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This is what I love about the FMA:B OST covers. 

You get to see Ed as a composer, first writing and brainstorming his grand symphony and getting frustrated with how it’s proceeding. He needs a break every now and then or he’s in danger of giving the whole scheme up.

Next he’s testing it, seeing if all the pieces fit together to portray in notes and scales and instruments the story he wants to tell. He’s very much in the zone of his music.

And finally, Ed as the conductor of his magnum opus, the Fullmetal Alchemist symphony, preformed at the Central Theater before an audience of hundreds. It’s his greatest creation and his proudest moment.

again ~Anime Version~
  • again ~Anime Version~
  • YUI
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Original Soundtrack 1

Again is a pretty great song. But the OP version of Again just has something to it that I absolutely adore. I think it’s the beginning of it. It just has something to it that I absolutely adore.

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Do yourself a fucking favor and listen to this goddam pianist who is so amazing it’s making me happy and angry and ALL KINDS OF EMOTIONS!  He transcribes his own piano versions of anime music (this is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood intro, since most of my localish friends know it) but his freaking cover of the Tokyo Ghoul intro “Unravel” is also to die for.  Also, he then makes the sheet music available as a free download with the video.  BECAUSE AAUUUUGGHH!!  I LOVE THE INTERNET.

(For Roy Mustang’s squad)
[cover art by widgetlovesyou]

bad blood (epic orchestral cover) - taylor swift // ready aim fire - imagine dragons // jungle - x ambassadors // the phoenix - fall out boy // invincible - ok go // warriors - imagine dragons // seven nation army (white stripes remix) - the glitch mob // clique (keys n krates remix) - kanye west // can’t kill us - the glitch mob // finale - madeon

  • Good!
  • 朴璐美、釘宮理恵、豊口めぐみ、大川透、藤原啓治


[Featuring: Edward (Romi Park), Alphonse (Rie Kugimiya), Winry (Megumi Toyoguchi), Roy (Tohru Okawa), Hughes (Keiji Fujiwara)]

(full lyrics translation + romaji under the cut)

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ashpokemonmaster  asked:

All the fandoms singing "we're all in this together" like in Highschool musical and doing a cute little dance number would be amazing XD <3

“Cute” is not how I would describe this atrocity XD