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Text “RESIST” to 50409 to tell your senators to defend DACA !!!!!!

The process takes less than 5 minutes, all you have to do is provide the bot with your full name and zip code. If you don’t have cell service, you can also send this message over wifi messaging apps.

You can get a script of what to say in your message on 5calls.org which reads:

  • “I’m writing to express my support for S. 1615, the DREAM Act, and the thousands of Dreamers who contribute to our society. I urge Senator ___________ to support this legislative solution to protecting the DACA program and the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on it for access to jobs, education, and security.”

After you’re done, you will receive a preview of the fax you’ve just sent and confirmation that that your senators have received it. It’s that easy.

I have to become a professional twitch streamer because I seriously cannot spend another month polishing demos I have a lot of confidence in just to get unenthusiastic responses from A&R at record labels who sound almost dissapointed that I didn’t send them a zip file full of 128kbps Resonance MP3’s

i haven’t seen anything about it on my dash, so !!

if you’d like to send a message to your members of congress, regarding DACA, simply text RESIST to 50409. a bot will answer, all they need is: your full name, zip code, and confirmation of the state you’re in. they’ll send your message/fax to your senators, letting them know you want them to defend DACA. you can send another fax to them afterwards, or as many as you’d like, by simply replying with fax in that same message thread.

if you’re able to do this, please do so. anything and everything helps during times like these. so many people’s futures are at stake here, and it’s times like these that we should be more united than ever. if you don’t or can’t participate, please spread the word and encourage others to do so. thank you.

makeitmagical  asked:

‪So why is Barry crazy when the Speed Force didn’t do this to Jay or evil Barry? 🤔‬

Easy breezy: Barry’s not crazy, he’s wicked overstimulated.

He’s not babbling nonsense: he’s reciting verbatim lines he said in earlier Seasons (one example: he quotes the Pilot [“It’s a whole new way of looking at physics.  It will literally change everything.”]).  He also seems to be projecting forward with the whole diaper talk (Tornado Twins!!) and to events that didn’t happen, including being framed for murder (he appeals to Cecil as a judge). 

All of these things hint at one thing: time.  From the past to the future, and even to alternate universes, he’s still locked into Speed Force’s sense of “all time.”  It’s all happening at once, and he can’t convey that in linear time, or even begin to organize it in his presentation, so he ends up sounding manic and twitchy when, in fact, it’s all true.  He can’t present it coherently because it’s hard to translate circular time (everything at once) into linear speech (one word at a time), especially when you’ve been living circular time.  It’s too much.

That leads to further overstimulation that’s more hinted at than explained.  The “stars” ramblings actually make sense if you think about sensitivity to light and sound, or “seeing stars” after a hard knock to the head: he may have literally been seeing stars and, on top of everything else, was giving voice to his feelings much like you might cry out in pain. 

I‘ve gone a step farther into the realm of speculation in my newest fic Recode and described the sensory experience as an imperfect translation of Speed Force perception onto Multiversal reality.  Basically, Barry has way too much sensory input to handle in the Multiverse.  It’s especially overwhelming after an indefinite period in the Speed Force, which is ubiquitous and subsequently as stable as reality comes.  The Multiverse is chaotic and decidedly not in the Speed Force’s control, so both Barry and the Speed Force (still joined to him via The Flash, according to my sub-theory) are both freaking out.  It’s a literal meltdown: he can’t cope with the two realities, so he starts babbling in a frantic attempt to untangle the noise.

He also writes a lot of symbols on the walls, which can be interpreted several different ways.  I was excited when Cisco mentioned Greek letters, because some of the circles and lines Barry is drawing are clearly Phi symbols, which are used in plenty of mathematic/scientific contexts.  For a scientist, the Greek alphabet is incredibly pervasive: it’s hard to do any higher level math without encountering these symbols.  He can’t express himself in words (which, again, linear field for circular thinking.  He’s thinking circular.  If you need proof, watch how he goes back, and forth, and back, and forth, while writing when Iris is pleading to him, rather than writing a single continuous line of text).  He tries to express himself in symbols – hence the same frenetic movements and intense focus, drowning in too many inputs at once.

