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✨Full Moon in Aries ~ October 5th 🌕

The Full Moon in Aries is inspiring us to discover our inner strength, find our independence, and take control of our lives. It’s working to teach us that in order to overcome the obstacles in our lives, we must believe in ourselves. As we work with the Aries/Libra axis, we face the theme of shameless independence versus loving compromise. Are your relationships balanced in terms of power? Are you being needlessly held back from accomplishing your goals? The Aries Full Moon inspires us to ask those questions, but keep in mind that the introspection and reflection we’ve been facing since the September Full Moon in Pisces is coming to an end now, as Pluto has gone direct and the Aries Full Moon is asking us to turn what we’ve learned into action.
For one, the Sun and Moon are squaring Pluto, forming a cardinal T-square with plenty of tension to go around. This will reveal a lot of power balances, especially regarding authority and control. Those who abuse their power are at risk of being outed due to Pluto’s will to uncover hidden truths. If you’ve had power wrongfully taken from you, this is time to reclaim it.
However, this Full moon is also coming with lots of relationship-oriented themes. Mars and Venus will be exactly conjunct in Virgo- could create a lovely balance between masculine and feminine energies, however, Venus is in fall in Virgo which means the feminine energy may not come easily, so being polite and tactful will assist you in finding that balance. There is potential for passion in your relationships, however with Mars/Venus in Virgo, it’s going to be less about sparks flying, and more focused on sharing mutual goals and values with your partner.
We also have Mercury in Libra conjunct the Sun, opposite Moon, and squaring Pluto. Be careful with your words- stand up for yourself, but don’t stomp on others toes in order to do so. Your words have power right now, so use them cautiously. Use the Libra vibes to help you consider the feelings of others and find fair solutions to problems.
In conclusion: Channel your inner-strength, but choose your battles wisely. Needless conflict isn’t going to get you anywhere right now, so use self-awareness to decide what needs to be done to achieve what you desire. Lots of us have had our goals in mind since the Virgo New Moon on September 20th, and since the Full Moon is all about harvest and completion, now is the perfect time to act on them. The conflict between “we” and “me” is being illuminated, forcing us to find a balance between the two, as neglecting one will backfire. Aries Moon wants us to be open about our feelings and express ourselves. There are likely to be some intense realizations coming to the surface over the next couple of weeks, so take time for yourself, channel your passionate nature, maintain your balance the best you can, and be honest with your feelings.

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So lately iv been really trying to go full time all the time, iv made sure to correct people when they use the wrong name or pronoun. It’s been super hard but things are improving so much!

I also actually went on a date as me for the first time since my transition, it was exciting and I was so freaking nervous, but he was such a gentlemen, he opened the door for me and said I was more beautiful in person. ☺️

It made me feel so much more confident, I worry all the time about not looking female enough, but iv realized the more I concentrate on that the worse it gets, it’s still a struggle to keep that thought out of my mind but it’s getting better

9 months on hormones ~

Capricorn Full Moon 2017

As a general rule, new beginnings and ideas happen when the Moon is Full, the feelings of realization and understanding hit deeply and rather quickly.
With Neptune R Inconjunct Jupiter so directly, the realization is needed and you may be hit a little harder than usual. Be sure not to ignore your intuition if it’s the way these realizations are brought, as we may do during this time.
We realize our actions don’t align with our personality, as a whole. We’re either hiding ourselves, or our actions. We’ve faced regrets, as recently you may have done something, not keeping in mind your inhibitions and morals. 
Unlike a lot of Full Moons, you may find that your romantic life isn’t really affected by this Full Moon, (unless you have a Capricorn Venus/Mars or Sag/Cancer/Virgo Rising/Sun sign). 
Keep in mind people who come into and out of your life - but don’t dwell on who’s left. Capricorn Full and New Moons are all about lessons, and teaching the ones we often don’t want to hear - but it also brings about a wave of calm and understanding that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to have.

June 10, 2017 Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Sun is in Gemini which makes this month’s Sagittarius moon cycle a Full Moon. This is because Sagittarius is the duality of Gemini.

