I came to you and asked, “What’s wrong?“
But you looked down and said nothing,
so I turned myself to look at the mirror;
I saw a restless face,
full cheeks but without bloom,
a gaze without any hint of hope,
red lips but eyes in gloom.
I feel troubled, you don’t call me beautiful anymore.
You don’t call me beautiful anymore
as though the syllables have vanished in your vocabulary
as though the definition has been deleted from your memory
as though you’re silently proclaiming I no longer have the beauty.
They call me pretty.
They say I’m lovely.
But what anyone else has to say doesn’t matter.
You know why?
Because you don’t call me beautiful anymore.

- karen-ruth


FULL BLOOM - A Ran to Haiiro no Sekai Fanzine

Hi! We’re super excited to announce that preorders of our fanzine for Irie Aki’s masterpiece, Ran to Haiiro no Sekai, are now open!

28 Participating Artists:  airinnaluarstbretteecksfummelJean ✧ Jessie WongJoukeKimqiKloysius ✧ LarkLin HuLingLing ✧ shunaoMeyocoNozoOleePiapbrepeccaReneerollroundshihfusmilieesricebaosuyedahYves​

Zine Specifications:
 ✧ 36 pages
 ✧ 5.5" x 8.5"
 ✧ Saddle-stitched

Choose between 2 options: 

BOUQUET BUNDLE ($16) - Includes the zine, a Mr. Pudding mini strap, and two 1.25″ buttons. This set is limited! WE ARE SOLD OUT OF THE BOUQUET BUNDLE! Thank you!

BLOSSOM BUNDLE ($16) - Includes the zine and two 1.25″ buttons. 

BOOK ONLY ($14) - Includes the zine only.

There is also an option to pick up your copy at Anime Expo with no shipping charge. Both Lark and Alu will be tabling so you can pick up your copy at their tables! (Table locations TBD)

Preorders open now through June 20. Estimated shipping early July. 

Thank you!


You have to work hard everyday and treasure every moment of your life. That’s the magic that makes you grow up. 

My entry for the ran to haiiro no sekai fanzine, Full Bloom! I really like…drawing….sweets….hehh!!

Thank you to everyone who supported this project! Please read the manga if you haven’t already…you won’t be dissappointed!