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Everyone on Twitter is breaking down over this. Some people are even saying season 11 would be cancelled. I don’t wanna sound mean but tbh it’s annoying me because nobody knows if it’s true so why is everyone hating on DD😩 I think twitter has some very immature people and they blow everything out of proportion. That’s why I prefer tumblr! Let’s keep our heads up and pray that it’s not true!❤️

Twitter is horrible, I can’t stand this place, mostly because it’s full of trolls and people are younger than here and have a tendency to either lie or think they know everything or both.
But if this shit keeps going, if the allegations are picked up by the press and taken seriously, even if they’re false (they are false!), then yes, it could be serious for David’s career and even cancel XF.
I think we’re far from this situation now, but this kind of thing can escalate quickly so I hope everyone can mesure the seriousness of it and be really careful and responsible with what they say and post on social media.


au where Aaarrrgghh lives and “A CERTAIN SOMEONE" doesn’t go to the Darklands alone.

  • Belarusian: пекла (piekla)
  • Bosnian: pakao
  • Croatian: pakao
  • Czech: peklo
  • Macedonian: пеколот (pekolot)
  • Polish: piekło
  • Serbian: пакао (pakao)
  • Slovak: peklo
  • Slovenian: pekel
  • Ukrainian: пекло (peklo)
  • Bulgarian: ... ummm....
  • Russian: *sweats*
  • Rest of family: *eyes you two so hard it could fry an egg*
  • Bulgarian: Well. Aд (ad)?
  • Russian: Aд (ad).
  • Polish: ... My poor sinners, welcome to hell. We have cookies OUO

this was meant to be a warm up sketch and i got a little carried away but i haven’t drawn this shit gremlin in a hot minute and it felt nice to sort of go back to his roots lmao

he’s grown up so much TTwTT

Day thirty-one, finishing Drawgust off with… this Shadowrun Troll gal! Full circle!

Thanks to everyone for all the likes, reblogs, follows, comments and whatnot - it made a big difference knowing people were checking it out and digging what I was doing. Definitely feel like I’ve got some mojo back and although I can’t say for sure where I’ll be next August, I wouldn’t mind turning this into a yearly thing!


This is part of the Trolls opening sequence. Concept art and fabrication by Me, AFX animation by Erik Tillmans and storyboards by Joel Crawford. Each asset was hand built with felt, paper and embroidery.

 My process started with presenting an animated gif to directors, Mike Mitchell and Walt Dorhn. Painting and working with the animation tool in Photoshop allowed me to design fluidly. I evaluated the story boards to plan out camera movement and work out character action. I knew the camera needed to push in through the dead Troll atop the cage, so I designed the town path to compliment this movement. Next, I focused on the buildings and set dressing. Bubbly poo shapes felt appropriate for Bergentown, while my colors needed variation within the muted palette. The real challenge of this piece was to find the exact materials that reflected the tonal range in grays and browns. I reserved my blacks for the cage and full saturation for the Troll Tree as it represents happiness. The result was three separate backgrounds, six hero buildings that could be flipped and duplicated in interesting ways, three Troll Trees, cages, and various set dressing assets. Each asset was photographed separately, edited and composited. For each scrapbook peice, I would deliver a psd packet to Erik to animate.

The full hand built set of the Bergentown transition.

All content is property of Dreamworks Animation.

omg the “arobot” post is circulating again with ppl going “lol aces/aros making up a slur they’re so terrible and clueless this is why ppl can’t stand u”

when that post is an ancient BLATANT troll post that was already years old when it first got circulated big time a year ago or so and that we’ve called out as a shitty blatant troll post 100000 times

People who hate aces and aros are pathetic and every bit as ignorant and full of shit as they like to pretend we are

Eta: it has nearly 5k notes now this is bizarre you’re all so full of crap