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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @rakkuguy @rakkuman !!!!!
Omg I’m really late but now that I got my new pens I wanted to whip this up in honor of our favorite part-time dork full-time amazing artist~ holy crap I look up to you dude, stay awesome @ w @

[Gift] Knivtale

Well, well, time for another overdue birthday gift, this one for good friend, Timeless aficionado, and full-time dork, @knivxsanddespair, who wanted his own rendition of Undertale characters Asriel Dreemurr, the Fallen Child (Chara), and the Protagonist (Frisk) as older teenagers, Chomp, Rosy, and Munch, respectively. I’m sure he’ll fill you in on the details about them, but I hope you all enjoy nonetheless! ;D

Asriel, Chara, Frisk, and Undertale © Toby Fox
Alternate versions of the characters conceived by @knivxsanddespair
Art by BluMoonToons

Yelp I crossed that 500 mark faster than anticipated, so thankfully I started drawing earlier. At the time of posting I have this much followers:

This post and drawing is ultimately published to thank you all, my lovely followers!! If at anytime you choose to leave, I wish you well, and hope that at least you enjoyed your time at my blog!

So as promised, a Butterfly Bog proposal! Had Bog get down on his knees like a proper gentleman. Griselda would be so proud of her boy.

Hmm Bog why is your left leg floating? Let’s just imagine the ground is uneven lol

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jess why


1) the way Jensen looks at Jared with hearts in his eyes, as though he nothing bad can happen as long as Jared is by his side

2) the way Jared looks at Jensen as though he hadn’t seen the sun and suddenly his life was filled with light right then

3) the way Jared shrinks himself when he hugs Jensen and never fails to just bury his head in the crook of Jensen’s neck

4) how Jensen tries to act like a grumpy-grump when Jared is practically crawling all over him, but sometimes his composure breaks and he smiles so brilliantly <3

5) how Jensen has a smile that is just simply “Jared’s smile” :)

6) how they’ve been there for each other through absolutely everything

they’ve been there since day one of supernatural, through failed relationships, emotional episodes, personal issues, depression, marriages, the birth of both their kids, and that’s only the beginning really

7) how Jared helped Jensen become confident enough in himself that he went from the guy who wouldn’t sing in front of a crowd if you paid him to this:

8) how they are each other’s biggest fans and are constantly praising one another

9) how they never hesitate to say “I love you” to one another and sometimes get choked up about it because //crying//

10) how it’s so obvious to us all that they are best friends through-and-through and nothing, not time, not any other person, nothing, will ever come between them because that just doesn’t happen when two people love each other like these two do


… Ashe is clingy.

Okay this is my reply to this: X the previous art chain of @ryssbelle / @tfaa-ask-the-crew and me since the post has gotten to long to reblog TwT

So, I heard that you guys in the anime fandom are interested in yuri!!! on ice. If any of you are interested in the figure skating sport beyond the show, I strongly recommend you check out the guy in my avatar pic. Who the hell is he? Why, he’s just the reigning Olympic champion, rank No. 1, world record holder and full-time absolute dork.

He’s the one and only Yuzuru Hanyu (Hanyu Yuzuru (羽生結弦) in Japanese because surname goes first). You might have heard of him here on Tumblr but just let grandma* here tell you his full story, ok friends? Now sit tight, you wonderful fellas.

*I’m not actually grandmother-age. But I figured I’m “older” than most of you guys when it comes to stanning figure skating. I adopt you all now.

Yuzuru Hanyu… How do I begin to explain Yuzuru Hanyu? I don’t think I have the words to do so - indeed, the fine gentlemen at British Eurosport have “nearly run out of superlatives for Yuzuru Hanyu”, and they’re the ones who called him “the greatest figure skater of all time”. I myself run out of superlatives for how much the B.Eurosport uncles love Yuzuru Hanyu, so… just watch for yourself.

Just listen to all those superlatives. Just calm your thirst, you fine gentlemen at B. Eurosport!

Of course, he won. For those of you who don’t know this, figure skating is not just about competitions. After every major competition skaters do a little informal performance (called an Exhibition) at a Gala and that’s the time for everyone to just kick back, relax, and just have fun. The next video is one of Yuzuru’s most beautiful exhibitions. Plus some cute moments with his training mate Javier Fernandez in front. <3 (The same Javier also once called Yuzuru his “skating esposa” which is, of course, Spanish for “skating wife”. WTF, Javi.) 

