• friend:i started watching an anime! you always talk about it, so i decided to give it a try
  • me:holy shit FINALLY!!! which one?!
  • friend:i don't remember the name...but the main guy is really cute!
  • me:what's his name?
  • friend:idk...but he has really cool powers!
  • me:what's the power called?
  • friend:i don't know.... but the main girl has glasses and is super badass
  • me:you're literally describing every anime. what's it about?
  • friend:oh! the plot is mostly about friendship and loyalty :)
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:nevermind.
  • Me:*watches the entirety of the fight against Pride leading up to the Promised Day*
  • Me:*leaves room*
  • Me:*withdraws savings from bank*
  • Me:*flies to japan*
  • Me:*crouches by Hiromu Arakawa's door and starts sliding dollar bills through the mail slot*
  • Me:I refuse to believe that was free. I refuse to believe this world would let me watch those events for free. If I'm expected to pay for toilet paper then I damn well won't accept that I got to witness all that that was for free. Equivalent exchange Ms. Arakawa. Equivalent exchange. Please take my money. Pleas just

anonymous asked:

so a friend and i are having a bit of a debate about Fuhrer King Bradley. She thinks that King is part of his title, but when I heard it spoken, I assumed that King was his first name and Bradley was his last name. Can you shed some light on this?

The first time I watched FMA I also assumed “King” was part of the title, but nope, King is his first name!

You gotta remember FMA was originally in Japanese, and Arakawa toyed around with a lot of name meanings. For example

“Roy” means king (in French, if memory holds).

And that was meant as a subtle, clever connection between Mustang and Bradley, where both men’s first names meant “king” in another language. That gets lost on us as English speakers, because that’s already, ya know, the word for us. If Arakawa had gone with German rather than English (both foreign as a Japanese writer) I think we’d all understand that “Koenig Bradley” is a first and last name combination. She chose the English word for King though, so to us it sounds like a title.

Plus, “Fuhrer” already means ruler. So someone being the “Fuhrer King” is a little silly. That’s not even mentioning the fact that Bradley is not literally a king. He’s the leader of a military state–its Fuhrer–and not part of some royal monarchy

Not to mention, the first time someone calls him King Bradley is when he survives the stone-infusion and the doctors start talking about how he’s now been chosen to lead the country. I highly doubt Bradley was literally bumped instantly to ruler, at age 18, after living on a secret compound his entire life. So he wasn’t “a king” at that time–they were literally naming him King.

So yeah, tl:dr King is his first name.