Notice that the calmest Barry seems prior to recovery is the scene with Joe in the pipeline.  He’s really, really chill.  To the point where Joe thinks he’s back to his normal self, right up until he starts talking again.  Because for a moment, he’s grounded, brought to focus by something simple and real, as opposed to the decidedly not simple and completely unreal Speed Force.  A kind touch without expectation lets him breathe for a bit, and he actually closes his eyes when Joe finishes, like he’s relieved for a breath.  But then the moment passes, and the wired feeling comes back full force.

Eventually, he doesn’t snap back when Joe tells him Iris is missing – he actually goes full Flash, zipping out of the pipeline to go rescue her not because he’s figured it all out but because if there is one commonality between Barry and The Flash, it is the need to protect their lightning rod, their beloved Iris.  The Flash doesn’t share the complexity of Barry’s emotions when it comes to Iris, so her speech to him, while heart-rending, doesn’t really pull him out of the fog.  But when it’s something as primal and threatening as Iris’ life at stake, then there’s cooperation.  That cooperation allows Barry to finally reassert control over the Speed Force, which continues pouring sensory overload onto his system until he’s able to ground himself with Iris and his family.

He’s still pretty volatile, but he’s more in control.  Jay never went crazy because he doesn’t have the connection to the Speed Force that Barry does – so when Jay leaves the Speed Force, he leaves the Speed Force.  He doesn’t take it with him, as Barry does.  And I’d say evil Barry (Savi) is definitely just as desperate and out of sorts as Barry is when he comes out of the Speed Force.  But unlike Our Barry, who simultaneously had all the time in the world on his hands and not enough of it to learn to balance the two realities (Speed Force and Multiverse), evil Barry did manage to wrestle this paradox under control and assert dominance over the two by besting the Speed Force in the Multiverse (enlisting Killer Frost to kill the Black Flash in the Multiverse, for example).

It was incredibly cool to me as a writer to see it all play out, especially since it worked so well with my overarching Speed Force theories and my specific Barry vs. The Flash sub-theory.  I created these theories to explain the inexplicable, and I’m incredibly satisfied with how well they’ve held up over time.

Brandy: The Ultimate Unreleased & Rare Collection 

In the need to have my collection of Brandy’s unreleased and rare material organized for my iTunes, I went to work on precisely organizing and tagging it all. With the help of Brandy’s Wikipedia page, I organized each and every song by its era and year, separating the unreleased songs by era for clean organization. On top of that, I created artwork for each of the separate collections as well to help provide a somewhat official experience for the content. Also for the explicit songs I added the explicit tag in iTunes to further that official experience feel. 

This is a project I have been working on periodically over a long period of time and I’m so glad to finally share it with you all! With Brandy having such an amazing catalog of unreleased material, I feel it is only right to have it all properly organized and treated like official content. Plus with Brandy being quite a big fan of her unreleased material herself, would love to hear what she thinks of having the collection officially organized if she gets to see it! Hope you all find the collection very useful to have in your iTunes! Let’s make this a huge post to let everyone enjoy the gift of Brandy’s unreleased content! Lastly, with much time and effort being put into all of this, I simply ask if you share or post it anywhere, simply credit me and all will be well. Without further ado, let’s get into the collection! 


Brandy: Unreleased & Demos | 1994 | Size: 11.7 MB 

Never Say Never: Unreleased & Demos | 1998 | Size: 9.7 MB 

Full Moon: Unreleased & Demos | 2002 | Size: 19.5 MB 

Afrodisiac: Unreleased & Demos | 2004 | Size: 367.2 MB 

Human: Unreleased & Demos | 2008 | Size: 573.8 MB 

The Bran'Nu Sessions | 2009 | Size: 66.5 MB 

Two Eleven: Unreleased & Demos | 2012 | Size: 18.2 MB 



Along with the unreleased content that was made for Brandy’s albums, she has been featured on content that ended up unreleased for other artists’ projects as well. All of the content in this collection are songs that were never officially released for purchase, not to be confused with content that is available for purchase (for example Jessie J’s “Conquer the World”). All of the contents can be downloaded in this one .zip file here. The file size is 115.4 MB.