A potential fourth season of Hannibal would, Fuller revealed, reinvent the dynamic between Will and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) “in a huge way” - he bills it as a reinvention of the entire series. “Bryan described how a prospective fourth season might play out - or feature film, whatever it might be at this stage - and it was such a different place for them to go,” Dancy said. “I thought it sounded fascinating - an amazing inversion and almost a return to the first season, but a new kind of storytelling.”

Bryan and Hugh

INVERSION? RETURN TO THE FIRST SEASON? WHAT DO YOU MEAN REINVENT WHAT IS THERE TO REINVENT? if they keep this up i’ll have a nervous breakdown before we even get to the finale

The gracefull Fuller Building (Walker & Gillette, 1929) in early 1930. 

Photo: Irving Underhill

Source: Stern, Robert A.M. Gilmartin, Gregory. Mellins, Tomás. “New York 1930. Architecture and Urbanism between the Two World Wars” (Nueva York. Rizzoli. 1987).

Follow our article in spanish about Fuller Building in “Historia de los Rascacielos de Nueva York”:



From Left to Right: 

Nils Ole Lund, First the Building Then The Site, 1982 / Christo, 42,390 Cubic Feet Package, 1966 

Buckminster Fuller, Air Deliverable Theater 140-Foot Diameter, Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan / A Sikorsky Skycrane Making an Aerial Delivery of a Prefabricated Box House by Utility Services Inc., 1967