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FULL TILT Pink ‘n Purple Striped, Longer Length, Deep V-Neck SWEATER! EUC! sz: L *ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED!* DETAILS: •Longer length insures this won’t be that sweater to expose your derrière each time you sit, bend, etc… ;) •Sleeves feature chic “inside out” seams! MATERIAL: 100% Cotton MEASUREMENTS: Bust is 38" - 42" (stretched a bit); Length is 26"; Sleeve Length is 27" Purchased New from Tillys last year. Worn 3-4x. In GREAT Shape! LOTS of LIFE still left in it! :)

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hi sweet angels, i’m procrastinating my own mental collapse and am going FULL TILT TIN HAT i won’t be on here as much as usual but if you need to unfollow i understand, you reserve the right to an ‘i told you so’ next week, just let me have one more week

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Case would kick all those nerd's asses in the hunger games.

Probably yeah but Cass doesn’t really like to hurt people unless it’s necessary so like, if she went full tilt boogie yeah, but it’d take a lot to get her to that point. Idk how the characters would change in this scenario.

Iqaluit dog team plunges through thin ice, community responds

Jovan Simic got to see the generosity of the Iqaluit dog sledding community in action this week, after he and his team plunged through thin ice on a -35 C day.  

He and his team were out for a run and coming up to the Sylvia Grinnell River.  

“I saw that something was different from the day before,” Simic recalled.

“At that point, I guess it was too late… the dogs were already full tilt because going down to the river there’s a bit of a downhill and the dogs get excited running downhill.”

There was a heavy slush on the surface of the ice and a frozen layer on top.

“We got on to the river, I could see the ice was going to give away, the surface ice. The dogs went through, then as they managed to get out… the sled punched through a little bit and then I realized I would have to get off before it got a lot worse,” Simic said.

“When I got off, I punched through into the water.”

Fortunately the water was little more than waist deep, and Simic and his dogs managed to get to shore.

That’s when he realized he left his SOS device in his backpack on the sled. He made the decision to go back out to get it.

“Trudging through slush and cold water and then punching through [again]. It felt like a swim because I was crawling on all fours to distribute [my] weight and then when I would punch through, both my arms and my legs would punch through.”

He got back to shore again and used the device to text a couple of people.

“The boots were soaked with water, so they slowly started turning to ice blocks. I realized I would have to act faster,” he said. In the frigid temperatures, he was in danger of exposure or frostbite.

Simic pushed the SOS button.

Quick and efficient response

Police, ambulance and members of the sled dog community started arriving.

“There was more and more help coming, it was amazing how fast the community came together and the word spread,” Simic said.

Among those who responded was Louis-Philip Pothier, owner and president of Inukpak Outfitting. He said by the time he arrived, Simic and all of his dogs were safe.

Within about 30 minutes of the distress call going out, six others who work with dog teams were there.

“It was actually a good thing to see that,” Pothier said.

“The emergency response was so quick and so efficient. It’s not something we test for real very often, and it’s not something that we want to test either, but we were all quite impressed by the quality and the speed of the response.”

Full moon overflow

Pothier runs his dogs across the river on a regular basis.

“I was there the weekend before with my kids and family,” he said.

“Right now the ice on the river is, in my opinion, totally safe.”

He said the slush was likely caused by the overflow from the full moon causing higher-than-usual tides. The pressure pushes the water over the edges of the ice and the water mixing with the snow creates the problems.

It happens annually, but Pothier said it’s the first time he has seen it this year.

“That was the probably the thickest slush I’ve seen within 15 years of running dogs across.”

Simic said he is taking lessons from this experience.

“I guess I was enjoying myself too much and wasn’t paying attention. And having done that route definitely more than 50 times, I didn’t think too much.”

He said he is grateful that the situation wasn’t any worse.

“I didn’t lose anything,” he said.

“I spent a cozy night with a few dogs in the house, just all of us defrosting.”