This is a mentally oriented axis so it illuminates the
mind and touches a wealth of ideas and mental rituals that must be
cleansed and rinsed away by healing moon water. With the Moon in Sagittarius the feeling of wanderlust sets in as we long to escape to exotic
locations, and we can walk the tightrope of oppositions and do this in the splendorous Gemini mind, filled with rollercoasters and cerebral delight. 

The mind is alive tonight. Wisdom from the coalescing of the lower (Gemini) and higher (Sagittarius) mind as they become one, like the wholeness of the full moon. Everything about this opposition longs for unity and relationship. We hear that it’s all too easy to lose your bearings under the hypnosis Full Moons, this may be especially accelerated by the manner in which this axis touches the mind. 

The inner light is switched on here, especially in the mind, as soul and body take flight into the lilac cleanse of the moon. Emotions
are satiated by learning and laughter. Because the wise come to realise everything in life has a comedic light, and God is laughing
because look at our own life, it is all such a joke. Hermes and Zeus are reunited. They are shapeshifting and flying through stormy and sunny skies together, across horizons, and through to the gentle bliss of Venus in Taurus. We could dissociate, the lines between the unconscious, conscious and subconscious are blurred as we drift in and out of reverie and thought dancing with the divine.
The lure to drink and dance in hallucination calls, and under the Full Moon the dissolution between worlds seems a most splendid
lunar celebration. Sagittarius will shoot for the heavens, and land on the sun, and divine faith and thought can shatter the laws of physics all together.

Remember to cleanse your crystals <3


the left is 2013, at my high school graduation. a month before I cut my hair, a month before I moved out to start my transition, a month before my stepdad told me I was making my mom cry herself to sleep because of my decisions, a month before my last suicide attempt. the right is 2016, a bit over two years on hormones and happier than ever. If you asked 2013 me where I saw myself in the future, I would have told you dead. today is a different story. today I’m living.

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Full Moon in Taurus ~ November 4th 🌕

The corresponding New moon in Scorpio during October set the scene for looking inward on a deeper level as well as exposing superficiality. With the Full moon in Taurus, we are granted the practicality and stability to use these discoveries for emotional growth.

This is likely going to be a very calm and grounding full moon. Taurus wants us to be comfortable so we can reflect on the emotional changes over the past few weeks. We’ll understand that we are not looking inward for no reason- Taurus is going to help keep our emotions controlled, and use the revelations we’ve made to create practical growth. It’s also going to highlight our relationships, especially romantically or sensually. Are the relationships we share with others helping us grow or holding us back? What forms the basis in which we connect with others?

The Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio, granting us plenty of intuition and emotional understanding. We’re currently in a very watery cycle of the Moon, which has formed the theme of emotional and spiritual growth. We are continuing to note the hidden truths that surround us, and use the knowledge we acquire to look inward.

The Moon is forming a sextile with Neptune in Pisces, giving us a surge of emotional insight and understanding. This will help us to be imaginative, and highlights the theme of spiritual growth we keep seeing.

We also have a fire Grand Trine between North Node in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius. It clearly doesn’t involve the moon, but it’s a driving background force that will allow us to think independently about the connections we make with others. The North Node is inspiring a search for what makes us passionate. It’s going to help us think creatively about how we can improve our social life and relationships in general.

In Conclusion: This Full moon is going to be very grounding and helpful in promoting emotional growth. The Earth sign of Taurus will help us decide how we can use our Scorpion discoveries to maintain healthy and beneficial relationships with others. Feel free to pamper yourself or spend time with your loved ones. You may feel very driven to connect with others, so embrace it!

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Friend: hey

Me: its just- so interesting to note that throughout ALL of Act 1 that anytime the whole tight knit family is singing or harmonizing, Whizzer is the only one to deviate and hit a Sharp or have his voice noticably stand out. From the first time everyone sings ‘His name is Mendel’ he holds out a belt/flat no one else does- its just so accurate to his character. He is, in every sense of the phrase, the Odd Man Out. He’s the one who was the outsider, the one who initially 'caused’ this whole epidemic (of course this was really Marvin,) and it shows the whole 'he wasnt a part of the Tight Knit Family yet. He sings the parts no one else does, hitting notes or sharps or flats and it STANDS OUT. He is meant to be noticed, meant to be seen as an outlier. In 'I never Wanted to Love You’ you clearly hear his voice, its how much he stands out and is different and is so important! Hes that character! The one Marvin left his Family for! The one who turned his whole world upside down! And his voice emulates that! Then, in Act 2, that leaves. There’s no song in which he outwardly has a Sharp or Flat or Belt no one else has. This is his 'Full Transition’ into the Tight Knit Family. He’s a part of it now, harmonously a part of the unit and it’s so important to note the change, from Loud and Brash and Hurt in Act 1 to Happy and Whole and Him™ in Act 2. I dont know, I’m just glad Whizzer finally got to have what he deserved. A Tight Knit Family.

