full troll


This is part of the Trolls opening sequence. Concept art and fabrication by Me, AFX animation by Erik Tillmans and storyboards by Joel Crawford. Each asset was hand built with felt, paper and embroidery.

 My process started with presenting an animated gif to directors, Mike Mitchell and Walt Dorhn. Painting and working with the animation tool in Photoshop allowed me to design fluidly. I evaluated the story boards to plan out camera movement and work out character action. I knew the camera needed to push in through the dead Troll atop the cage, so I designed the town path to compliment this movement. Next, I focused on the buildings and set dressing. Bubbly poo shapes felt appropriate for Bergentown, while my colors needed variation within the muted palette. The real challenge of this piece was to find the exact materials that reflected the tonal range in grays and browns. I reserved my blacks for the cage and full saturation for the Troll Tree as it represents happiness. The result was three separate backgrounds, six hero buildings that could be flipped and duplicated in interesting ways, three Troll Trees, cages, and various set dressing assets. Each asset was photographed separately, edited and composited. For each scrapbook peice, I would deliver a psd packet to Erik to animate.

The full hand built set of the Bergentown transition.

All content is property of Dreamworks Animation.

  • Belarusian: пекла (piekla)
  • Bosnian: pakao
  • Croatian: pakao
  • Czech: peklo
  • Macedonian: пеколот (pekolot)
  • Polish: piekło
  • Serbian: пакао (pakao)
  • Slovak: peklo
  • Slovenian: pekel
  • Ukrainian: пекло (peklo)
  • Bulgarian: ... ummm....
  • Russian: *sweats*
  • Rest of family: *eyes you two so hard it could fry an egg*
  • Bulgarian: Well. Aд (ad)?
  • Russian: Aд (ad).
  • Polish: ... My poor sinners, welcome to hell. We have cookies OUO
How old am I?

Well, I’m surprised how many of you guessed correctly and what ages you guessed incorrectly. But, the time has come to answer!

Hi, my name is Gigi, and I am Seventeen years old.

A lot of you guessed I was 18-24. That was the most popular guess! I’m honestly flattered.

I only had one person say 15-16.

There were a few of you who guessed correctly, but most everyone guessed I was in my 20s. Which is astounding to me. I never thought I could pass for 20.

I hope this was fun.

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The team as youtubers? Like how often they update, what kind of content they upload and how many subs they have.

Sen: *clasps hands together in prayer* I’ve already had this written down and it makes me so happy to find that someone’s requested it. Ah well it’s kinda them doing youtube while in college but y’know.


Like the volleyball idiot he is, he records tips and tricks on how to be get good (git god scrub) but he’s also very motivational and always answers back to comments when he can to thank them and messages them when they ask for more help. He’s recently started up bi-weekly blogs when he meets up with his friends as well; he hasn’t got a big following but his fans are dedicated and loyal as heck.

Subscribers: 10,000+ Most messages exchanged with viewers


He has a music cover channel with a few of his own original songs. He hasn’t actually shown his face on his youtube channel and instead uses fanart for title cards and all that but he does show his face on his instagram and other social media as well. 

Subscribers: 1,300,000 Most income (Youtube ad rev and music sales)


He has a lifestyle type account and it’s mostly him cooking with a friend or something. His subscribers think he’s one of the sweetest youtubers out there and he spends the most time on his videos as well. Reno’s videos tend to be a bit long since he doesn’t cut out too much but all of his time goes to what happens behind camera anyways.

Subscribers: 900,000+ Highest like to dislike ratio out of the boys.


His channel is literally a mess of video games and random videos; think Pewdiepie on a smaller scale. People love how his tone is absolutely unfiltered and how he isn’t afraid to call out other youtubers being assholes and acknowledges that he himself is a bit of an ass yet there’s something watchable about his honesty.

Subscriber: 2,000,000+ The highest count out of the boys.


It’s a shared channel with Akakura and Sagae. They do small sketch videos together and it’s a pretty random channel but their fans are mostly young girls who say they’re cute enough to have a protection squad. They don’t upload every day but every other week is enough when their sketches are really funny and lighthearted enough to make you feel good.

Subscribers: 1,000,000+ Fastest growing channel


He uploads very infrequently but their tends to be vlogs of him complaining about things. True, complaining isn’t the best thing to build your channel up off of but he actually goes into detail about important issues that need addressing so everyone in his comment section is stunned about his point and have #staywoke there in every video.

Subscribers: 750,000+ Most comments left on his videos by subscribers


He pranks his university colleagues and posts what happens; he got everyone to give him permission to prank them before doing anything so they know that he could prank them but they just don’t know when. He’s got everyone in absolute fear of him but his pranks aren’t too harsh and does things a bit like Thomas Sanders with unexpected surprises and seeing how people react to them.

