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Dark skin model of the week

Model Nykhor Paul 

Born in 1989 in South Sudan  

  • Sudanese model of Nuer ethnicity 
  • She escaped with her family to Ethiopia where she grew up as a refugee. In 1998 Nykhor moved to the United States. She lived in Nebraska at age 14 where she was scouted and started to model full time at age 17 
  •  Based in New York, she has modelled for Vivienne Westwood, Rick Owens, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Rick Owens and more 
  • Has been in several Fashion Weeks like in New Yok and through Europe 
  • Has faced institutionalized discrimination from casting agents, designers, hair stylists, and makeup artists which is why she fights fr equality in the fashion industry 
  • In 2015, she made a post on Instagram calling out the racism and discrimination in the fashion industry to black models
  •  She is an active activist on the civil war on Sudan and the effects it had on the people. She wants to make a difference and teach young people to move forward from the progress. 

Aged up to after leaving lycee. Adrien is modeling full time for a while, Marinette is majoring in fashion, or something like that. Alya and Nino are on a trip around Europe. 

Lonely Adrien/Marinette want to talk to their best friends but they are always busy having adventures and can’t talk, so they have to hang out together and there is Adrinette cuteness.

But Alya and Nino’s adventures are just increasingly bizarre. Like, maybe they start simple, like, “I would talk but there is a really cool music festival happening and I need to check it out.” but soon they are like, “Sorry bro, I have to break Alya out of a Turkish prison, I’ll talk to you later.” and “Yeah, Nino has been kidnapped by a princess who wants to marry him, I have to save him.” and “We found an ancient treasure in a temple in the jungle and we had to fight a immortal guardian, I’ll upload some pics later.” 

And Adrien and Marinette are just like, slightly annoyed that they aren’t there to listen to their romantic difficulties. 

Andrea is actually not a full time model as so many agencies rejected her her for insufficient height. She’s from small town, working as a waitress and volunteers in a hospital with mentally ill patients in her free time. 

She’s one of the strongest, most humble and kindest people I’ve ever met. I just wanted to say thank you Andrea, you’re absolute badass.

Freefall (Chapter 1)

Daughter of disgraced business man Hiram Lodge and his socialite wife Hermione, Gwendolyn Lodge used to be the princess of New York. Part-time model, full-time high school student, everyone wanted to be her but no one actually liked her. But then her dad got arrested, and her mother dragged Gwendolyn and her sister back to her hometown.

Riverdale is something of a podunk town in the middle of nowhere, and of course she’s not happy to be leaving her glamorous life behind. However, she’s determined to make the most of her family’s fall from grace. She’s still a queen bee, and Riverdale High is going to become her new kingdom. Sure, the school already has Cheryl Blossom, another rich bitch whose family has just experienced tragedy, but Gwendolyn won’t be deterred.

For now she’ll befriend Cheryl, join the River Vixens, and act as complacent as she can. But she doesn’t intend to be #2 on the food chain for very long. Lodges belong on top, and no one is going to stand in her way.

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As of yesterday, I’m officially no longer a stripper. Leaving a job after six years is probably supposed to be emotional or something, but I don’t exactly need the money, and I can have pervy old guys stare at my tits out in public without having to grind on a pole or their laps for a twenty that’s seen better days, so it’s chill. Guess this means I’m just a regular, full-time model now. Although I’m thinking of offering my stripping services on the side, so if you want a little one on one show or a hot girl to take off her clothes at your party, hit me up. I guarantee I’m worth it.

jurakyuru  asked:

40's and up for the questions c:

Mun/Muse Meme [x] | @jurakyuru

“S-so many!!”

“Yoshi!  Let’s do this!”

40. Dream location?

“She’s lived in Japan before and she really enjoyed it there, but it would be too difficult for her to move back.  Somewhere chill and laid back is preferable to her now.”

41. Hopes and dreams?

“Answered here!”

42. Career choice?

“She has two degrees in Psychology, but she works as a Financial Administrator.  I don’t understand why she doesn’t like it.  It would be wonderful to work with money full-time.”

43. Role model?

“Answered here!”

44. Tumblr senpai?

“Ne〜, do you know Sanji-kun?  His mun invited her to the RP community.  She never role played before that.  So he would probably be considered her senpai… although she’s older than him.”

45. Spirit animal?

“Probably a hedgehog.  They’re both cute but prickly!”

46. Cats or dogs? / 47. Pets?

“I like cats…  But this isn’t about me, right?”

“She thinks both dogs and cats are cute, but she doesn’t have any pets at the moment.”  

48. Ideal significant other?

“Sanji-kun!  I mean, um…  Tom Hiddleston!!  Or…” *looks at note passed to her*  “’Someone intelligent, respectful, kind, and with a good sense of humor.’  What is this shit?!”

49. Best traits?

“Some people see it as a weakness, but she’s really sensitive.  Even if she says she doesn’t care, she usually does, and she just wants to see people happy…  I think she should charge them for this.”

50. Do they prefer inner or outer beauty?

“Now this question is a bit tricky, because she believes that if you are comfortable in your own skin and believe in your own inner beauty, that will reflect outside.  People who only show outer beauty can appear kind of hollow?  I wonder if Pudding would fall under that category.” *laughs*