I’ve always admired their ability to talk about this thing that is so massive and quick moving and all encompassing as a job, as something that they love doing but also something that is work and which requires a certain level of dedication and faith. Maybe blind faith. But then I wonder, well where’s the line? Your job created your friendship, your friendship creates your job, how am I not supposed to feel conflicted quickly clicks the red X.

It doesn’t make me question the reality of my friendship because – and here, my romantic roots are going to come into full bloom – nothing could make me question that. But there’s a phantom sense of loss I guess you could say, the loss of an Earth that allows you to be in the stars. The circumstances of our lives, of their collective relationship and my collective relationship, are wildly different but they’re human (they’re human, they’re human, they’re human, I endlessly remind myself) and no matter who you are, space is a scary place if you’ve got no ship. It’s open water with no anchor.
—  ONE DIRECTION, WHERE THEY WERE, AND OTHER MYTHS OF HOME is a really beautiful essay that was written March 23, 2015, before yesterday’s announcement, and remains important and true.

we visited southern higashiyama in and gion in kyoto today. more incredible temples, shrines and parks! and there are cherry trees in full bloom 😍 i’m soooo impressed by japanese fashion and we haven’t even been shopping yet! most girls wear amazing clothes, very cute and creative, like actual outfits out of fashion magazines. tfw u go 2 japan & ur back in ur weeaboo phase…kinda


On the chair of St. Magdalena she, the Vicar of Christ, sits with all the Princesses of the Church arrayed about her. God speaks through her, thunders through her devout but never demure body, armies of pacification ride beneath her banners, god-fearing monarchs petition her for their crowns, and thousands fall to their knees when she walks out into the sun and raises her hands to the heavens. She is the Church, and outside of her, there is no salvation.