Friend: ok


It’s time for otterlogic’s annual August Carlos Redraw! Year number 5!! 

This has been a wild year… I finished my first year of college, met so many wonderful people, decided to major in Communication Arts, and started my sophomore year today! 

Summary: My understanding of anatomy and color theory have improved! I’ve also made the full transition to Photoshop– haven’t used SAI in almost a year. This most recent Carlos is an ink drawing that I colored in Photoshop b/c I’m VERY into inking right now haha

Thanks to all of you who’ve stuck with me over the years, even though I don’t post as regularly as I used to. Your support means so much to me <3

How will the October Full/New Moon impact YOU?

Look at your transit chart for October 5th and October 19th to see how the moon cycle could affect you personally.

🌕 Full Moon in 12º Aries ~ October 5th
Realizing the power you have within ____.
1st House: yourself, your image
2nd House: your comfort zone, financial situation
3rd House: your mind, learning methods
4th House: your home, relations to family
5th House: your self-expression, passion
6th House: your routines, health
7th House: your relationships, compromises
8th House: what brings security, shared resources
9th House: your beliefs, worldview
10th House: your career, ambitions
11th House: your goals, social life
12th House: your subconscious, emotional attachments

🌑 New Moon in 26º Libra ~ October 19th
So you may create balance within ____.
1st House: The way you naturally project yourself vs. the way you want others to see you OR the way you approach the world vs. the expectations of others
2nd House: The way you comfort yourself vs. the way you comfort others OR the way you value yourself vs. your materialistic values
3rd House: The way you absorb information vs. the way you share ideas OR your day-to-day activities vs. the adventures you aspire to take
4th House: The attachments you carry from your past vs. the way you work towards your long-term goals OR what brings you stability vs. how you bring stability to loved ones
5th House: The way you express yourself vs. the way you express your inner child OR the ways you seek recreation vs. the ways you seek romance
6th House: Your habits and routines vs. your health OR your work environment vs. your career oriented aspirations
7th House: Your needs vs. the way you meet the needs of others OR your independence vs. the expectations of others
8th House: Your sexual desires vs. your intimate desires OR your craving for intensity vs. your need for seclusion
9th House: Your morals vs. your perception of the world OR the way you learn through experience vs. the way you help others learn
10th House: Your achievements vs. your reputation OR your drive to succeed vs. the way authority figures want you to succeed
11th House: Your connection with a group vs. your long-term dreams/goals OR what is realistic vs. what you should do to help others
12th House: Letting to of emotional attachments vs. being of service to others OR healing the subconscious mind vs. healing the world

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chasing--the--universe  asked:

I'd to point you to a couple of things. They are. Soviet Russia. Maoist China


Soviet Russia and China are examples of countries that were still entrenched in feudalism at the times of their respective socialist revolutions, which effectively catapulted them into variations of state capitalist development instead of full workers-democratically-control-production socialism. The state became the analogous capitalist class and instituted developments and policies over the course of a few decades that private capitalists elsewhere were pushing for centuries – think forced proletarianization of peasants and concentrated industrialization. The state took over the functions of a bunch of private capitalists, appropriating surplus value generated by workers and distributing the surplus where deemed necessary; they often put this towards the industrialization of infrastructure and public services, but it just as often was used to enrich the party apparatus. Even Lenin literally deemed this setup as “state capitalism”, the idea being an intermediary stage for formerly-feudal societies before full socialism. 