For a guy who won the (Winter) Olympics at 19 you’d think Yuzuru would be generally satisfied with what he’s achieved in life, but this is Yuzuru Hanyu we’re talking about. UPPING THE DIFFICULTY OF STUFF is his way of life. So, for some time Yuzuru was struggling a bit with his triple lutz, the same jump he fell on in Phantom of the Opera. So of course he decides to take it out and substitute it with a friggin’ quadruple salchow. A quad is much harder than a triple because you have to make ONE MORE ROTATION IN THE AIR. Most people make their program easier if they’re having trouble with it, but it’s Yuzuru Hanyu. Easier is unacceptable.

He ended up casually smashing the world record (set by none other than Yuzuru Hanyu of the past).

Then, he smashed it again.  

For some context, only 2 people have ever gotten over 100 points in the short program (Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez). The 100-point club is a very exclusive club reserved for only the skating esposos and esposas of this world.

This is Yuzuru Hanyu we’re talking about, so he simply has to up the difficulty for his free program as well. (All skaters have to do 2 programs, one long (free) and one short.) Yuzuru’s weak point is his stamina, so by the second half of the free program he usually looks like a dying fish, but after his Phantom of the Opera program he decided to make a new program with INCREASED DIFFICULTY and MORE JUMPS IN THE SECOND !DYINGFISH HALF. 

He then smashes the world record for the free program, breaking the 200-point barrier for the very first time in the entire history of figure skating

He smashed the record again at the Grand Prix Final (after this competition). Welcome to Planet Hanyu… Population: 1, himself! (As the Italian Eurosport commentators would put it.) Can you even believe this guy? 

In my next post, follow me as I go back in time to bring you the tale of younger Yuzuru Hanyu. Tiny, wee Yuzuru wasn’t quite yet the OP MOFO he is now, but he certainly showed the beginnings of what was to come.

Boyfriend / Girlfriend Tag - Thomas Sangster Imagine

Brief Introduction: You are a famous YouTuber who is dating the well-known actor, Thomas Brodie-Sangster. You had recently been getting a lot of requests to make a”Boyfriend Tag” video with Thomas, and although you were hesitant with the idea at first, you decided it could be really fun if you made it interesting and entertaining.

“Hey guys!” You smiled to the camera, opening up the video with your regular introduction. “Today, I am joined by my lovely, wonderful, all of the above, boyfriend, Thomas,” you gestured over to him as he smiled and waved to the camera. “Hello,” he smiled.

“Okay, so, a lot of people were requesting that we do a Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag, and while that sounds fun as it is, we wanted to make it super fun for you guys!” You smiled. “So, I’ve picked out a ton of makeup from the cheap store, and Thomas is going to put it on me, clearly not knowing what any of it is.” You explained, laughing in the process.

"We have the bag of makeup he-oops,” Thomas chuckled as he clumsily dropped the bag “We have the makeup here, and I am going to begin,” He explained, zipping open the bag.

“I have no clue what any of this does,” He muttered to himself, earning a laugh from you.

“Okay, let’s start with this,” He pulled out a tube of lipstick, instantly, you wanted to shake your head and scream, foundation goes first!

“Oh wait, no, I’ve seen you put this on a lot, let’s start with this,” He opened up the tube, to your surprise, it was foundation.

“How do I? Shit,” He said as the foundation spilt in his hands, making it all the more hard for you not to erupt in laughter.

“Okay, we’ll just use this then,” he chuckled, picking the foundation up with his fingertips and rubbing it straight onto your face, making you giggle.

He laughed too, realising what he did was totally wrong, but he didn’t mind, you couldn’t change it now. As he continued to apply the foundation oh-so-heavily to your face, you took a glance in the mirror, feeling horrified by the pale, monstrous creature looking back at you.

“Thomas!” You screamed.

“What?” He asked, a clearly amused smile playing across his face.

“Ugh-nothing,” You sighed, still completely amused by his lack of expertise.

“And.. Done!” He announced, clapping his hands in the process, which only caused excess foundation to splat everywhere.

“I am dating a full-time, professional, dork,” You laughed.

“You love me,” he winked, reaching into the makeup bag and grabbing another item.

“Oh!” He exclaimed, “This is.. Lipstick!” It was concealer.

You were about to protest when you remembered that in this challenge, you weren’t aloud to say anything.

You watched as Thomas intently concentrated on putting the concealer on your lips.

“This isn’t right,” he muttered. Really? “Your lips are too pale, this looks silly,” He scratched his head, clearly confused by the situation.

“Oh well,” he shrugged, placing the item back in the bag and pulling out another.

Around fifteen more minutes passed, and you were looking more monstrous than you could ever imagine. Thomas had quickly realised that it wasn’t lipstick he put on your lips to begin with when he pulled out the actual lipstick tube.

But he hadn’t been fair with the amount he put on, because you looked borderline clown-like.

