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So I'm 30 weeks today and my stomach feels extremely full and compressed. I'm going to talk to my ob about it on Monday but just wonder what you guys think this could be?

Pregnancy… Kinda made me feel that way. -Q

“What are you compressing?”

We were asked to journal the answer to that question in yoga lab one day. It was hard for me to answer at first. I’m generally happy, healthy, not stressed, love my job, have a supportive family and loving partner… Is there anything in my life that I’m compressing?
But through talking it out is when I realized that I often compress my full creative potential. That because I’m around people all day at work and I tend to need to recover in solitude, I usually spend my evenings eating, watching Netflix, then sleeping. I hardly read, painted, wrote, or did anything that I truly love – things that make me feel like I’m at my highest frequency. Things that make me feel good.

I journaled that when I got back home I would stop compressing in that aspect of my life; and so far so good. During my free time I’ve been practicing yoga, painting again, and reading more. And no surprise here, I feel happier, calmer, and less tense.
Where are you compressing? 🎨🎵📚📝


Don't follow your head, follow your heart

I get this funny feeling in my chest when I get overwhelmed. It’s like the weight of the world’s thoughts are pushing down on me but it also feels emptier than an abandoned insane asylum, like there are things that dwelled there but couldn’t figure out how to help themselves. It feels so empty but also so full of anxiety compressed into tiny fists punching me, it’s hard to breathe.

I just blogged at My Entertainment Blog - Sea Weed? Marijuana Bales Wash Ashore In 2 States

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Sea Weed? Marijuana Bales Wash Ashore In 2 States

By David Moye

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama man stumbled upon a 10-pound package of marijuana that washed up on the beach.

Multiple news outlets report that Ron Smith was taking a morning walk near the Cotton Bayou Beach access in Orange Beach on Tuesday when he noticed what he thought was a seat cushion floating in the water. Upon closer inspection, he realized the package was actually a bag full of compressed marijuana.

Smith called police, who picked up the package. Authorities say the bag weighed 10 pounds and was worth about $8,000.

WECT-TV reports (http://bit.ly/1FohEoz ) that another package of marijuana washed up along a beach in North Carolina on May 10. That package contained more than 12 pounds of marijuana. Atlantic Beach Police say Tropical Storm Ana likely washed the package ashore.

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