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parasimmons + things you didn't say at all

content warning for some dubious consent due to power imbalances

Despite all of the improvements that have been made, Hive’s best scientists fear the ability to transition full-humans is still years away. A disappointment, to be certain, but he remains positive. The breakthrough will come and in the meantime the world is still better off. Its people may not yet live in the true peace he dreams of, but HYDRA’s rule has brought them nearer than they have ever been.

And then there are smaller, more personal joys to be had while he awaits the coming of his full victory. 

“My lord?” 

He grins at the slight quaver in the voice. There is no defiance, no hatred. In fact, Jemma smiles beautifully when he beckons her nearer. 

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June 10, 2017 Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Sun is in Gemini which makes this month’s Sagittarius moon cycle a Full Moon. This is because Sagittarius is the duality of Gemini.

This is a mentally oriented axis so it illuminates the
mind and touches a wealth of ideas and mental rituals that must be
cleansed and rinsed away by healing moon water. With the Moon in Sagittarius the feeling of wanderlust sets in as we long to escape to exotic
locations, and we can walk the tightrope of oppositions and do this in the splendorous Gemini mind, filled with rollercoasters and cerebral delight. 

The mind is alive tonight. Wisdom from the coalescing of the lower (Gemini) and higher (Sagittarius) mind as they become one, like the wholeness of the full moon. Everything about this opposition longs for unity and relationship. We hear that it’s all too easy to lose your bearings under the hypnosis Full Moons, this may be especially accelerated by the manner in which this axis touches the mind. 

The inner light is switched on here, especially in the mind, as soul and body take flight into the lilac cleanse of the moon. Emotions
are satiated by learning and laughter. Because the wise come to realise everything in life has a comedic light, and God is laughing
because look at our own life, it is all such a joke. Hermes and Zeus are reunited. They are shapeshifting and flying through stormy and sunny skies together, across horizons, and through to the gentle bliss of Venus in Taurus. We could dissociate, the lines between the unconscious, conscious and subconscious are blurred as we drift in and out of reverie and thought dancing with the divine.
The lure to drink and dance in hallucination calls, and under the Full Moon the dissolution between worlds seems a most splendid
lunar celebration. Sagittarius will shoot for the heavens, and land on the sun, and divine faith and thought can shatter the laws of physics all together.

Remember to cleanse your crystals <3


the left is 2013, at my high school graduation. a month before I cut my hair, a month before I moved out to start my transition, a month before my stepdad told me I was making my mom cry herself to sleep because of my decisions, a month before my last suicide attempt. the right is 2016, a bit over two years on hormones and happier than ever. If you asked 2013 me where I saw myself in the future, I would have told you dead. today is a different story. today I’m living.

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Donald Trump has quietly hired hundreds of loyalists to serve as his “eyes and ears” across government

  • Trump has quietly positioned hundreds of his supporters to take jobs across the executive branch, essentially taking a backdoor approach to placing “his eyes and ears at every major federal agency” even while senior jobs requiring congressional confirmation remain unfilled, ProPublica reported Wednesday.
  • ProPublica posted a list of more than 400 such dubiously qualified Trump appointments, which the site wrote included everything from “obscure campaign staffers” and contributors to far-right website Breitbart to a recent high school graduate and at least 36 former lobbyists.
  • The staffers are serving in so-called “beachhead teams,” temporary units serving for four to eight months.
  • The beachhead teams are intended to familiarize Trump’s administration with the workings of various federal agencies as well as shape the early implementation of Trump’s agenda. 
  • Though as ProPublica wrote, many of the hires will likely transition into full-time roles.
  • As Trump has left hundreds of jobs requiring congressional confirmation across the federal government unfilled, the beachhead teams have likely assumed “considerable influence.” Read more (3/8/17 11:10 PM)

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I'd to point you to a couple of things. They are. Soviet Russia. Maoist China


Soviet Russia and China are examples of countries that were still entrenched in feudalism at the times of their respective socialist revolutions, which effectively catapulted them into variations of state capitalist development instead of full workers-democratically-control-production socialism. The state became the analogous capitalist class and instituted developments and policies over the course of a few decades that private capitalists elsewhere were pushing for centuries – think forced proletarianization of peasants and concentrated industrialization. The state took over the functions of a bunch of private capitalists, appropriating surplus value generated by workers and distributing the surplus where deemed necessary; they often put this towards the industrialization of infrastructure and public services, but it just as often was used to enrich the party apparatus. Even Lenin literally deemed this setup as “state capitalism”, the idea being an intermediary stage for formerly-feudal societies before full socialism. 

