hi im a poor trans disabled kid who lives in a very abusive household and i always wanted to open comissions to save up money but i can’t use paypal or whatever else money transaction sites exist so i’ve decided since video games are a big comfort thing for me to open comissions but w/ nintendo e-shop cards (Euro ones since my system is a european one).

For a 15 € card i can either draw a half body sketch or a sketchy colored bust

For a 25 € card i can either draw a half body line art or a full colored bust

For a 50 € card ill draw a full body and full color

you can check my art here and here

i will not draw gore, p*dophilia, mecha, nsfw, or anything that makes me uncomfortable to draw

Hey guy! I’ve got 3 followers until 400! so I’m going to be doing an art giveaway as a way to say thank you!

So the rules are;

• You must be following me!

• No entering twice from a sideblog/mainblog

• giveaway blogs can reblog but I will not be counting them as participants 

So how this is gunna work you ask? well a like will be your ticket! 

For first place I will draw your muse (pokemon or not pokemon)full bust and in full colour and a sketch.

Second place will receive a full colour headshot and a quick sketch.

Third will receive just a sketch!

If you’re reblogging from a sideblog, please pm me your mainblog so I can see if you’re following or not!

If there is anything you don’t understand or have any questions feel free to leave a pm.


hi im ratprt and im a student who isn’t working atm, so ive decided to open up commissions!

option a - half body, flat colour - £12

option b -
bust, shaded, greyscale or colour - £15

option c -
full body, simple shading, basic background optional - £20

option d -
simple character sheet, 1 full body 1 bust - £25, +£5 for shading

option e -
dynamic pose, detailed shading, simple background optional - £30

nsfw is +£10 -
example of nsfw art

email me at hannahbanana90909@gmail.com if interested, provide visual references for what you would like done - written reference is acceptable, provided it is detailed and you give some sort of visual references with it.

label your email as COMMISSION - i will review what you have sent and reply back if im going to take the commission - we discuss payment at that time.

i will draw - original characters, fanart, simple robots, i can attempt anthro but im not confident in my skills.

i will not draw - detailed robots like, mechs and transformers, non anthro animals cause i suck big at those, detailed backgrounds. also like guns probably - though i can try. super detailed armour.

you can discuss commissions with me that dont fall strictly into any of the above options, and i’ll give you a price.

you can find more examples of my art here

reblog this pls. thank u <3


Heya, I’m Sweeds and I’m doing really cheap commissions at the moment!

My prices are:
$1-$2 for a uncolored sketch. (Bust/Full body)
$3 for a colored (digital) sketch.
And I will add 50¢ to $1 depending on if the character requested is difficult to draw.
I will not draw:
Difficult poses
Girls/Guys with long hair (nothing against them, I’m just not confident in drawing them!)
Anything animal like.
I will not be starting on the commission until I am at least payed half the price!
If you’d like to commission me, please message me about what’d you like and I’ll give you my paypal!

     ‘ i don’t give a damn about you. no, nothing can change my mind. no way. i’m happy just to let you walk away. don’t think about you at night, i’m happy to be alone, its okay. but that was yesterday and now i’m driving in my car, words won’t get me far when they don’t mean shit. i’m calling you at 3 am and i’m standing here right outside your door and i don’t think that my heart can take much more. i’m scared of cracking up again i just want it to be like it was before and i don’t think that my heart can take much more. ‘ AU

I hate to do this, but I’m in a tight spot.

As of yesterday I heard my mom on the phone telling a friend that she was just notified of a 15 day eviction notice. She didn’t want me to hear, which was obvious, but I feel like I can do something to help her. 

My mom is disabled, so she isn’t able to work. She has had multiple strokes and heart attacks, and her liver and heart are both failing. I’m doing my best at the moment to scrape up money to help us, but if we can’t pay off the amount, we will be forced to leave our home. 

That’s why I’m promoting emergency commissions so that i can try to get the money to help pay off the rent and bills. I’ll do full color bust shots like this for 10 USD, and full body shots for 15:

I also know how to do furry art, so that option is open as well:

Again, im really sorry to do this, I feel awful asking, but If we end up being evicted, we will have nowhere to go. If you don’t believe what i’m saying is true, feel free to DM @no1sun as well as @noodlepots if you have any questions. they are good friends of mine and are aware of my mom’s current health.

My paypal is kcrottner@gmail.com, if you are interested at all, please DM me. I finish commissions within the day that they are requested, usually in 2-3 hours. you can DM @whackamadoooodle as well as @fabulouslittlefox to verify this as well, since they have both commissioned me in the past.

If you even read this, thank you. It would mean so much to me if you at least reblogged it so that other people can see.


Hey hey! :D
Here’s the basics of my commission prices ^w^
Price will change based on other aspects as well at my discretion (i.e. how many characters, complexity of background, bust or full body, NSFW etc.)

I will have 5 slots, please send me a message through the tumblr messenger system if you would like one!
1) @winemomnikiforov
2) @twiglightdragon
3) @misscrimsonflame
4) @ainiyuku
5) @booksquirmy

I will be updating this list as people join ^w^


anyone want to help out a penniless artist afford to feed herself and afford the ridiculously over priced required textbooks throughout the new upcoming semester? 

I’m opening up some digital art commissions - Your OC, or something from any particular series - hit me up. 

