An updated portrait for my character sheet, of my Bearfolk Ranger, Rah! I tried some fun things with the render (see the little process series) and I’m quite pleased with it. She’s Ultra Deluxe Plush!

Commissions are Open!

     ‘ i don’t give a damn about you. no, nothing can change my mind. no way. i’m happy just to let you walk away. don’t think about you at night, i’m happy to be alone, its okay. but that was yesterday and now i’m driving in my car, words won’t get me far when they don’t mean shit. i’m calling you at 3 am and i’m standing here right outside your door and i don’t think that my heart can take much more. i’m scared of cracking up again i just want it to be like it was before and i don’t think that my heart can take much more. ‘ AU


So I’m finally doing this. No idea if anyone will be interested but If you decide on commissioning me here are some things you need to know:

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I have 5 slots open :)

All payment is upfront through PayPal and I will keep you updated on all progress up until the final steps!! Final drawings are sent to you in any formatting and sizing you desire through email.

If you have any questions feel free to email me or even send me an ask or direct message on here!!

If you would like to commission me please send me an email or message of which commission you would like (headshot, bust, full body, how many characters etc.) and a very clear and detailed description of what you would like it to be!! I only allow 3 major alterations in the sketch phase so please be very specific!!

If you would like to see more of the art I do or what a commission from me would look like I urge you to check out the art that is featured on my blog!!

Thank you all so much for the love and support :) If you can’t commission me reblogs are also appreciated thank you so so much!! <3


Art raffle 1K

nwn)// a thankie to all bunny heart fallowers <333


Like,reblogs and fallows all count but depending with wtha u do. can unlocked* price!


unlocke the 3 tier

  • price is line color(full body, bust)  and a cute icon

Total draw: 1

Reblog with like

:Unlocked the top tier 2 price

  • Color bust (max 2)
  • and all options of  top 3 price(can only choose one) 

Total draw: 2

Fallow,Reblog and like:

unlocked all tier prices:

  • Full body of your oc
  •  cute chibi~
  • and the other tier price (doodle bust,Icon or line with color details. Only can choose one ! )

 Total draw: 3!


is total optional optional.

a Free original desing by me ( include my close species)

Dead line: 21-1-18

10 Days nwn)/

Good luck bun !



Hey, listen - I really need money. I’m having a hard time finding a job and I have a debt to pay back by the end of the year, and my parents are still letting me live with them but they’ve stopped supporting me and I don’t know what to do. So far I owe $150 and I’m afraid to sign up for college in winter term because they’re being iffy on whether or not they’ll pay for me and I don’t know if I can handle being a full-time student and having a job. It’s all really stressful.

Please, commission me if you can, and if not, please reblog this so others can see it. It’d really help. Thank you so much.

Contact me via IM if you’re interested.

Straight and Narrow - $5, even.

Catch a Rainbow - $10 and up.

8-Bit Heart - Base $15.

Chromakinesis - Base $20.

(Details for each are available to read under the cut!)

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new commissions, hooray

bad doodles are still free

Characters: boobs busts, full body, cut off legs, blah blah

1 is $5

2-3 is $10

4 is $15

every character past the four limit is only $2 each

cool backgrounds are $3 extra

head shots are $3

i will draw gore however no smut, fetishes, or controversial subjects.

email me at queasyassassin@gmail.com if ya wanna buy

RPG Character Portrait Commissions CLOSED!

Hail and well met!

Commissions for RPG character portraits are once again OPEN! CLOSED!

- Full Body, colour: £25
- Bust, colour: £20
- Etching style, black & white (full body or bust): £10


If you’re interested in a commission, email me at tomfummo.art@gmail.com

Hi! I’m hurting to make my rent this month (word to the wise: don’t run your debit card at a gas station. it’ll be a whole mess. Also, don’t own a car) and so I’m opening up commissions! 


  • SKETCHES: No color and minimal shading. Extra character +50%
  • LINEART: Plain lineart (can use single spot color for shading if requested). Extra character +50%
  • FLAT COLOR: Minimal shading if desired. Extra character +75%
  • FULL COLOR: Full shading and minimal background. Extra character +75%


  • Paypal only!
  • Commissioned work may not be used commercially unless discussed.
  • The prices listed are base prices. Depending on several factors (complexity of design, background, pose), price may fluctuate.
  • All work done at 300dpi. Commissioners will receive a full sized image, a resized image, and a transparent image if desired. 
  • Files are sent via email as either jpeg or png
  • I will draw literally anything! Literally anything! But for transparencies sake, I’m still learning how to draw complex machinery.


Please do not use tumblr to message me for a commission! My inbox is constantly losing messages/not notifying me that I have new ones. 

If you are interested, please fill out the following form and email it to 3farthingstone@gmail.com!

Commission Type: (sketch, lines flat colour, full colour), (bust, fullbody, etc.)
Character Image References:
Description of overall Emotion/Action:
Other Comments:

If the scope of what you’re looking for is not covered in this form (more involved pieces, icons, character sheets, character design, backgrounds, etc), just email me directly and I’ll be thrilled to hash it out with you!

I’m also happy to answer ANY general questions. Just email!

Thank you!