Our fuller bust collection is now available to pre order! 

We know how you guys really liked our E and F cups, so we designed 7 new sets in sizes 28-36 DD-G. What’s more, we shot our campaign with Gia Genevieve and Tatiana Gerusova, so what’s not to like?



Until Sonata Rapalyte contacted me, I had only ever seen her pieces modeled by people with very slim or athletic builds. I adored her super-delicate silk and lace designs, but the message I got was “these pieces can only be worn well by people with ballerina builds.” I have a soft belly and a fuller bust, so I had firmly put this piece in the “pretty, but not for you” category. (I’m also 5′10″, and most OTR bodysuits are not tall-person-friendly).

I was stunned when the sales team responded to let me know that they made custom bodysuits for people outside their size range all the time, and they wanted to offer me one to review. This kind of lingerie is so different from what I usually choose for myself, and I’m kind of in love with it. Shooting a completely sheer lace bodysuit was a little scary, but it’s becoming one of my favorite things to wear around my apartment, especially as summer creeps closer and the temperatures rise. 

For a full review of my custom Electra bodysuit and more pictures, hop over to my main blog!

Layered with the hot pink Paris bra by full-bust faves Miss Mandalay

Photos of me by the lovely Studio Rezin / @michirezin . If you’re NYC-based (or visiting) and you want a fun boudoir experience, you should get in touch with Michi!

Lessons in Plus Size Underthings: Interview with Holly of The Full Figured Chest

I am a size 14 who was formerly a size 6. Chronic fatigue syndrome and years of medication put weight on me that hasn’t come off, but I’m honestly okay with it. I don’t think being fat is awful - I think the way people deal with fat people makes it awful. We live in a society where fat people are kind of like health terrorists. The “war on obesity” and other popular narratives have functionally criminalized being heavier as society gets larger and larger, to the point where we’re now simultaneously trying to market to and root out the most common size range in the US.  This whole thing works because the goal is to make plus size people (and plus size women in particular) ashamed of themselves. It creates a lack of visibility which leads to a lack of agency: why demand things you don’t feel like you deserve?


Introducing Harlow & Fox! They are the ultimate in lingerie for fuller busts; silk, opulent lace, and sophisticated trims combine for deeply luxurious classic styles. Get 20% off by entering code SUMMER20 at checkout (offer ends soon)!



What a gorgeous setting and model for our new Fairytales line of pretty princess lingerie!  Sweets is wearing the Cherub Corset by Angela Friedman  with a Parfait lingerie set.

See the rest of the photo set here: http://www.sweetnothingsnyc.com/2015/08/17/fit-for-a-princess-fairytales-by-angela-friedman/