As for the eyeliner, Thomas had decided that it would be “nice” if you had a bit of wing, which eventually resulted in these weird, uneven swirls.

Finally, you were concluding your video, finishing with your usual outro.

“Thank you guys for watching, and thank you, to my lovely boyfriend Thomas, for my beautiful makeup.” You laughed, grabbing his face and putting a big, hard kiss on his cheek, leaving a very vibrant red colour.

“My pleasure,” he replied, quickly trying to rub the lipstick off with his hand.

“I will see you guys in the next video, bye!” But quickly before you could end, Thomas looked at the camera lens and then covered it up, placing a sweet kiss to your lips.

I Love You, Dummy

|I was gonna call this “The Fluff Chronicles” but dreams die fast, don’t they loolll HHEEYY SO TO HELP YOU RECOVER FROM THE LAST FIC, YOU CAN COUNT ON TWO FICS WITH SEB/BUCKY (MIGHT BE 3 BUT WE’LL SEE)!!|
Sebastian Stan x Reader
//you’ve been dating for quite a while. that’s right, guuuurl, kudos to you.//
tags! @hey-whatarethey-blind @1-800-joshuadun

   Sebastian couldn’t quite describe what he was feeling.



   He couldn’t settle on a label, but all he knows is that you hurt him.

   No one has ever hurt him this bad.

   Is this even legal??

   “How could you, (y/n)? How could you do this to me? To us??” he said with his hands clutching his chest as he slid his back down the doorway of the kitchen. “How could you hurt me so bad?”

   “Do what?” you asked, incredibly confused with your brows knitted.

   “You’ve soiled our garden of love. You’ve broken my heart,” he said in a hurt tone, his eyes still closed (to add drama, of course).

   As amusing as this was, you were still concerned with why he was doing this. So you stood there, leaned against the kitchen counter, waiting for him to execute his revelation. You had gotten used to this by now, considering you do it sometimes too. A reason why you’re both so compatible is you’re both incredibly dramatic.

   “You have betrayed me, my fair maiden,” he said theatrically before opening his eyes as you snorted. “You really don’t know what you did?” he asked, amused, which is kinda stupid considering you are the one who is rightfully amused. He got up from the floor, walked over to you and wrapped you in his arms.

   You both haven’t seen each other in quite a while, with all the hype that went on about Civil War, today was his first day back with you. What has always been an unspoken thing you are both grateful for is the way you’re able to bounce back like this. You haven’t seen each other in more than just a handful of months, and yet nothing changes.

   “No, obviously not,” you rolled your eyes, blushing after he kissed you. “Unless of course you found out that I’ve been secretly hiding bodies in our basement,” you deadpanned.

   You both broke into laughter in a few seconds, and he flicked your forehead, “You’re so fucking weird,” he laughed.

   And another reason as to why you’re both so compatible, is you’re able to fully accept how strange the other is. Be it whatever. You learn new things about each other every second your together, and you both accept every single thing. It’s a wonderful thing, really. To have someone who accepts every crook and cranny, every chink and dent, every scar and wound, when everyone else does otherwise.

   “I’m sorry, I don’t remember being the one who came home after nearly 5 months of being away shooting a movie, and threw a dramatic non-existent fit,” you tilted your head with your eyebrows raised, looking at his expression of defeat through your eyelashes. “So what is the fuckin’ problem, Sebs?

   “You ate the last few ice cream sandwiches,” he said sheepishly, realizing how stupid it was.

   “Oh my fucking God,” you giggled and rolled your eyes as you wrapped your arms around your unnecessarily theatrical lover’s neck. “You are such a fucking Drama Queen,” you threw your head back in laughter as he smiled at you in adoration.

   He loves seeing you smile and laugh, especially after being away from you for so long. It warms his heart to see you still in love with him.

   “You know I love ice cream,” you raised your eyebrow at him.

   “But you know I love ice cream!” he exclaimed leaning close to your face as you laughed even more.

   “You’re so ridiculous,” you shook your head at him, unable to wipe the grin off your face.

   “Ridiculously in love with you,” he whispered as he kissed your nose.

   You blushed profusely, causing you to push his face to the side out of embarrassment. He chuckled and licked your palm. “Aww, sick, Sebs! The fuck?? You’re such a fucking twat,” you laughed loudly at the expression he was making. It could be described as either Sebastian mocking a spoiled kid who didn’t get what he wanted, or him on laxatives. Either one works, really.

   “But I’m your twat,” he smirked seductively, but his smirk slowly faltered. “That didn’t come out quite right,” he grimaced and shook his head at himself as you laughed hysterically, whilst hugging him tighter to yourself.

