fullkawaiiism. Fallacy alert

My economic position has nothing to do with your position on the subject. You’ve focused on the messenger because you are incapable of responding to the argument, which is fallacious. You have no argument. Otherwise, you would present your position instead of diverting the attention elsewhere. Calling all libertarians stupid is a cheap, illogical tactic to avoid real debate.

Homonym mishaps are not uncommon.

It wouldn’t let me do this the normal way (fuck Tumblr redesign) so I just screencapped it. It was worth it since this is a good group of people.

Also: Mouth - how do you do that on nearly everyone’s ‘most reblogged’ that I see? Have like 20+% that is.

(I mean, that’s rhetorical - it’s because you’re gr232342352, but still.)

fullkawaiiism--it's a duel

You may bait libertarians to make fun of us. Can you provide a counterargument to my post, or are you an imbecile?

Take the challenge. What is your argument in regards to the Bastiat-Proudhon letters? If you have read them. Have you?

If you haven’t a logical counterargument, I will have the last laugh.

Have a nice night.  

People I need to have fat orgies with:

I love everybody on here! And ppl should let me know if they live in DC, Seattle, Portland, LA, or the bay area so we can chill or smtn because I want to hang out with all of y'all amazing ppl. I’m running to those places for cons so yeah.