As a libertarian socialist/Marxist, I don’t defend the actions taken in these countries, but it’s important to contextualize what was going on. The idea is that it’s near-impossible to just jump from feudalism to socialism – a period of capitalist development/accumulation and liberal institutions makes the jump more viable. As far as I’m concerned, this could have been accomplished through mutualism or market socialism, combining the liberalism of markets with the democratic accountability of worker control (thus mitigating much of the poverty and violent consequences of class domination).

To quote Terry Eagleton:

“Marx himself never imagined that socialism could be achieved in impoverished conditions [i.e. Russia and China]. Such a project would require almost as bizarre a loop in time as inventing the Internet in the Middle Ages. Nor did any Marxist thinker until Stalin imagine that this was possible, including Lenin, Trotsky, and the rest of the Bolshevik leadership…

Building up an economy from very low levels is a back-breaking, dispiriting task. It is unlikely that men and women will freely submit to the hardships it involves. So unless this project is executed gradually, under democratic control and in accordance with socialist values, an authoritarian state may step in and force its citizens to do what they are reluctant to undertake voluntarily. The militarization of labor in Bolshevik Russia is a case in point. The result, in a grisly irony, will be to undermine the political superstructure of socialism (popular democracy, genuine self-government) in the very attempt to build up its economic base…

As Marx insists, socialism also requires a shortening of the working day – partly to provide men and women with the leisure for personal fulfillment, partly to create time for the business of political and economic self-government. You can not do this if people have no shoes; and to distribute shoes among millions of citizens is likely to require a centralized bureaucratic state. If your nation is under invasion from an array of hostile capitalist powers, as Russia was in the wake of the Bolshevik revolution, an autocratic state will seem all the more inevitable…

To go socialist, then, you need to be reasonably well-heeled, in both the literal and the metaphorical senses of the term. No Marxist from Marx and Engels to Lenin and Trotsky ever dreamt of anything else. Or if you are not well-heeled yourself, then a sympathetic neighbor reasonably flush in material resources needs to spring to your aid. In the case of the Bolsheviks, this would have meant such neighbors (Germany in particular) having their own revolutions, too. If the working class of these countries could overthrow their own capitalist masters and lay hands on their productive powers, they could use those resources to save the first workers’ state in history from sinking without a trace. This was not as improbable a proposal as it might sound. Europe at the time was aflame with revolutionary hopes, as councils of workers’ and soldiers’ deputies (or soviets) sprang up in cities such as Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Munich, and Riga. Once these insurrections were defeated, Lenin and Trotsky knew their own revolution was in dire straights.

It is not that the building of socialism cannot be begun in deprived conditions. It is rather that without material resources it will tend to twist into the monstrous caricature of socialism known as Stalinism. The Bolshevik revolution soon found itself besieged by imperial Western armies, as well as threatened by counterrevolution, urban famine, and a bloody civil war. It was marooned in an ocean of largely hostile peasants reluctant to hand over their hard-earned surplus at gunpoint to the starving towns. With a narrow capitalist base, disastrously low levels of material production, scant traces of civil institutions, a decimated, exhausted working class, peasant revolts, and a swollen bureaucracy to rival the Tsar’s, the revolution was in deep trouble almost from the outset…

Imagine a slightly crazed capitalist outfit that tried to turn a pre-modern tribe into a set of ruthlessly acquisitive, technologically sophisticated entrepreneurs speaking the jargon of public relations and free market economics, all in a surreally short period of time. Does the fact that the experiment would almost certainly prove less than dramatically successful constitute a fair condemnation of capitalism? Surely not. To think so would be as absurd as claiming that the Girl Guides should be disbanded because they cannot solve certain tricky problems in quantum physics. Marxists do not believe that the mighty liberal lineage from Thomas Jefferson to John Stuart Mill is annulled by the existence of secret CIA-run prisons for torturing Muslims, even though such prisons are part of the politics of today’s liberal societies. Yet the critics of Marxism are rarely willing to concede that show trials and mass terror are no refutation of it.” 


1) You can’t just expect socialism to quickly arise in materially- and socially-isolated countries in the throngs of feudalism (Russia and China). A material base of industrialization and a social base of liberalism are generally understood to be useful/basically-necessary prerequisites to build from. If other capitalist countries had undergone socialist revolution and provided aid to the struggling formerly-feudal state capitalist countries, they probably wouldn’t have congealed into top-down bureaucracies. A domino effect of worker revolutions across capitalist countries is considered necessary for socialism to fully take hold, just as a domino effect of bourgeois revolutions across feudal countries was needed for capitalism to fully take hold.