I’ll only have a set of TEN slots open at one time, to ensure that i can keep everything on track and complete within a decent time frame ^_^

Fandoms (anime and cartoons,but also games) I’m familiar with/ can draw:

-Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
-Gravity Falls
-Hellsing (Original + Ultimate)
-Appleseed / Ghost in the Shell
-Life is Strange
-Nier: Automata 

Please don’t let my lack of fandom listings put you off - so long as you provide a decent reference image for me to work with I can do just about anything ^_^


-> Full Body sketch = $7 AUD

-> Full body, full colour = $10 AUD

->Head/Bust sketch = $3 AUD

-> Head/Bust full colour = $ 5 AUD

Want to add a simple, decorative background? Add $1 and it’s all yours.

Examples of full body sketches (Just various pieces of my art you can take as examples):

Example of a Full Body, Full Colour: (Once again, these are just various pieces, most of which are fandom related): (the below piece is a shitty example, pls just roll with it lmao)

Example of Full Body, Full Colour w/ Background:

OR something like this from Gravity Falls!

Example of Head/Bust shot (sketch):

Example of Head/Bust shot, full colour:

or Hey! anything inbetween, like so;

Also, MLP commissions are available! like so;

(This one above was a request)

OR something more complex like this one below! This was a commission i did back in 2014, so rest assured i’ve nothing but improved lmao



Honestly guys it would help me out so much if you’d consider commissioning me. I wouldn’t ask but I’m getting to the end of my tether and there’s no work i can get to financially support myself because of my inconsistent living arrangements. This is the sort of thing that i can do on a regular basis. i know not everyone has money to just throw around and that’s why i’m making these prices as cheap as chips. 



I only have a few rules/guidelines i’d appreciate you all to follow;

-> Please PM/Inbox me to commission me 

->NSFW commissions ARE available.

-> For you to commission an OC, please PLEASE provide me a reference image. if i don’t know what they look like, i can’t draw them.

-> Depending on the size/complexity of the commission, prices will vary but a final decision will be made between myself and those commissioning me to maintain absolute fairness.

-> I will retain all credit for any artwork you pay for, meaning whilst it will be yours my watermark and/or signature will be appearing somewhere on the piece. However this will be a subtle marking out and will not detract from your commission in any way.

-> All payments are to be made to my paypal account, the details of which i will provide to you once we have settled on the agreed amount/details of the commission.  

Originally posted by askthekuroshitsujiguys

all that said and done, please consider commissioning me guys! 

thank you in advance!!



Hey guys whats

hey guys whats up im starting commissions!


  • Sketch: $2 bust, $5 knee up, $7 full body
  • Lineart: $5 bust, $10 knee up, $15 full body
  • Flat Color: $10 bust, $15 knee up, $20 full body
  • Full Color: $15 bust, $20 knee up, $25 full body


  • Extra character: ½ the first characters price
  • Simple bg: free ;)
  • Complex bg: $5-$10 (depending on complexity)
  • Simple gif: $5-$10 (depending on complexity)

If you want a specific thing not listed (colored sketch, lineless painting, etc) ill discuss a custom price!

i am also willing to do other art styles besides my own, although the price will vary and i cannot guarantee it will look correct

Will do: 16+ nsfw (non sexual nudity, implied/mild sexual stuff, drug use), semi-realism, gore, anthros/furrys, ocs/sonas (WITH REFERENCE!)

Wont do: 18+ nsfw (the sex), mecha/complex machinery, certain ships i disagree with, super detailed backgrounds, realism

i will not make any exceptions to these rules!

pm me if you want to commission me!

paypal only and payment upfront~

your commission should be done in around 3 days to a week after purchase!

Full body or bust shot colored (clean) sketch.

$25  for 1 character normally,

  + $10  for every additional character

  + $5~$15  for background

Things I’ll do : Fanarts, your ocs (make sure to send the resume of OC to me)
Things I won’t do : NSFW, complex machinery, gore, comic/manga (I’ll do illust only)
Payment : Paypal only


If you are interested, please e-mail me at :


No need to e-mail me to ask if you can have a commission first.
Just send your Paypal Email, references and any description to me!


Status : OPEN !


* All payments go through


and rates go by $USD.

* Payment is non-refundable after I’ve started working on your commission.

* I want you to be happy with your commission, but if you’re not satisfied with it, I will not re-draw it. You can request small changes though!

Thank you for checking out the post!


Commissions are now open!

(click on each picture for a clearer view)

Commissions page has been updated! Contact me at my email vinita599@hotmail.com if you would like a commission!

  • Prices are all listed in USD
  • will draw: OCs, any fandoms, any ships, softcore NSFW or gore
  • won’t draw: underage ships, anthros, heavy NSFW
  • Prices can be negotiable, for example if what you’re asking is easy to draw then I may lower the price
  • Prices will also vary if there are backgrounds involved
  • Payment is via paypal only.
  • A link to the payment via paypal will be sent to you by e-mail once the sketch is approved
  • Drawings can take up to 1 to 2 weeks to complete, depending on the commission. If a deadline must be met, please let me know beforehand!
  • I’m open for any follow up questions! So drop me a message or e-mail me :D

In your email, I will need info regarding:

  • Type of commission (sketch, full colour, etc)
  • Description (bust/waist up/full body, character(s), coloring, etc)
  • Deadline (if there is one)

new commissions, hooray

bad doodles are still free

Characters: boobs busts, full body, cut off legs, blah blah

1 is $5

2-3 is $10

4 is $15

every character past the four limit is only $2 each

cool backgrounds are $3 extra

head shots are $3

i will draw gore however no smut, fetishes, or controversial subjects.

email me at queasyassassin@gmail.com if ya wanna buy