Subscriber: 500,000+ Least subscribers lost each day on average


He’s got a dedicated fanbase of gamers who come to watch his gameplay of the usual mainstream games like Overwatch and League with the newest game releases as well. However, his comment section is full of trolls and he really wishes that people would just talk to each other nicely. He also livestreams a lot on twitch too.

Subscriber count: 68,000+ (He’s waiting for that 69,420)

  • what she says: Jim being part changeling is possible I guess but idk
  • what she means: Jim being part changeling because of one of his parents would explain so much. it would explain how an amulet meant for trolls could’ve chosen him to be the Trollhunter. it could explain why his father left he and his mother so out of the blue. it could explain part of why Strickler takes such an interest in Barbara, a seemingly human woman, if she had been with a changeling before or has troll blood in her own veins. it aligns with the foreshadowing Jim says in regards to Strickler being a changeling “if he’s one, i’m one”. and you can argue the horseshoe didn’t affect Jim, but we’re given multiple examples of things designed for trolls that don’t work right for Jim because Jim is not a full troll, like the amulet at first and the furgolator. It makes sense that an item designed for a full changeling wouldn’t work right either if Jim is only part changeling. this could also be how Jim manages to get through the Darklands without being detected in s2. when Toby sticks his head through the small portal we witness a frightening glowing creature fly at him, demanding to know who he is, as if the glowing creature is a sort of security system in the Darklands meant to weed out anyone who doesn’t belong. But if Jim has changeling blood in him perhaps the security system won’t detect him since the Darklands is the home of the changelings. this could be how Jim stays alive. this could be how he saves (or doesn’t save) Enrique. if Jim were part changeling he’d be bridging not only the trolls and humans as the Trollhunter (as he’s done so far, starting to erase the prejudice trolls have toward humans) but also the trolls and the changelings (as he’s also started to do, extending the olive branch to NotEnrique and Strickler, and in turn encouraging his teammates to begin trusting them too). if the other trolls can also see past their prejudice toward changelings, if they can see the hypocrisy in pitying Arrrgh for being kidnapped by the GumGum and forced to be something he wasn’t but condemning changelings for essentially the same thing, if they can do that, perhaps again starting with Jim, the Trollhunter they’ve come to trust and respect, then maybe they can come together. this could dismantle the Janus Order and in turn give the trolls and changelings a common enemy: Gunmar. this could be why Jim was chosen to be the Trollhunter instead of just another troll. because if he’s part changeling, he represents trolls, humans, and changelings; he bridges the gaps between all of them, brings them all together. and perhaps the time has come for them to do so, to put aside their differences and work together to defeat what threatens them all, so that they can then, hopefully, exist in relative harmony at last.

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Your Jared and Danneel bad accents video has so many notes (relatively speaking). Are there more undercover tinhats than I thought?

oh yeah most tinhats stay silent or separate themselves from the main fandom to look like “proper” fans in the eyes of their het friends and to not loose followers

i’d say there are at least a few thousands tinhats all over (not necessarily active in the fandom)

really it’s a shame tinhats stigmatize themselves like that, it gives more legitimacy to hets calling us crazy if we ourselves think we’re not allowed in the main fandom spaces like for example just by having a seperate tag made for tinhats like no im not sorry when i make a post about j2 loving each other it’s not #j2 tinhat it’s #j2 and that’s it 

it’s hets who should make a j2 tinHET tag to talk about all their bullshit

the number of “closeted” tinhats saddens me and i’ve seen tinhats apologizing for making tinhat posts based on FACTS like??? WHAT??? 

i just really don’t like this mentality that WE should hide in a dark corner and stay anonymous meanwhile hets can go to cons asking for bullshit hets stories and making it harder for j2 or ask them to pose with a cardboard saying they love their beards smh

like all we have is spn gossip, our legacy is an anonymous com full of trolls HOURRAY! *sighs*

no but if you’re a tinhat and you never say it clearly on your blog, like you’re just being cryptic and shit making posts that could be about j2 being together but that can also be taken as just friendship, don’t say you support j2, you don’t, you care more about people’s opinion of you 

honestly how many unappologetic tinhat accounts are there on tumblr??

sorry back to your question i don’t know how many notes the posts about obvious slips get in general but yeah when there’s something as blatant as the accents thing tinhats come out of the woods to like it and remember it because it really proves for sure that we’re right 

we’re not alone anon it’s just that j2 tinhats are as closeted as j2 are and hiding in plain sight and that’s too bad

and i put that accents vid on youtube too btw   and twitter