full tilts


Janis Joplin  -  Try (just a little bit harder)  

Brad Campbell 

Blowing smoke

•Sirius with his lips around a cigarette.

•Sirius leaning forward to breath out the smoke into Remus’ mouth whilst he’s half way through berating James for something

•Remus would cough. Becomes sirouse always mangoes to do it when he’s breathed in . Then forget what he was saying.

* one day Remus was on a full tilt rant.
Remus: you’ve got to stop hexing snape.

James: why he was annoying me

Remus: hexing him will make it worse. You need to learn to ignore him . Then he’ll stop picking fights. It’s an easy solution. Ignore him and he’ll stop.

James: oh so next month we will just ignore the full moon see how well that works .

Remus : oh haha that’s not funny. And talking about moons. Stop stealing my m&ms you know I get cravings . I need them .

* Sirius could see the downward spiral of this conversation so he lent in to do his normal smoke destruction
* a he went in s little too close.

* they kissed both as shocked as the other but not braking apart.
* After a moment they jump apart going cherry red.

James: well about time! There was enough sexual tension in hear to kill a hipogriff.

* both boys went even darker and made some excuse to get out of this embarrassing situation.