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San Fermin covers Stealers Wheel’s “Stuck In The Middle With You”

San Fermin is unlike the typical band in a number of ways: There are eight of them most nights, and their musical direction comes not from the singer or guitarist, but from mastermind Ellis Ludwig-Leone, who composes San Fermin’s intricate music. The band has been endlessly compared to both The National and Dirty Projectors, both of which are fair but sort of incomplete. Here, the band gives the full treatment to Stealers Wheel’s 1972 hit “Stuck In The Middle With You,” a song probably best known as the soundtrack to a forceful ear removal in Reservoir Dogs. San Fermin’s latest album is Jackrabbit.

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Urdhva Dhanurasana

Wheel Pose

Jason Lawner

Start lying on the back with arms by the sides. Bend knees in and bring the soles of the feet to the floor about hip width apart. Place the hands by the ears with the fingertips facing toward the shoulders. Press weight into the feet and start to lift the hips towards the ceiling. At the same time press into the palms and bring the crown of the head to the mat. Keep pushing the hands and feet down, as the head lifts off the mat, coming into the full backbend. Hold pose and breathe deeply as you continue to press the chest behind you. Slowly release and return to start.

Good for arms, wrists, legs and spine stretch.

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i can’t believe i never posted these.

90s-forever and i were taken to japan for a few hours.

honestly one of the coolest and equally one of the most gut wrenching places i have ever been

a shop tucked in a corner of some back road with no real identifying features from the road, the split second you walk through the bay doors though… you are transported to a wrecking yard in japan.

i couldn’t tell you how many cool and rare cars were in there, let alone how many cars in general. the inside of the building was stacked four cars high on the walls of ex-race cars, 60′s and 70s rarities, motors and parts, and tucked in every corner were cars in various states of dismantle.

 the office was stacked to the roof full of buckets, steering wheels, trinkets, etc. one felt that if you went digging you could find just about anything.

out the back door led to a stack of wheels and silvia. looking right was even more cars. old 510s and s30′s rotting on top of sea cans, junction produce kitted cima, gtr’s, fc’s, s13, s14, lots overgrown by weeds. fancy greddy gauge sets, rare wheels, dirty but nice buckets littered their open window interiors. stickers from the previous owner and their teams in japan plastered on windows and bumpers.

the emotion R 300zx was the one that caught me though most though. the bomex (i think?) wing stood out instantly. the car demanded presence to me. i want to find out more about emotion r and this car. i think i vaguely remember one guy saying it has 600hp and actually still runs. the seats are embroidered with big “emotion R” logos. i don’t know. that car did something for me. 

this was an experience i will never forget. what a cool place to walk into, right in our back door.