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Anonymous Asked: Hey, in your own ref sheet, you are doing the double peace sign and in your Steven Universe Speed Draw video you tell your friend that peace signs are not allowed in your household. Also, in your profile picture! Wait, could this be sarcasm? Oh.

BOI giving Double Peace Signs is like my guilty pleasure and I wish I could stop BUT I JUST CAN’T and it’s because of anime and I hate myself


Greater Mod here. I’ve been making a crapton of sprite edits for use by the other mods, and other people who want to submit. (Full view plz)

All the colors were sampled from characters’ overworld sprites, unless they didn’t have an overworld sprite. (e.g. Jerry, Glyde, Papyrus’s jogging outfit) Then I just kinda made stuff up. 

I do plan to make more. I’m trying for every single enemy in the game, actually. Not that we’ll need all of them. I just think it’s fun.

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(I should probably make a resource page so I won’t have to keep linking back to that one.)

This was my contribution to the Yugioh 20th Anniversary fanpresent project, a scrapbook of fanworks and letters put together for Kazuki Takahashi himself. Sadly I was very rushed while drawing (changing jobs at the time–not fun, lemme tell you) and didn’t get to do as much as I would have liked.

Still, it’s amazing to be able to reach out to the creator of something I’ve been a fan of more years of my life now than not. Thanks so much to sliferthewhydidigeta for putting everything together! :’)

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So in celebration of the podfic, and because I really wanted to, i’m rereading Sansukh. The story is so captivating that even the first two sentences snagged my attention.

The quote is taken directly from chapter one. Sansukh is a beautiful piece of lotr/the hobbit fanfiction written by determamfidd, you should really check it out if you have some time!

;3; i want to go through all the chapters and do as much art for it as i can, it really is inspiring. ;3;. 

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@oh-imprettyboy suggested I draw the crystal gems with what i think would be their favourite pokemon!

my reasonings for the choices I made:

Cubone, like Steven, wears a part of its mother as part of its body and is there to carry on their legacy. Cubone is also known as being lonely and Steven IS the only half-gem out there, so… yeah!

Amethyst loves wrestling and Hawlucha is all about strength in a small package. They fit perfectly together, I think.

Pearl and Gallade are both elegant swordfighters known for their emotional ranges and desire to protect. Works for me.

Garnet is the result of two people combined to make a stronger power. Plusle and Minun benefit each other like that too with their abilities plus and minus as well as helping hand. They’re inseparable red and blue, how could I not match them with Ruby and Sapphire? (the names of the games plusle and minun debuted in, no less)

Peridot likes to be big and smart and strong. Metagross would be a challenging thing for her to raise but she’d figure it out I’m sure ^_^ (also Metagross starts as weak little beldum and i feel like Peridot has grown a lot so metagross it is)

((More ‘the mun does super quick doodles’ from the recently finished AU RP where Caesar dies and Koba assumes control.  Koba greeting Cornelia after the females and young return from the woods. Hmm one of these days I’ll sit down and do a proper painting. Til then, INSTANT GRATIFICATION DOODLES.))