fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood

you know the one thing that to this day confuses me the most about fullmetal alchemist?

the fact that edward elric’s hair went from this

to this

in one year.

and it’s not just in brotherhood either

do you know how much the average person’s hair grows in one year? an inch. like yeah, there’s room for variation from person to person but he grows like a foot of hair at least (keeping in mind his hair is going to be longer when it’s not in a braid). from the first time i ever watched this series this has haunted me and i don’t know why no one talks about this

Just a thought

Ok so something’s REALLY been bugging me about Fma03 lately. In general, I like the series, but I do have some issues with it. But, seriously. *sighes* HOW COULD ED AND AL NOT RECOGNIZE THAT SLOTH WAS THEIR REINCARNATED MOTHER?!?!?!

I mean, they’re freaking identical! Ed’s like, “I noticed the resemblance.” Are you kidding me? Ressemblance?? It’s your own mother you doorknob!!!

Ok, I’m done.

Good Men Don't Become Legends (FMA/Fate Zero AU, 10)

So I kind of lied to you, Gio, when I said that someone died in this chapter. I decided it was time to end this chapter once it was close to 8k, because I’m ridiculous and the next scene is going to be long as hell and maybe the entire chapter. Look, it’s not my fault that Roy has some issues that are going to probably cause problems later (um, yes, I totally plot this stuff out…) and I really delved into them. On the bright side, this means I already have the next chapter planned out completely in my head and have started writing it, so it won’t be 10 years in between chapters. Also, points for Ling and May for somehow accidentally becoming my favorite pairing in this fic.

good men don’t become legends
to walk along the edge of all the light

The next few days are spent maddeningly in recuperation. Roy has been injured before, during his time as the Flame Alchemist in the Mage Wars, but nothing to this extreme. Just when he thinks his hands might be getting better, they throb painfully and leave him gritting his teeth to the point that he worries they might turn to dust. The fact that Riza heals quickly and is in peak condition by the end of the first day frustrates him even more. He hates this lagging behind and can tell that she’s protecting him in his time of weakness, just as she did all those years ago.

Roy tries not to growl furiously, but he can’t stop himself from flopping back down on the couch. The bandages on his hands are lighter now, so that he can flex his fingers and pick things up again, but blood still seeps out at random periods. Whatever Saber’s cursed swords did to him is still causing problems, like the dark magic was somehow able to seep into his blood and poison him.

It pisses him off, which in turn does nothing to help the mood of everyone in the house.

Winry is on edge, teetering around the house quietly, apologies on her tongue whenever she does something that she perceives as even the smallest of slights or inconveniences against him. In turn, Riza has become almost wary of him, keeping an eye on him almost as much as her own Master. He wants to tell her that he’s fine - maybe even make a joke or attempt to kiss her - but none of the right words come out of his mouth. Alphonse is upset, most with himself, seeing himself as a failure for not being able to heal Roy right away, no matter what Roy tries to tell him. He’s never been good at comforting and he feels clumsy at any attempt.

Then there’s Ed, who is a ball of anger. The first day, he was too weak to do much of anything save sleep and it caused Roy to be drained as well. By day two, he had enough energy to stomp around the house before having to devour everything in sight so that the two of them wouldn’t pass out. Under normal circumstances, Roy could survive on his own mana for days, but after transferring some of his to Ed in order to escape, his well was effectively drained.

Roy did not like relying on other people to survive.

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paradise-is-within-you  asked:

For the fandom meme: Fullmetal Alchemist? ^^

OH YAY FMA! (yes I meant to rhyme) 

(For clarification though I am talking about the FMA manga and FMAB).

Send me a fandom and I’ll tell you…

1. The first character I ever fell in love with: Edward Elric, I think? It’s hard for me to remember exactly how everything progressed. I miiiiiight have felt more affinity with Rosé Thomas before I connected with Ed (weird story that totally isn’t how I feel about FMA anymore: FMA slightly bothered me when I read the first two manga for the first time as a young teen because I felt it was hard on religion? so that meant I wasn’t too keen on Ed’s character introduction way way back when). But regardless, I know I fell in love with Edward Elric hard pretty quickly. And never fell out. He has a dynamic, memorable personality that is displayed in its full complexity very quickly. Ed is fiery, protective, intelligent, cocky, compassionate, but also so hurt and vulnerable. And then he has amusing quirks like getting angry at being short or hating milk. It’s impossible for me not to love him.