As a libertarian socialist/Marxist, I don’t defend the actions taken in these countries, but it’s important to contextualize what was going on. The idea is that it’s near-impossible to just jump from feudalism to socialism – a period of capitalist development/accumulation and liberal institutions makes the jump more viable. As far as I’m concerned, this could have been accomplished through mutualism or market socialism, combining the liberalism of markets with the democratic accountability of worker control (thus mitigating much of the poverty and violent consequences of class domination).

To quote Terry Eagleton:

“Marx himself never imagined that socialism could be achieved in impoverished conditions [i.e. Russia and China]. Such a project would require almost as bizarre a loop in time as inventing the Internet in the Middle Ages. Nor did any Marxist thinker until Stalin imagine that this was possible, including Lenin, Trotsky, and the rest of the Bolshevik leadership…

Building up an economy from very low levels is a back-breaking, dispiriting task. It is unlikely that men and women will freely submit to the hardships it involves. So unless this project is executed gradually, under democratic control and in accordance with socialist values, an authoritarian state may step in and force its citizens to do what they are reluctant to undertake voluntarily. The militarization of labor in Bolshevik Russia is a case in point. The result, in a grisly irony, will be to undermine the political superstructure of socialism (popular democracy, genuine self-government) in the very attempt to build up its economic base…

As Marx insists, socialism also requires a shortening of the working day – partly to provide men and women with the leisure for personal fulfillment, partly to create time for the business of political and economic self-government. You can not do this if people have no shoes; and to distribute shoes among millions of citizens is likely to require a centralized bureaucratic state. If your nation is under invasion from an array of hostile capitalist powers, as Russia was in the wake of the Bolshevik revolution, an autocratic state will seem all the more inevitable…

To go socialist, then, you need to be reasonably well-heeled, in both the literal and the metaphorical senses of the term. No Marxist from Marx and Engels to Lenin and Trotsky ever dreamt of anything else. Or if you are not well-heeled yourself, then a sympathetic neighbor reasonably flush in material resources needs to spring to your aid. In the case of the Bolsheviks, this would have meant such neighbors (Germany in particular) having their own revolutions, too. If the working class of these countries could overthrow their own capitalist masters and lay hands on their productive powers, they could use those resources to save the first workers’ state in history from sinking without a trace. This was not as improbable a proposal as it might sound. Europe at the time was aflame with revolutionary hopes, as councils of workers’ and soldiers’ deputies (or soviets) sprang up in cities such as Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Munich, and Riga. Once these insurrections were defeated, Lenin and Trotsky knew their own revolution was in dire straights.

It is not that the building of socialism cannot be begun in deprived conditions. It is rather that without material resources it will tend to twist into the monstrous caricature of socialism known as Stalinism. The Bolshevik revolution soon found itself besieged by imperial Western armies, as well as threatened by counterrevolution, urban famine, and a bloody civil war. It was marooned in an ocean of largely hostile peasants reluctant to hand over their hard-earned surplus at gunpoint to the starving towns. With a narrow capitalist base, disastrously low levels of material production, scant traces of civil institutions, a decimated, exhausted working class, peasant revolts, and a swollen bureaucracy to rival the Tsar’s, the revolution was in deep trouble almost from the outset…

Imagine a slightly crazed capitalist outfit that tried to turn a pre-modern tribe into a set of ruthlessly acquisitive, technologically sophisticated entrepreneurs speaking the jargon of public relations and free market economics, all in a surreally short period of time. Does the fact that the experiment would almost certainly prove less than dramatically successful constitute a fair condemnation of capitalism? Surely not. To think so would be as absurd as claiming that the Girl Guides should be disbanded because they cannot solve certain tricky problems in quantum physics. Marxists do not believe that the mighty liberal lineage from Thomas Jefferson to John Stuart Mill is annulled by the existence of secret CIA-run prisons for torturing Muslims, even though such prisons are part of the politics of today’s liberal societies. Yet the critics of Marxism are rarely willing to concede that show trials and mass terror are no refutation of it.” 


1) You can’t just expect socialism to quickly arise in materially- and socially-isolated countries in the throngs of feudalism (Russia and China). A material base of industrialization and a social base of liberalism are generally understood to be useful/basically-necessary prerequisites to build from. If other capitalist countries had undergone socialist revolution and provided aid to the struggling formerly-feudal state capitalist countries, they probably wouldn’t have congealed into top-down bureaucracies. A domino effect of worker revolutions across capitalist countries is considered necessary for socialism to fully take hold, just as a domino effect of bourgeois revolutions across feudal countries was needed for capitalism to fully take hold.

