Here is the part where I say why I’m doing this. Something about a special occasion or a celebration but tbh there isn’t really anything special about why I decided to make this except maybe the fact that I couldn’t find the original FMA Meme (okay I didn’t really try to find it at all lmao) so I just decided to make one! Idk the series has been over since 2009???????????? tHATS ALmOST HALF A DECADE OH MYGOD but anyway maybe yall are just thirsty for more FMA bc i AM.

On to the point, here are some prompts that I made up. Feel free to use any of them. You don’t have to do them day by day or chronologically its up to you pal enjoy them (u can even add more urself):

  • ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? (Scene/Character)
  • Favorite Shining Moment of an Underrated Character
  • Put On a Fucking Shirt
  • Why don’t you just die already????
  • Favorite Running Joke of the Series
  • OP/ED that gets you so fucKING pUMPED UP
  • Best Hair
  • Sassiest Motherfrickle
  • Fave Chimera/s
  • No these aren’t tears it’s raining
  • Most Badass Fight
  • Homo for the Homonculi
  • Wish You Could’ve Lived A Lil Longer Character
  • OP/ED thats gets you so emotional
  • The Scene that Scarred me the Most
  • Scene that got you going hELL YEAH 
  • I need to pause and take a break after tHIS SCENE
  • Setting/Place that you loved the most
  • Something that you didn’t see was coming and just HIT YOU
  • Greatest Villain
  • Side Support Group of Characters that you loved (like the ppl who helped in the coup, briggs soldiers and other unnamed characters that were part of the ppl who helped they desere sum love)
  • Characters that you think would be the best of BFFs
  • Fave Pet (no, nina doesnt count. JK)
  • Appreciation for Ed’s Bad Taste
  • Saddest Parting
  • Underrated Scene
  • Most Fashionable Character
  • This made me so uncomfortable Scene
  • Scene that made u laugh the most
  • Characters bein HAPPY

I think I made about 30 of these idek but w/e you guys can interpret however u want!! Gifs/Edits/Whatever are all welcome!! You guys can also tag it as #FullmentalFMAMeme so that I can view them :-)