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Hey!!! I need help getting money to get this table at lbcc so I thought I’d open for commissions!!
My best work is physical so that’s what you’ll be getting
Full body/headshot/waist up/
Lineart: $10 /$6/$8
Flat color: $12/$8/$10
Full detail: $15/$11/$13
(Adding a character is $5 more)
(Physical copy can be sent to you for $4)
I am comfortable drawing everything except straight up nude po/rn (pedofilia, incest also) but I’m kinda desperate so kinks n fetishes are a-ok

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This Is Important

Guys I’m gonna take a risk here. Please just take a moment. This is important.

As an artist, trying to be an artist for a living, this year has really scared me. 

This time last year I had 500 followers. I am now 50 shy of 5000.

This time last year I was making 20 dollars a month.

Right now I make 32.

This is absolutely devastating. On average when I post commissions I will get 1000 hits on the post, and I’ll be lucky if I get a single commission.

Of all the people supporting me on Patreon, only one of you is actually from here on tumblr.

One in 5000.

To put things into perspective, if everyone one of you pledged a dollar a month I’d make over three times what I make at the day job I work that is slowly destroying me as a person. I could quit and become a full time artist tomorrow.

I’m devastated. I donate between 40 and 80 dollars a month to artists on Patreon, I literally make no profit after all the tabs run. Nothing.

I draw 40+ hours a week on average. A full time job.

Realizing my art and time are worthless is absolutely devastating because I want this to be my JOB. My full time position. My dream. Instead I make just enough money to make ends meet and I struggle along haplessly watching as no progress is made at all. 

I’m so happy to have to all in my life, so please, PLEASE remember that artists on this site are often disregarded and devalued. Please don’t support this mindset that if you can’t get it from one person for free, there are others who will give it to you at zero charge. Please think of all of us who are trying to bring you this content that you get to view for free at the expense of our own pockets. 

The cost of supplies. Sketchbooks, ink, computers, tablets, it all comes out of our own pockets. 

At the end of this year I had made -1500 dollars.  Deficit cost. 

This is why so many artists my age vanish. We realize that we are chasing faeries, and at least flipping burgers pays the bills and feeds the mouths in our lives.

Please consider this and remember that art isn’t ever free. Someone has to pay for it, and most of the time it’s the one drawing.

i love dangan ronpa and imagining an AU without despair where everyone hangs out and looks fashionable 

I’m sorry to all those who followed me for fantasy stuff and are being bombarded with wrestler fanart; there will be more of my normal stuff in the future but I’ve been dying to paint wrestlers for so long. My daily studies are giving me both the excuse to do it and the constraint of finishing it in 1 or 2 sittings, and they make me happy. I am not a full time wrestle artist now, promise. That’s not to say I’m stopping any time soon.

I started this last night during the Elimination Chamber preshow because I had faith in the GLOW QUEEN and guess what, Naomi is the new Smackdown women’s champ and all is good with the world. (Though if I’d waited until after her win I would have had better ref than low res Smackdown screencaps and it would have been a less frustrating painting with a better result, OH WELL.)


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @rakkuguy @rakkuman !!!!!
Omg I’m really late but now that I got my new pens I wanted to whip this up in honor of our favorite part-time dork full-time amazing artist~ holy crap I look up to you dude, stay awesome @ w @

Earning A Living Plush Making Full Time - A "Short" Overview.

Okay, so I got an ask about plush making as a full time job. But Tumblr messed up midway through me answering it. Plush making as a full time job is A) Time consuming B) Expensive, and C) 100% harder than it sounds.

I’m going to be using my love ness monster as an example. I’ve talked a bit about the cost of plush making before, but the cost of turning it into a business is even higher. Please pardon any math errors. I’m doing a lot of rounding and generalizing, but I hope the general idea still gets across.

Let’s assume you’re starting with nothing in terms of equipment and you want to build a plush making business. You’re going to start by making a love ness monster. 

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anonymous asked:

What would you say was the worst art in Sonic Archie comic history?

By my memory, it was an artist that only ever went under the name “Many Hands.”

Many Hands’ artwork only ever made a couple of appearances in the comic, never using their real name. And it was clear they were not a “full time” artist on the book. As I recall, Many Hands would vanish for years at a time, only to mysteriously resurface again.

The thing to keep in mind about Many Hands’ work is that it seemed to change dramatically from appearance to appearance, suggesting that, true to the name “Many Hands,” it wasn’t just one person behind the pen. Above, we have a scan from Sonic #113 in 2002. Here’s Sonic Super Special #15, from 2000:

Still obviously amateur hour on the artwork, but also clearly a very different artist.

Rumors were passed around as to the true identity of Many Hands. Some theorized that the “Many Hands” moniker was employed when Archie literally had no other real artists available to draw for the book – meaning they had to turn to editorial staff to fill in on art duties, who may not have even had a formal background in producing artwork (specifically, I remember hearing some claim issue #113 was drawn by current EIC Freddy Gabrie).

As the Archie Sonic Wiki points out, neither of the two “Many Hands” issues have ever been republished – with a particularly odd wrinkle in this being that Sonic Super Special #15 did actually resurface for Free Comic Book Day… with the script completely re-written and all of the artwork re-drawn! It’s the exact same story, just told in a completely different way. Check it out, here’s (roughly) the same page I posted above:

Somehow they felt the story was important enough to axe the original work done by Ken Penders and Many Hands and recreate the entire issue for Free Comic Book Day in 2011. It’s super weird!

my semirealistic sketch of the best magical girl of all time! Sakura Kinomoto….
She is one of the reasons I decided to become a full time artist.