I LOVE how FMAB treats minor characters/supporting characters/any non main character
Take Nina Tucker for instance: in the anime, the Elrics only know her for a few days, but her fate was so essential to their character development, with Ed screaming “we’re only human!” And her death haunts them throughout the series, and in episode 63, when truth asks Ed if he’s sure he wants to be JUST a human, Ed reminds truth that he’s only ever been human, and that he realized that when he couldn’t save the little girl he had known once. Nina Tucker, who was in only a couple episodes, is crucial in reminding Ed that he’s human, and in helping him decide to trade his alchemy for his brother.
Also Paninya and Garfiel, they were only in a few episodes, and although we were given Paninya’s back story, all we know of Garfiel is that they run an automail shop and is not necessarily cis/straight. But the show’s creators decided to include them in the family portrait at the end, because they obviously had a big impact on Winry’s life, and even though we don’t get to see the relationship she had with them, she obviously considered them family while she was in Rush Valley.
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and all the attention to detail!

Edward Elric - Fanart. After a relatively long break at summer camp, this is my come back, and I’m starting out strong. I really love how it turned out. And I missed drawing digitally so I enjoyed every moment of quite complicated shading and lighting and special effects :3

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Speedpaint Video

Actual OT3 that needs to be drawn more ♥

MeliMidoMeta for @mari-m-rose & @miru-p (and myself obviously duh) to continue what Miru started. 

Our babies as Soldier Game with a seiyuu playlist as a sort of present for the 3 of us. Soldier Game actually fits them even more than you think. 

Their Idol Group name might now be 

Check the songs sung by them on the speedpaint video!♥

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