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Dating a /faunus/? And one so much younger than you? Disgusting. She isn't even worth the trouble. Can't even speak her mind

            Fingers curl, balling into fists as   blunt nails   dagger into the calloused flesh of his palms. Growl tears   through his throat,   displeasure seen clearly on his face as eyes flash crimson. Wings twitch, extending to their   full glory   as head tilts minutely, the tatters of his torn shirt drifting to the ground around him. Words drip with venom as he replies, protective sneer warping his features.

                         How ‘bout ya’   fuck off   outta’ our business, yeah   ?   She’s worth everythin’   &.   more than you can imagine. 


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• "You’re killing me here, you know that right?”

smut & innuendo sentence meme. | accepting!

FULL LIPS tilt upwards into a smirk at the words; uttered in a show of desperation, a plea for her to STOP WITH THE GAMES that she’s become so practiced in, a fine art honed from years and years of repeated use. it starts to get old sometimes; however, what never gets old is such a sight as someone admitting that she has an effect on them, that something so simple, so easy to her crumbles them so. it’s the ultimate ego trip and it has her painted cherry red lips formed into a cocky smirk. 

      i’d considered that could be happening – yes. men are easy and he is no different; low cut anything and a few sweet words and they’re sold.  yes, it’s a game she knows well.

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Little thing

Not looking where he was going, Zelos ran full tilt into the stranger’s legs, knocking himself down. He looked for a moment as if he were preparing to blame the man for not watching his step, even if it was his own fault, but instead a smile carefully traced across his face.

“That was my fault,” he said, pushing himself up and standing to dust his pants off. “I should look where I’m going.” He gave the man a once-over, assuring he hadn’t done any real damage. “You’re fine though, so it’s ok.” The smile finally reached his eyes as he added “Did you know that if you say something nice, even when you don’t mean it, it’s called being polite?” It was a neat little trick he’d learned recently, a way to get around the pointless fussing of the nobles who wanted his attention. He didn’t have to mean anything he said, he just had to paste a smile on his face.

This week has not been normal. Hubby’s job threw him into the deep end as soon as we got back from vacation. Which may be the trade-off for having an extra long Christmas vacation (and that is not a complaint). But it’s been tough. He had a debate competition on Monday, basketball games Tuesday and Wednesday and now he’s out of town until Saturday night for a basketball tournament. (For context, my husband is a teacher. He has done all of these things in addition to teaching every day.)

That has made it really weird to get back into the habit and schedule of writing. But I’ve tried to go full-tilt because I really want to be productive in ways I wasn’t last year. I want to get rid of wasted time and tighten up my days so that I’m getting the most out of my writing time. Which probably makes it sound like I have a stick up my rear, but really I just want more time to write more things and I know that efficiency is one of the best ways to find that time. It’s going well, though the weirdness of the week has left me unusually tired.

One of the biggest problems I’m having this year is thinking about all the things I should do to help get my work into people’s hands. At one time I struggled to think of things that would be helpful, now I have a list of things I think are probably going to make a big difference. But trying to figure out what to do, when to do it and how to fit it all in gets overwhelming quickly and easily. I’m taking it in baby steps. I made a side list of things to do when I have a free moment. If I try to do one every day, that should help keep me up to date without bogging me down.

Yesterday I spent about two hours on the phone with my new editor. She seemed pleased with all my plans for the current edit of Dreamers Do Lie, which has me confident I’m on track for when I start querying, hopefully in March.

Sorry if this is just a really random word vomit of what’s going on in my life right now ^^;;

okay listen I don’t know where all these Droidbait ideas are coming from, but consider in an AU where he survives Rishi, he learns how to fight on a battlefield and fights pretty decently, and most of all, he owns up to his name.

somehow the most mousy guy in domino squad is running at full tilt onto the front lines, just barely missing all of the droid’s fire.

when he gets his armor painted, the guy gets a dot and a circle, a simplified target on his chest. 