   “I love you,” you smiled as the warm feeling in your heart doesn’t flicker, and you’d never want it to, really. He squeezed you in his arms and laid his head atop yours, smiling as well.

   “I love you,” he said and kissed the top of your head, both of you staying in place for a few minutes.

   “Now about you eating the last of those ice cream sandwiches,” he held your shoulders and urged you to make eye contact with him. You wiggled and tried your best to escape his clutch, but you failed miserably, resulting to you collapsing on the floor and Sebastian cradling your hips as he tickled you with zero mercy. None. Nada. He did not spare you whatsoever.

   “Hon- honey, c’mon no- now! That’s en- enough, we can go out for ice cream right now!” you squealed out, making him ponder your bargain. He didn’t let you go, however. He locked your wrists with his right hand and rested his chin on his left one, his torso rested on your thighs.

   “I dunno, (y/n), making you struggle under my clutch sounds a lot better right now,” he pretended to stroke a non-existent beard, while your cheeks went beat red because of your mind being completely disposed in the gutters. Luckily, he was too busy being theatrical to notice, “But ice cream sounds good too, c’mon let’s go,” he grinned as he stood up and pulled you up with him.

   After you locked your apartment’s front door, you locked arms with Sebastian and a                                                                                                                                                                        s you both walked over to his car he leaned into your ear and whispered, “And yes, I did see your mind jump straight for the gutters,” with a smirk.

   You blushed and pushed his head as he laughed loudly. You started to walk away from him so naturally he chased after you, which was a big mistake because you hadn’t even gotten far away yet. So the picture is Sebastian Stan hurling at you resulting in both of you on the ground. Again.

   “You are such a fucking idiot,” he said with giggles, and you flicked his forehead as you giggled as well.

   “I know I’m an idiot, but it’s not my idiocy at fault right now,” you said exasperatedly, pointing a finger at him  as he let out a big laugh and rested his whole body weight on you, making you yelp. “What the fuck, Stan??”

   It was great, everything was great. Though your mind may be subconsciously counting down to the moment this all goes away, it’s okay, because the present happiness makes up for everything. All the anxiety, all the insecurities, all the loneliness you felt while he was away, all the tears, every single thing. It’s all made up for in an instant. It all dissipates the second you see each other again. It’s funny, really, to think you were just crying last night about missing him, but the moment you heard his voice that was immediately forgotten. It’s crazy, well, love is crazy.

     Just like everything else, the fact that his body weight is directly on you and the fact that you’re both on your cemented driveway quickly disappeared as he looks at you. As much as you love to roll your eyes at cliché things, you have to admit you really couldn’t tell how much time passed by as you both just laid there. No movement, no words could value equally to this. Just this is perfect.

   “Hey,” he whispered, never breaking eye contact.

   “Yeah,” you whispered back, and he smiled as you played with his hair.

   “I love you, you know that?” he rolled off of you while bringing you to your side to face him as you returned his sweet smile with a warm, blushing one. He interlocked your right hand with his left, and you closed your eyes as he tucked away stray hairs covering your face.

   “I do,” you nodded slightly, feeling every negative emotion fade away with his words.

   “I love you,” you spoke after a while, finally finding your voice, making him blush this time. Your smile grew wider as you noticed it, holding his cheek with your hand and ran your thumb over the growing pink. He leaned into your hand and kissed it with closed, tired eyes, as you continued to smile and he did too.

   “You still up for ice cream?” you asked softly as he opened his eyes with a wide grin.

   “Yeah,” he nodded excitedly as he got up, and helped you up after.

   “Of course you are,” you rolled your eyes and laughed as you followed him to his car’s passenger side, while he was already inside.

   After he started up the car he immediately reached out and intertwined your fingers together, smiling at you from the driver’s seat. You smiled, unable to really stop, staring down at your hands as he drove.

   “Thank you,” you said quietly, keeping your eyes on your hands as he looked at you confusedly. “Thank you for loving me,” you said as you tilted your head to look up at him as he kept his eyes on the road, only looking to you briefly to let out a chuckle.

   “I should be tell you that,” he smiled, as both your cheeks grew warm.

   “I love you, dummy,” you said at the same time, making you both burst into laughter.

   You never really knew what you were looking for, hoping for in the past, but now that you’ve found it, you know it for sure. You were hoping for love, and you found it. In a charming, Romanian, Sebastian Stan, who happens to be an actor, and a full time dork.


Alright, this is really fluffy, and I hope it makes up for the previous angsty one, but if not, there are two more coming up, probably some time today or tomorrow, who knows~
Anyway, thank you guys ssooo much, all your sweetness really helps me out, you guys are incredible. I hope you loved this, and have a great day! Week! Year! Life!
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