Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 17 : Gem Hunt
Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 18 :  Episode 18
keeping up with the kardashians season 12 episode 12 : Havana Good Day
Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 16 :  Episode 16

A young boy takes his mother’s place in a group of gemstone-based beings, and must learn to control his powers.

Kate Micucci, Estelle, Matthew Moy, Deedee Magno, Zach Callison, Michaela Dietz, Grace Rolek

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anonymous asked:

I've been wanting to draw these anime girls from a series, but I want to vary their face shapes and, well, we all know how female anime face shapes are. I want to be able to differentiate them so it doesn't look like same-face syndrome. Do you have any advice for this?

Sure!! I’ll try my best!!!

whenever i draw characters from existing media, i usually try to determine how their face would look by their personality

I drew some anime characters really quick and tried to give a visual of what i’m talking about here, so here goes!!

This is Winry from FMA, i drew her with an exaggeratedly round face to emphasize her sweet and caring nature. i gave almost everything about her curves, fro her very wide eyes to her hair, to further emphasize her happy, open, and emotional personality 

This is Nami from One Piece. i usually draw her with a heart shaped face. she’s young, but she’s also got a lot of life experience, so i gave her a more defined jaw line to show that. however, Nami is still very childish at times, so i think giving her a more round face would best show that

this is Robin, also from One Piece. she’s a darker character, and very elegant, so i usually draw her with very slender features. her eyes aren’t very wide, to give the impression that she’s elegant and maybe has something to hide. she’s also older, so giving her those sharp lines visually shows that she’s older than Nami

some other great examples are the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe!! 

Garnet, for example, has a very square head, an a strong jaw line. it shows that she’s got a strong personality, and she’s a capable leader. squares are very dominant shapes, and Garnet is a very dominant character (when it comes to battle and such)

Pearl has a very triangular face, similar to the Robin i drew, to show off her elegance. her eyes are very wide tho, which shows just how open and emotional she is. triangles are the most balanced shape out there, and her fighting style requires a lot of balance

Amethyst is very round, which shows off her very outgoing and cheerful personality. she’s all made up of curves to emphasize this!!

and again, eyes show a lot about a character!! wide eyes show openness, innocence, happiness, extrovertedness, and sensitivity. half lidded eyes show disinterest, boredom, introvertedness and lethargy. slender eyes show maturity, danger, secrecy, mystery, intelligence, and elegance

of course, not all of these are absolute, and it’s always a good thing to play around with tropes like these, but yeah!!

if you wanna differentiate the characters, i’d suggest looking at their personalities and drawing them with features that match–if one is older, give them a more slender frame. if they’re young and emotional, draw them with wide eyes and a round design. if one is very strong, give them a more square frame and wide, passionate eyes.

again, not all of these are absolutes, so feel free to play around with designs and such, but yeah!! i hope that helped!!!


I really love this song ;_;

Day 1 of Karas wedding week is done!

It included waking up at 4:30am, driving for seventeen hours to Wisconsin and then food, fireworks, drinks, and a nighttime boatride.

… at this point the goal is just to survive to the wedding. We got five days to go. There are parties planned for 3 of those five days.

Keep us in your thoughts folks. Weddings are a dangerous business.