2. A character that I used to love/like, but now do not: no one. They’re all so beautiful. *cries*

3. A ship that I used to love/like, but now do not: none.

4. My ultimate favorite character™: does this character count? If not, Ed. <3 Ed is my problematic favorite and the person I probably get the most feels about, followed closely by Roy.

5. Prettiest character: Edward Elric. I have been ah, guilty, of downloading way too many screencaps of him. Way. Too many. Way too many screencaps.

6. My most hated character: Gluttony. While Gluttony has this weird cuteness in some respect, that Homonculi is the one that gives me the most heebie jeebies. The other Homonculi have personalities a little more aligned to traditional villains, so I can take that in stride. But Gluttony legitimately creeps me out with this whole excited to eat living things bloodily thing.

7. My OTP: Royai. As everyone knows, I don’t ship many things, but Royai comes pretty darned close. It’s really close to a ship for me ‘cause it’s so hrrrng. <3 I have love for this! Love I tell you! They are amazing and I could scream for eternity about how well their relationship is depicted in FMA. Arakawa beautifully demonstrated a relationship in which both of them deeply cared for one another, and you see it in the subtle things. It doesn’t have to be blatant blaring in the face screaming from the rooftops, and it doesn’t have to be stated by other people for you to get how deep they are. As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the best relationships ever written out there, and they… don’t even really… get together. XP So Royai is wonderful.

8. My NOTP: Royed. Ed’s a kid. Roy Mustang is not. With all kindness, that probably means this is not the best thing to ship. I also feel like it contorts some of the fun dynamics these two canonically have.

9. Favorite episode: none? For me, FMA is one big block of “AUGEH:GOWEIN:WOEIN:WOEINGW:EOGINEW:OGINEW:OGIN” and I would never be able to pick one episode. I don’t think about FMA much in terms of episodes or volumes because it is a constant growing narrative that flows very well. There are some episodes I’m not as enthusiastic about as others on rare occasions (I don’t tend to watch FMAB’s first episode that much and that recap dance episode doesn’t do anything), but by and large I just… can’t… pick… I CANNOT IT ALL TOO GOOD AUGH!

10. Saddest death: do we even need to talk about that one? <.< It’s raining.

11-12. Favorite season and least favorite season: no I refuse to answer this FMA is the greatest story ever told. I mean the hardest part of a story is the development when it gets gnarly, things haven’t all been tied together, and we’re not at the big showdown. That naturally in storywriting tends to feel less appealing to audiences. But FMAB is just split into seasons 1 and 2 so that’s really impossible to talk about. Uh, maybe I’d say S1 is a favorite because I have a lot of emotional nostalgia for the beginning, but I really don’t know if that’s true.

13. Character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but I hate: Winry, I guess. I’m not too big on Winry, anyway. I haven’t attached onto her dearly as I have with so many of the others.

14. My “you’re a piece of trash, but you’re still a fave” fave: Greedlin. XD hehe. That is an incredibly fascinating character, wow.

15. My “beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this” fave: the brothers. ;_;

16. My “this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but I still love it: ship: none. This wouldn’t be a ship and it sooooo isn’t a ship but it is still a close cute duo that I thought about because of the words “wrong and nasty”. Nina and Alexander is a good relationship, isn’t it? I mean, they’re… close. ;) ;) ;) >:D Bwahahahahaha sorry. XD I’ll be nice. ^.^ Maybe. 

17. My “they’re kind of cute, and I lowkey ship them, but I’m not too invested” ship: Maes and Gracia Hughes. I don’t actually ship them but it is required by law to talk about how adorable Hughes is with his love for his family. HE IS SO CUTE WITH HIS FAMILY OH MY THOR. IT IS UNBEARABLY CUTE.