2) The violent primitive accumulation of early capitalism and the concentrated industrialization of state capitalist Russia and China served similar analogous functions in the broader context of historical materialism. Private capitalism for the enrichment of individual capitalists over the centuries, state capitalism supposedly for the enrichment of society’s material base and an eventual transition to full socialism. 

3) Capitalist societies have unleashed violent imperialism, mass enslavement, systemic poverty, and police states. If we’re going to bring up the disasters of isolated countries that set their aims at socialism, then we need to bring up the centuries-long disasters of not-isolated capitalist countries that have actively oppressed domestic and foreign populations of people. 

4) We live in an era of material abundance aided by advanced technology and automation; any attempt at socialism in late-capitalist countries would be significantly easier than what Russia and China experienced. As such, these industrialized late-capitalist countries need to undergo social revolution and provide aid to each other and to struggling countries that would have otherwise been state capitalist. 

(This answer has mainly been for the benefit of people already at least relatively sympathetic to anti-capitalism; I realize it is unlikely to sway someone so entrenched in capitalist ideology that they have no clue what socialist movements have entailed and strove for. If your analysis stops at “Russia and China were bad and that’s what socialism means and therefore it’s not worth fighting for”, then I don’t know what to tell ya. If your analysis stops at “capitalism preaches liberal individual freedom so therefore it is good”, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Dig past the ideology you’ve been spoon-fed by capitalist media and the state since childhood and recognize that you’ve been conned, all for the enrichment of the bosses and the bureaucrats.)


Always take notice of how your mood and mindset changes during a full moon or every time the moon transits into the next zodiac sign. The moon is obviously well known for being in charge of the ocean and it’s tides and yet the human body is made up of 75% of water. With that being said, if the moon is very much in charge of the ocean, then with every new moon phase or sign transit, the moon has just as much influence over our bodies as it does the ocean, connecting us all into one.

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i’m gonna change my tracked tag from #userriya to #userri because userriya is v v busy with posts that aren’t for me and i’m missing posts that are !! 

so yeah, userriya –> userri

best friend! Hoshi

anon asked:  ooooh thennmaybe i can request some best friend!hoshi headcanons to *w*