2) The violent primitive accumulation of early capitalism and the concentrated industrialization of state capitalist Russia and China served similar analogous functions in the broader context of historical materialism. Private capitalism for the enrichment of individual capitalists over the centuries, state capitalism supposedly for the enrichment of society’s material base and an eventual transition to full socialism. 

3) Capitalist societies have unleashed violent imperialism, mass enslavement, systemic poverty, and police states. If we’re going to bring up the disasters of isolated countries that set their aims at socialism, then we need to bring up the centuries-long disasters of not-isolated capitalist countries that have actively oppressed domestic and foreign populations of people. 

4) We live in an era of material abundance aided by advanced technology and automation; any attempt at socialism in late-capitalist countries would be significantly easier than what Russia and China experienced. As such, these industrialized late-capitalist countries need to undergo social revolution and provide aid to each other and to struggling countries that would have otherwise been state capitalist. 

(This answer has mainly been for the benefit of people already at least relatively sympathetic to anti-capitalism; I realize it is unlikely to sway someone so entrenched in capitalist ideology that they have no clue what socialist movements have entailed and strove for. If your analysis stops at “Russia and China were bad and that’s what socialism means and therefore it’s not worth fighting for”, then I don’t know what to tell ya. If your analysis stops at “capitalism preaches liberal individual freedom so therefore it is good”, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Dig past the ideology you’ve been spoon-fed by capitalist media and the state since childhood and recognize that you’ve been conned, all for the enrichment of the bosses and the bureaucrats.)



So I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and was kinda taken aback?? Like I noticed a very subtle change in my face shape, like super subtle, but still enough for me to be like???? Wait.
I’m just like .1% more angular and less round?? In my jawline area I think. I went back and looked at some older photos of myself and like… for one holy shit I definitely look different but also gosh dang?? I definitely look different.
It’s good, I like it.

I don’t have trans headcanons for any character

The fuck are you going to do about it? Hurt my feewings? Call me transphobic? Okay lol do it, I personally just don’t like trans headcanons because for the most part they’re all portrayed as either “uwu sweet trans bby” which is REALLY DEGRADING BTW (coming from an actual trans person) or with some stupid ass “down with cis” or some other narrative on the outfit the trans character is wearing, hell, any character is wearing.

I also don’t like it because tumblr’s disgusting definition of trans is either dudes with pussies or chicks with dicks, which is kind of sexualizing them and because it’s always half transitioning and they don’t really bother to show the full transition. If ya’ll have a fetish then just say so lmao, no one’s going to get mad at ya just because you prefer the opposite genitals on the genders.

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius <3

““The best thing for being sad,“ replied Merlin, beginning to puff and blow, "is to learn something. That’s the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for it then — to learn. Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting. Learning is the only thing for you. Look what a lot of things there are to learn.”  
 ―    T.H. White
The Once and Future King    


guess who just re-opened commissions~??? this gal!

I’m running low on funds for this next semester and decided to revamp my commissions in order to raise money while looking for a second job. To make things simpler I will just be doing digital sketches or full color (with cel shading). Psst!! Sketches are only $5! 

What you need to know:

1.) In order to get a commission please send an email to girlswithboysnamescomms@gmail.com with the title “GWBN COMMISSION” along with what type of drawing you want, references (the more the better!! especially actual art or pictures!!!), descriptions, your tumblr url, and your paypal email! (for an invoice/bill)

2.) prices are in USD! I only accept paypal transitions and full payment is due upfront. I will not start working on the drawing until I receive payment

3.) Once the commission is finished you’ll receive a high quality PNG. Use it as you please for an icon or sidebar with credit and please do not use for profit/remove my signature

4.) Please check out my art tag to see more drawings!! :)

Even if you can’t commission me even a reblog would be very much appreciated!!! Anything helps! ;w;

Imagine having to cancel your first date with Nick

(A/N: For Anon. I hope you enjoy and thanks for your sweet message in your request!) 

Imagine having to cancel your first date with Nick

“All right, I’m tried of this,” You announced, interrupting Sonny, walking forward and slamming your fists onto the table which made the suspect jumping backward as you continued to speak in a venomous tone, “Tell us what we want to hear or so God help me I’ll…”

“Okay okay,” Your once hostile and aggressive suspect gave in, in an almost terrified squeak, “I’ll tell what you anything you want to know,”

“Good,” You grinned, taking a seat beside Sonny at the table while giving him a wink.

Your suspect fully confessed after that and you and your partner Sonny swiftly took it before leaving the interrogation room to officially close your case. All in good time as well ad both your shifts were about to end.

“You know you scare me a little when you pull that little move,” Sonny confessed, holding the interrogation room door open for you as you both headed back to your desks.

