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I am so happy to find OUAT blogs that are positive about S7 .. I have two questions .. would you recommend any other OUAT blogs you know that are also optimistic about this season .. second do you think that if S7 does not perform well .. would that trigger ABC to announce a mid season cancellation or would they still continue with their full season pick up and just announce its cancellation at the end of the current season?!

Why, thanks, Nonnie! I can definitely recommend some gals in my positivity squad:

@xemmaloveskillianx ,@yeahiliketheredleatherjacket, @imhookedonaswan, @flipperbrain, @annytecture, @shipsxahoy, @spartanguard, @herhookedhero, @bleebug, @eala-captian, @thesschesthair and @pirateherokillian to name a few. I’m sure these ladies can a few as well.

As for the second question, I think that all just depends on how the show performs on its new night. I **hope** that it does well, because all of the stuff from SDCC has me very excited for this next chapter.

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I'm really enjoying Dynasty, I hope it comes back for a second season. Also I'm glad I continued watching Good Behavior. I was going to drop it after season one, that would have been a huge mistake.

Yeah, I like Dynasty a lot?? It got a full season pick up so that’s a good sign… 

I just started 2x01 of Good Behavior, god it is such a weird show?? but I like it…

‘Supergirl’ Lands Full First Season Pickup at CBS!! 

 “Supergirl” will be flying high for a full season, as CBS has picked up seven additional episodes of the superhero drama from mega-producer Greg Berlanti, totaling a 20-episode freshman season. One of the fall’s top-rated new shows, “Supergirl” has averaged 11.24 million viewers a week since it premiered on Oct. 26. - via Variety.

Plec had us klaroline fans all fooled

Let me start by saying that I will never give up on Klaroline and will keep fighting for them and believe that there’s a better tomorrow. But when I think back on these last couple of months, I get it now. I see how Julie Plec fooled us all. 

From the very beginning we’ve been told time and time again that Klaus and Caroline were a mistake and they were never supposed to happen. But they needed the push and pull relationship that would fall into place when Tyler kept on leaving. The point was for fans to root for Tyler to come back and to stick it to Klaus. The point was for fans to love that Caroline was so strong and did not give in to her attraction and stayed loyal to Tyler.. Oh how sweet, puppy love wins right?. 

Cast/crew then started talking about this “weird phenomenon” that was “klaroline”. Fans actually believed that they had chemistry and could work as a couple, “are they crazy” they thought. Then the business brains over at TVD started to wake up and they went “oh so we use this. We use these fans for what we can get”. Then The Originals became a real thing. They actually got the chance to shoot a backdoor pilot. Holy moly, this can actually work, they thought. The business brains said “well, make sure you don’t piss off Klaus and Caroline fans”, they writers sat down and said “what can we do to make people not lose hope and want to watch a spinoff? Yes, we take something from both worlds. We give them The Originals and all their glory and we also tease a great love story for Klaus”. A scene here and there will keep them excited. A phone call is genius. Silas as Klaus will have them go crazy because “Caroline wanted to see Klaus”.

Then came summer. “whatever you do or say, do not for the love of God say no to Caroline or Klaroline”, was probably what the cast were told. Daniel Gillies said “no to klaroline” in a interview once and were told off by both fans and writers/producers. He even said so himself. Keep fans happy over the summer, make them want to come back to the spinoff. Tease, hint at something, be hopeful etc.. But that wasn’t enough. Fans needed Julie Plec to go out and say something too, she’s the head writer, if she says it’s going to happen, then we can all relax. So JP went out and did what she do best, she threw out hope and words every chance she got. “Don’t worry, it’s not over”, “There’ll be crossovers”.  

They needed to bring fans over from TVD. They did not even have 13 episode pick up, they were very much still up in the air. They needed the calm, the fans to keep watching. They knew that Klaroline fans were the biggest challenge, so they couldn’t risk it. So why all these promises like “however long it takes, I intend to be your last”? Because if the spinoff did not work out, they’d have Klaus come back to TVD and they’d have time and room to continue the Klaroline relationship. These promises were not made for the real purpose of making Klaroline happen, they were made to save what would have been left if the spinoff failed. 

Now The Originals are doing very well, they got a full season pick up and will most likely get season 2 any day now. The spinoff worked. Spinoffs most likely never work, it’s very rare that people actually like a spinoff more than the mother show. Now they have a new world for Klaus. A world that does not include Caroline. A world that would completely destroy both Klaus and Caroline if they forced them together “for the fans”. They have nothing to fear now. They already have 2 seasons. That’s two years. They don’t need the safety net that is Klaroline so what do they do? They come up with “closure”. They only thing left for the writers to do is to have Caroline have sex with Klaus. Get that out of the way. Give fans a scene. Not because the writers even wanted the scene but because the fans wanted it. Julie Plec is a smart woman, she would never had said “closure” if she didn’t mean it because she knows just how popular Klaroline is. The thing is, she doesn’t need Klaroline now that she already has 2 seasons in the bag. So fans can bitch about Klaroline for 2 years or so and she doesn’t have to listen. Her hope is that people will grow tired of fighting for Klaroline and by the possible 3-4th season, no one will fight for Klaroline anymore. 

Shredding the picture was the final end of Klaroline. It was a “haha” from the writers. Her shredding the last thing that connected her to Klaus, the last thing she had that could make her remember or keep a part of him with her, she destroyed. Julie doesn’t answer questions about Klaroline, she doesn’t even acknowledge the trends or petition. She just doesn’t give a damn because she doesn’t need to. 

Now fans can accept this, sure. But I won’t. If she is going to use us, paly us and treat us the way she has, then two can play that game. I can ship Klaroline as much as I want. I can tweet about it, tumblr about it, Facebook about it. I can post comments, I can make my voice heard. I can be all up in her face. So I will keep doing just that. We may never get what we want, but it sure won’t be for lack of trying. 

She feels attacked now? Good. I have no sympathy for her. Not one bit. She had it coming. You screw your fans, you better know you’ll get it back 10 times more. She could have played nice, she could have chosen to be honest with us and respect us. She didn’t. She played us.