TEAM INSTINNNCCCCCCTTTTTTT!!!!! we`re reddy to fight that gym with a squirtle and an army of weedles, WHO’S WITH ME???

Squirtle always having a great time. I am blessed with its presence

Remember when Sanji called Nojiko as “sister”??? That’s when Nojiko tried to protect Sanji from Hacchan.

Oh wait… Look who is older sister never protecting her younger brother?

Oh wait… That’s not the first one. Before it’s happened, Sanji has called Nojiko a “sister”

Well, that’s after he listened to Nami’s past, right? So he must learned these things:

Nami had a poor but loving family (parent & sibling), although they aren’t blood related. 

but, Sanji had a rich but an abusing family (parent and sibling), even if he was a blood member.

What point I throw you are:

  • Alright, at first we thought Sanji called Nojiko a “sister” because he’s in love with Nami so Nami’s family is his family too! But, what if it’s deeper than that? Because he really views Nojiko as an older sister he never “had”?
  • Well with Bellemere’s sacrifice, Nami had realized that even though she’s poor and unrelated blood family, they’re loving her. But still, I really… really want her to learn Sanji’s past. How contrast it is!

PS: Is it just me or I see Reiju’s design is similar to Nojiko?

Frodo Baggins meme   Three emotions [1/3]

Fear | \ˈfir\ | noun

: an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger

Happy Birthday @nnaruto!


Tallahassee’s second anniversary (11/04/2012): first cs conversation.

#i’m laughing bc i’m imagining the beans represent the women Killian could have had #but he didn’t want them bc he never thought he was going to find another bean as he had before #until he found one #something that is magical #full of hope and possibilities #lololol bye #whispers: emma is the magical bean

Part of me is like “Jean Valjean is the main character of Les Miserables and that’s very important and maybe the miniseries will remind people of that” and part of me is like “listen. I literally only care about Les Amis and would watch six hours just of Enjolras and Grantaire sitting in the same room doing nothing” so I’m a little conflicted

Love Like You, full version
  • Love Like You, full version
  • Rebecca Sugar
  • Steven Universe

Love Like You, full version!

i noticed a new bit of love like you at the end of Steven Floats, so i looked it up, and the full song is actually already available!! so of course, i had to find an instrumental and cover it. this song is so beautiful. i love this show.

instrumental found here!!