a/n: im sorry if this is late :((

  • the two of you met in a smelly taekwondo studio
  • your dads knew each other from highschool and as your dad decided to move back to Namyangju,
  • he of coursed had to introduce you to his dad and son
  • this is how you meet kwon soonyoung
  • by awkward parent introductions that should make you guys avoid each other when meeting on the street
  • but it didn’t because when you guys were forced to sit in the corner and ‘get to know each other’ 
  • and you found each other soooo hilarious and such down to earth people and hit it off so well
  • and as soon as you start your first day at your new middle school
  • he comes up to you begging you to be in the dance club
  • you like ehhh i can’t dance,,, but he’s making it sound so fun so you agree to go to one practice
  • the whole time he’s so supportive even when you squash his toe
  • seems like he can make anyone a dancer because in a year your,,,, about as half a good as him LOL
  • everyday after practice you since walk home together and take turns spending money on snacks
  • and one tradition you have is every friday you guys would walk the little extra distance to get the best potato tornadoes in the city
  • and then walk home talking about school and how your both not doing to well
  • and agreeing to work harder
  • aka switching between each others houses and studying with many study breaks that consist of your moms cooking and the snack stash you both have built 
  • him teaching you many shinee dances 
  • you becoming almost as obsessed as him
  • and whenever ‘ring ding dong’ comes on, you’ve promised to dance together no matter where you guys were
  • and one day at practice your having a full out jam session to shinee
  • then you both sit down and he whispers shyly like “how good of a dancer do you think i am”
  • and your like yeah and IVE SEEN SOME OF THAT CHOREO your a talented mofo
  • so when he tells you nervously about pledis
  • and he’s never told you but he always thanked you for that because even when some of his other friends were telling him idol life is impractical and he’s not good looking enough omg f them
  • you were always there
  • you were there to send him a little package every two weeks, whether it was all his favorite snacks, little toys, or photos or your self eating two potato tornadoes to tease him
  • you watched all of his Andromeda’s and told him your username so he would know your comments, and laugh at your jokes 
  • you supported him through and through
  • and when he finally debuted you personally came to the concert and went backstage, meeting the other members for the first time, and handed soonyoung a package
  • a package pranked into exploding with confetti as soon as he opened it
  • a moment you got on video OF COURSE
  • and you tell him about how your mother effing moving to seoul because you got transferred to a college in seoul
  • and he gets all excited and shit and you have to be like chill out i got into a college you freakin debuted
  • but he’s like yeah but it isn’t easy to get into that college either so CELEBRATION TIME!!!
  • and two years later, when soonyoung is having a freakin world tour, with a well earned successful career,
  • and you, who is half way through your degree, top of your class, attend the concert in seoul
  • like before you, go back stage, where sweaty soonyoung is waiting for you with a smile on his face
  • you bring him a package
  • “just like old times?” he giggles, taking the box from you
  • “yeah just like old times, meat restaurants pays better so you’ll be surprised”
  • he looks at you kinda shook, “you shouldn’t have” 
  • and you just think lol he wont be saying that after he opens it
  • “yes i should have~” you sing brightly
  • he smiles and starts ripping it open
  • the bomb of rose quartz and serenity glitter and confetti floating through the air, landing on his hair and outfit
  • “MMWWOO???” he looks at you with a wtf look, the members and staff passing by laughing at him
  • you immediately start giggling before transitioning into full blown laughter
  • and of course he can’t keep the straight face and immediately bursts into laughter 
  • he looks at you creepily with an evil grin on his face 
  • and your like “no. stop. SOONYOUNG”
  • he responds of bearing hugging you transferring the glitter all over you and your outfit
  • “you’ve updated it from rainbow to seventeen colors” he grins, finally pulling away
  • you smirk and wink, “don’t worry i actually got you something else”
  • you pull out the bag from you bookbag, and he immediately knows what it is
  • “it isn’t the exact of course but I think it tastes pretttyyyy similar” you say,
  • pulling out the potato tornadoes and handing him one
  • he gets this look in his eyes and full out grins, his eyes disappearing just the way you remember as kids
  • “i really love you you know” he says, sighing and about to take a bite
  • you take your own potato stick and use it to shove his away from his mouth
  • “i love you too, but i wont if you put that in your mouth” 
  • you fake glare at him and hold the stick in front of you expectantly
  • laughing sheepishly, he clinks his stick to your, “cheers~” 
  • “cheers~” you laugh, finally taking a bite 

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The full moon in Capricorn will be reaching it’s peak at around midnight tonight

The moon will be conjuncting Pluto by less the 1 degree

Mars is conjuncting sun by 5 degrees

It seems like today will be a very good day for manifesting energy and creating real world changes

@incandescentlysilver said:

I’m so glad you wrote that defense of evgenia because the hate she gets has been insane and makes me very uncomfortable. I’ll admit I didn’t like her very much at first, but her skating’s really grown on me, so now whenever I see unnecessary evgenia hate, I’m indignant on her behalf, and I make gifs of her to spite the haters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t get them: don’t like the skater, blacklist/don’t enter the tag. It’s not that hard, esp since a constructive discussion clearly isn’t gonna happen.

oh and I wanted to add that I like your evgenia edits and I know she doesn’t really have a consistent Tumblr “fanbase” and I appreciate you taking up the mantle (unofficially)??? your blog’s been so great: I came for yuzu and I stayed for your sincere appreciation of skaters. Keep fighting the good fight my pal! 🤙🤙

Thank you! And I am so glad I’m not the only weird one who likes to make gifs as a way to annoy anti fans and haters. I do love to be contradictory, me. So, sure, bring it on, I will gif at least one performance from every competition Janny does this season. Her programs are, blessedly, quite easy to gif, as they’re full of transitions and jumps done properly out of steps, unlike some other sad crossover-filled stuffs we see on the circuit these days. As you so rightly pointed out, anyone who doesn’t want to see her can easily blacklist the tag, no big deal.

P.S. I love your Janny edits too!

