus edition (Episode 4: Nina and Alexander):
- Immediately finish the whole bottle of whatever you are drinking. Cry into your empty glass. Go find a stronger drink.


Note: If you are under the legal drinking age replace alcohol with milk plz.

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly