changes & goodbyes

I treated myself today and got a full set acrylic manicure and a deluxe pedicure :)
Then I went to Victoria’s Secret and actually BOUGHT $84 worth of stuff…and I bought my boyfriend and I new shoes. And new socks. and it felt good. I could be honest and talk to the associates and ask questions and be helped with my size. I bought my boyfriend new under armour shorts and he is so thankful & happy. He got everything he wanted today, even lunch out, and I am making his favorite shrimp tacos for dinner.
I am so thankful & happy.
He keeps talking about getting married and he gives me butterflies.
We are both in a place where we aren’t rich, but we are stable… And why would I want to throw all of this away with the risk of being caught? I never want to see this smile leave his face.
So with that, I’m done. And I will probably delete soon.
Good luck, loves. May you all find joy & may you all find your own happiness.