Part 1 ?

~~MOD~~  the comment section is open on these. i just want to say that while yes the itty bitty excerpt that we got did come off as a bit dick-ish, lets try to remember that that may not have been the entirety of what he said. My earlier comment about it being sad was referring to his exs, whether deserving or not, getting the type of hate i saw and being threatened. 

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:Norman’s comment in Men’s Fitness about relationships makes him look like a douche, whether that was his intention or not. Don’t see how anyone can argue that fact.

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:Between dating a barely legal 20 yr old girl (he may have even dated her when she was still 19) and now I hear he has dissed full figured women, I’m extremely dismayed at Mr. Reedus. I know he’s a great looking guy but who does he think he is? Does he think he’s getting younger? The guy’s pushing 50 & still acts like he’s 20 something. It’s no wonder Helena put him to the curb. Nothing’s worse than a grown man behaving like a child. Huge turn off. Men’s fitness comments verify this! :/

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:NR is definitely not trying to fin the right girl. He wouldn’t hook up with 20 year old models or would change the things he’s looking for a woman. Like if smiling a someone makes you want to be in a rs with someone is actually fucked up, it’s like I would date every stranger who smiled at me.

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:That literally shows the mental age of this man. He acts and thinks like a horny teenager. Maybe he has a mid life crisis. He is afraid of getting old that’s why he tries to hook up with every model who thinks he’s sexy. The older he gets the more women don’t find him attractive anymore. He’s not trying to find the right one that’s for sure

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:Wow. Glad I’m not the only one who thought he sounded like a dick in the Men’s Fitness interview. I wonder if he or his people got to see that before it went to print. He doesn’t come off well at all. Maybe he isn’t as untouched by fame/celebrity as he’d like us to think. It’s been an interesting week in Normanland hasn’t it? 😳

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:Regarding his comments in Men’s Fitness, it’s obvious Norman wasn’t in love with his exes. For him to say “move in with me” only to say “wait, what are we doing/who are you?” after only 3 yrs (more like 1-2 yrs!) is very shallow. Omg if my bf bailed that easily, he was definitely not in love w me. N gets with women for only their looks & then grows tired of them bc he wasn’t in love w them in the first place (b4 moving in). For him to jump into relationships so fast is sad to say the least:/

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:None of Norman’s relationships last because he can’t seem to look beyond the superficial 20-something hot models. If he found a woman of substance, his tune might change. Although, I really don’t think he wants a long-term relationship. More like, done and on the next one. He did come across dickish, especially placing all the blame on fans for the hate when his last GF was nothing but an attention whore. She used him good and he’s still paying for his mistake with her in the fandom.

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip I think we need to listen to what Norman’s telling us about himself. This isn’t the first interview he’s given where he’s shirked any responsibility for his relationships not working. He’s 47 yo, it can’t always be the other person’s fault. Something is off with him emotionally. He plays the victim card to try to avoid the negative aspect of his image, which is that he’s a known womanizer who can’t commit. Unfortunately, because of his well thought out remarks in interviews, fan girls go after any woman connected to Norman thinking they need to protect him.

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:Nice insult N directed at his last few girlfriends. “What are we doing, what’s your name?” Yeah, he’s a real catch.

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:That men’s fitness quote ugh. I love how Norman doesn’t take any responsibility on how his gfs are treated. It’s just super mean girls. Maybe if he stood up for his women he could deflect some of the hate.

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:Oh, please. Can we stop the boo hooing for the last gf. She created that shit storm with his fans. Too bad he can’t see her for what she really was – text book passive/aggressive. To generalize like that about all his fans is disappointing. Yes, there was a group of obsessed fans that stalked her, but the majority didn’t give a rat’s ass about her.

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:I’m not saying it’s right to harass anyone, but unfortunately, that’s the nature of the internet and social media. N had to expect that with his GFs. That said, CS didn’t do herself any favors. She engaged HIS fans and bragged and courted them. They turned on her when she tried to make them believe she was still with Norman when she wasn’t. She learned the hard way the downside of fame she so desperately seeked. No sympathy here. As far as I know, none of his other GFs got that extent of hate.

Anonymous said to norman-reedus-gossip:So Norman calls out his fans on Internet hate for his gfs. Excuse me, but he and the last twit didn’t help. Between him denying her and saying he was single and her bragging and deception , they helped keep it going. All he had to do was admit to her and ask his fans to respect the relationship, and I am sure it would have died down. Remember, in the beginning CS’s IG was full of compliments from fans. The tide turned when she started manipulating and deceiving them.


Dear Diary,

I told ya’ll I was back to stay!!!

The second look of the Valentine’s Lookbook 2016 “Blushing Love.

In this look I wanted to do a soft color that was on trend and could easily be worn again in the spring and summer so I opted for this blush colored two piece set. I know you guys are looking like there’s no way this is a two piece but in fact it is…. so you can wear it as separates with a contrasting color , or wear the set as is. The set features a harness bra style top which means is has four straps two on the shoulders and two in the bust area to break up the sexiness. The skirt has a tulip style hemline with a split in the front… I will say the split isn’t uncomfortably high. I paired it with a brown tweed coat to throw over my shoulders in case it’s cold for some of the readers on valentine’s day. I decided on wine colored shoes to bring some definition to the outfit and statement earrings.

You can complete the look with a wine colored clutch and a simple bracelet, it certainly doesn’t need to be overdone since the set is a statement within itself. I bought the set in a 1x and probably should have went a size up since it’s a little snug more then I would like.

Blush Set- http://bit.ly/1o2T2Lk

Shoes- Forever21

Earrings- Instagram @Desisbedzzle

As always love your Curves and Flaunt them!!

Hey lovies

I’ll be back next week! I hope you guys are as excited as I am! Until then here is my look for the curvy in the city fashion show this past Sunday…. I designed it myself it features a cream and gold reversible sequin fabric and for the look I wore my hair very sleek and long so I wouldn’t take away from the glamour of the jumpsuit.

A great pair boot-cut jeans will definitely make your legs not only look longer, they will also will make your posterior look pretty awesome.

Check out Lane Bryant’s right fit jeans (they go by colour coding)
Blue: Extreme Curve (Nicki Minaj with an extra 30lbs)

Yellow: Narrow hips

Red: Moderate; average curve (this cut fits most female figures).

Also check out Torrid.com and citychic.com