Anonymous said:

Whoa. I came on your blog (which has recently very quickly become one of my favs btw) and was like, what’s with the sudden onslaught of Evgenia hate!? O.o Then I finished reading the post and I gotta congratulate you on that mic drop. Whether one likes her skating or not, she deserves the highest respect because she works incredibly hard (as Eteri pointed out in a new interview - nobody works harder than her apparently) and as a result she’s pushing boundaries. People just gotta deal with it.

Thank you, I am very glad you like my blog and I apologize for the sudden drama - it was partially my fault to begin with, I was practically begging for it, as you can see :)) Yes, I totally agree with you, whether or not to like a skater is up to each’s personal taste, and freedom of speech means anyone can criticize any skater they dislike, but it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, mean that we have to put up with blatant disrespect and unreasonable hatred.

Anonymous said:

I just read your post on Evgenia and to anon who asks why everyone hates her and not Yuzuru … lbr, there’s also some sexism and jealousy involved. Evgenia is a pretty girl and a super consistent skater who seems to get along with pretty much everyone - that also includes Yuzuru. And *many* of her haters are also hardcore Yuzuru stans so .. you do the math :) and to you: keep up the good work, your posts are always a joy to read, especially for those of us who aren’t so technique-savvy! ♥   

Anonymous said:

Conspiracy theory: People are hating on Evgenia cause she’s so consistent (but seriously though, what’s her secret???), she’s breaking all those records set by Yuna and Mao (okay I’m a bit bitter about this), and she’s Yuzuru’s friend?!? (as in she tends to be around him a lot when they meet) 😱😱😱

I’ve vented my thought on the pointless practice of comparing Janny against Yuna/Mao here so I won’t do it again. As for the other points, on sexism and jealousy, yes, I have to admit, those are things (1) I am aware of but (2) I hate and (3) I try to deny because I don’t want to even begin to think that people can be so small-minded and ignorant. 

On the first point, let’s just say I truly believe if Janny had been a guy, or if the demographic of the skating fandom had been more gender-neutral, she wouldn’t have received nearly a quarter of the criticism and animosity she’s getting now.

On the second point, about people hating Janny because she gets along well with Yuzu, let us for one moment try to be rational about it. It’s no secret that Yuzu is a skater Janny admires. I don’t see how, in any universe, there can be anything remotely wrong with her trying to be friendly with him or talking to him or giving him presents, especially when Yuzu himself doesn’t seem to be the tiniest bit bothered by it. Also, it’s Yuzuru Hanyu, people, aside from Extra, Sunny Disposition is his other middle name. Have you seen him at galas or some such? He gets along well with literally everybody and he enjoys it. If you by default develop a sense of hostility for anyone who manages to be the target of Yuzu’s affection, that’d mean almost any human or animal who has ever been within a 1-meter radius around him. If by chance Yuzu has ever shown to be a tiny little bit nicer to Janny, isn’t it also quite understandable? She’s a good skater and I bet Yuzu does know good skating when he sees it, bless his taste. She seems such a sweet girl off ice and of freaking course she’s so damn pretty. Why on this good face of Earth would a 22-year-old healthy non-psychotic dude be anything less than perfectly happy about getting the attention of such a lady?

But, oh well, as said, that’s what you’d see if you’re being rational. What you’d see if you are not, I don’t know and I really don’t want to know.

Here’s Janny and Yuzu hugging because why ever the hell not?

(and I’d like to point out the very important technical detail of the Yuzuru Hanyu initiating the hug in the first place)

I don’t have trans headcanons for any character

The fuck are you going to do about it? Hurt my feewings? Call me transphobic? Okay lol do it, I personally just don’t like trans headcanons because for the most part they’re all portrayed as either “uwu sweet trans bby” which is REALLY DEGRADING BTW (coming from an actual trans person) or with some stupid ass “down with cis” or some other narrative on the outfit the trans character is wearing, hell, any character is wearing.

I also don’t like it because tumblr’s disgusting definition of trans is either dudes with pussies or chicks with dicks, which is kind of sexualizing them and because it’s always half transitioning and they don’t really bother to show the full transition. If ya’ll have a fetish then just say so lmao, no one’s going to get mad at ya just because you prefer the opposite genitals on the genders.