Pearl is the second and final solo studio album by Janis Joplin, released posthumously on Columbia Records, catalogue KC 30322, on January 11,  1971. It was also released simultaneously in a 4 channel Quadraphonic format in the U.S., catalogue number CQ 30322, and in Japan as SOPN 90 and a foil type cover with obi as SOPN 44005. It was the final album with her direct participation, and the only Joplin album recorded with the Full Tilt Boogie Band, her final touring unit. It peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200, holding that spot for nine weeks. It has been certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA.[5]


On this day in music history: January 11, 1971 - “Pearl”, the fourth album by Janis Joplin is released. Produced by Paul A. Rothchild, it is recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA from September 5 - October 1, 1970. Following the dissolution of her first post Big Brother band, The Kosmic Blues Band, Joplin regroups with a new band of musicians called Full Tilt Boogie for her fourth release. Working with Doors producer Paul A. Rothchild, the production is more polished than her previous efforts. Recording Rothchild’s favored studio Sunset Sound, it is also the first time that a CBS Records artist is permitted to record at a studio other than one owned the record label. Tragically, Joplin dies of a heroin overdose the day before sessions are to conclude on October 4, 1970. Most ironically, the song she is to record that day is titled “Buried Alive In The Blues”. The instrumental track is included on the finished album. “Pearl” (titled after her nickname) yields several songs that become part of her legend including “Move Over”, “Mercedes Benz”, “Get It While You Can”, and “Me And Bobby McGee” (#1 Pop), co-written by Joplin’s former boyfriend Kris Kristofferson, posthumously becomes her biggest hit. First remastered and reissued on CD in 1999 with four live bonus tracks. It is also reissued as a 180 gram vinyl LP by Sony Music in 2011. A double CD boxed edition titled “The Pearl Sessions” containing addition and previously unreleased outtakes from the recording sessions is released on Record Store Day in April of 2012. Audiophile label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab had planned the release of a half-speed mastered LP release in 1984, but is abruptly cancelled, though test pressings do exist. Over thirty years later, MFSL announces that the title is to be released as a 45 RPM mastered double 180 gram vinyl LP set. “Pearl” is released ten weeks after Joplin’s death, spending nine weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

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What’s your age?


What’s your current job?

Stay at home mom to a loveable little bundle of energy who can also be a little terror on wheels. (Seriously, she’s got two speeds: full-tilt and off.)

What are you talented at?

Reading, beadwork/jewelrymaking, and cooking/baking.

What is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)?

I’m slowly working my way towards figuring out how to use my perspective on tarot to read for and help others.

What’s your aesthetic?

Cleopatra, ancient Egypt, books, tea, reds, golds, teal, peacock feathers, semiprecious gemstones, things that walk the fine line between ancient and modern. It’s tough to explain, but I know it when I see it.

Do you collect anything?

Books. (My Egypt in fiction collection is close to a thousand books.) Also beads and the jewelry I make. And tarot decks, of course!

What’s a topic you always talk about?

Right now? Tarot. And ancient Egypt, always. Also books.

What’s a pet peeve of yours?

People who adamantly refuse to listen to anyone else’s perspective/facts because they’ve already made up their mind.

Good advice to give?

Make your whole life a sanctuary for yourself. Your home, your interests, the people you choose to keep in your life, all should be authentic reflections of yourself. Life’s too short to spend it switching masks to impress others.

What are three songs you’d recommend?

Oh, man. I love music WAY too much for this to be easy to answer.

1. The Merciful One - Zohar (The whole album’s nice, but this is my fave.)

2. Inshalla (Ya Salam) - Angel Tears (The soundtrack to my first Dune readthrough.)

3. In Other Worlds - Azam Ali (Anything by her, really. She also vocals for Niyaz. Highly recommend.)

I told yall that I wouldn’t post WIPs anymore…but Im so excited for Brunt’s redesign that I HAVE to post WIPs!!

I have three concepts of Brunt, as you see. I am making them more ‘organic’ and ‘alien’ looking since Trypticon here is a colony Titan, so vis Compeer’s looks would reflect that.

The top has a lot of metal feathers and v sleek appearance, maybe a Quetzocoatl appearance. The bottom is more a rly big and tough biped. The middle will have six legs, have a thick form with a beetle-like exterior, maybe wings, with sensory outgrowths everywhere which act like antennae.

Idk, when the designs are done, I’ll have yall vote on em, I guess?? Who knows, maybe Wipe-Out and Full-Tilt may have one of these designs!