“Do I?” You smirked.

“It’s not even the way you act it’s just how quick they crumble whenever you do it,” He elaborated with a dramatic shudder.

“Well, it only works on a certain type of suspect,” You admitted.

“How can you tell?” He inquired.

“I can’t reveal all of my secrets now can I?” You played off, jokingly.

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More thoughts about the Dragon AU

I’ve been thinking about this AU a lot today because of the prompt I wrote and apparently I just can’t stop talking about it so here we go: 

One thing I’ve pictured about this ‘verse from the start is that there is no such thing as a half-dragon. It doesn’t matter whether your parents were two dragons, one dragon and one human or one dragon and one fae/siren/any other species existing in this AU. The child will ALWAYS be a full dragon because the gene is dominant. 

The closest thing to a half-dragon in this ‘verse are actually Bucky and Steve, because they are humans who’s DNA has been artificially mixed with that of a dragon, but even they are not distinguishable from born dragons and count essentially as full dragons. The transition was so painful for them because the dragon DNA basically destroyed the parts of their DNA that made them human…not a fun procedure. 

The main difference between born dragons and Steve and Bucky is that they ‘learned’ how to ‘be’ a dragon from humans. They do not correctly understand many of their instincts (like the mind link or the fact that Tony is a dragon) because while they get the information from their senses, they don’t know how to interpret them.

I’ve also realised that being a dragon actually works really well with Bucky’s backstory. Think about it, the reason why he broke part of his conditioning when fighting Steve was that he considered Steve part of his Treasure–hurting him goes against his every instinct (unless in defence of another Treasure). The wiping suppressed his memories but it didn’t destroy them, subconsciously his dragon would have recognised Steve as his Treasure and would have rejected the conditioning.

Not that the brainwashing was just gone, but he was literally unable to carry HYDRA’s command out, no matter how often and strong they wiped him because his memories weren’t the problem, his nature was.

His instinctive mind link with Tony would have probably formed around the time he assassinated the Starks. Because he observed them for a couple of days, and without even realising his dragon nature recognised them and formed a link to the only alive person (which is natural for dragons, the link is usually cut after a short acknowledgment but of course Bucky didn’t even know he’d formed one and Tony had been somewhere between drunk and very drunk because his parents were dead).

Yup, that’s all I’ve got from Bucky’s background story right now. Any thoughts?

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Could you do some murdocs kid coming out to him as trans/genderfluid because they got bullied at school and he kept demanding why they got in a fight so the break down and sort of yell at him

~ You knew your dad was an aggressive guy so when you came home with a busted lip and a bruised face, you knew he would ask questions. “Who the hell did this to you?!” Murdoc said as soon as he saw you. “I’ll fucking kill those little punks for touching my kid!” He grabbed your shoulders and asked, “Tell me who did this!” You looked away and sighed, “Just some assholes at school, it’s not that big of a deal.” You pushed your dad off but he kept pushing. “Tell me how fucking hurt you! No one has any right to hurt you! They’re gonna have to go through me.” he growled and stared at you, waiting for an answer.

~ “Dad, stop worrying about it! You of all people should know that shit just happens!” You threw your bag down. Murdoc was a bit shocked by how defensive you were getting but his anger boiled because no one, absolutely NO ONE was going to get away with hurting you like this. “Shit doesn’t just happen, kid! I instigated most of those stupid fights I got in! It was my own fuckin’ fault!” You growled at your dad and threw your hands up, “I’m just like you so I guess it was my fault for being a fucking tranny! It’s my fault for being a fucking queer, a fag! I am your child after all so that must mean I’m just like you!” You were panting at this point. You had realized what you had said when you saw the look at Murdoc’s face.

~ “What did you say?” He whispered. You looked at the floor and picked up your bag. “Dad… I’m transgender.” You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, preparing for whatever hell would be unleashed. But what came next wasn’t what you expected. Murdoc pulled you close to him and hugged you tightly. You felt quite shocked. You didn’t know how to react. “I will always love and support you no matter what you do. You should have told me sooner so we could get you to a doctor to get what you need to make a full, healthy transition.” Murdoc kissed your temple and released you from his hug. Your jaw hung and you couldn’t believe your ears. “Wha- are you serious?” You whisper-yelled. “Of course I’m serious! No child of mine will be stuck in a body they hate! But I still need the names of those kids who beat you, I’m going to make them wish they were never born.” Tears filled your eyes as you ran over to your dad and hugged him. “You’re the best dad in the world, I love you so fucking much.” Murdoc wrapped his arms around you and whispere, “I love you so fucking much, too.”