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Kneel Before Me (Part 2-final) (Loki/Avengers x reader)

Part 1

“Agent Coulson is down.”

You were sitting on the floor next to him when the light left his eyes, your hand over his when it dropped away lifelessly.  Reaching up slowly, you touched the side of his neck, waiting…waiting…waiting to feel something, but there was no pulse there, no heart beat that would give you or Fury any hope.  “Nick…”

“Medical team is on it’s way to your location.”

“They’re here.  They called it,” Fury replied in a solemn tone. He looked at you, watching you wipe Coulson’s blood from your hands and onto your uniform, feeling completely helpless. “So now what, agent (Y/L/N)?  I’m open to ideas.”

You took a deep breath, clearing your mind of the anger and hatred that filled you in this moment, having watched as Loki cut your friend down.  Remembering the audacity of him trying to lure you away with him, and the look in his eyes when he was rejected.  The only reason that you were still alive was because he believed that he cared for you.  Right now, you couldn’t believe that Loki was capable of anything more than evil.

“Director, this was never going to work if they didn’t have something…” you paused, searching your mind for the answer, “if they didn’t have something to bring them together. Something that made the fight worth it enough to be a team.”  You glanced down as the medics lifted your friend from the floor and onto the gurney to take him away, suddenly seeing the answer clearly in front of you.  

“I think we might have it now.”


This had to work.  If the team had any chance of stopping Loki or this army that he had ready, you needed to get the Avengers to work together. “Alright, Phil, help me out,” you mumbled to yourself as you opened his locker, pulling the small pile of Captain America trading cards out and into your pocket.  You closed the door gently, leaning forward to rest your forehead against it, taking a moment alone to say goodbye to your friend and mentor.  


Your spine stiffened at the sound of Loki’s voice behind you, and your blood ran cold.  When you turned to face him he was nothing more than a hologram, faltering in its image slightly as the distance between you grew greater.  “What would you know of sentiment?  You tried to trick me into thinking that you cared about me somehow,” you snapped, “which I never really believed anyway.  You were going to use me against my own team.  You know nothing of feelings, of sentiment, of love.  You’re nothing, Loki.”

The image of him stomped towards you with an angry expression, making you step back reflexively, even though he wasn’t real.  “I am not nothing, (Y/N).  You shall see that soon enough.  When this is done, you will see that by my side is where you belong.  You will see.”  Loki’s image was now directly in front of you, so close that your bodies would be touching if he were real.  “And I do care for you, darling.  Very much. From the very first moment, I knew. I think that you did as well.” His false hand reached up to touch your cheek, but it passed through you; in that moment you swore that you felt it, and against your better judgment, all you wanted was more.


Nick had given quite the speech about the team, using the cards you had retrieved from Phil’s locker as the dramatic point maker that you hoped it would be, but you didn’t know if it had worked.  You followed Tony to the holding area, standing silently as you watched him stare at where the cage had been, wondering what could be playing out in that genius mind of his.

“Mr. Stark,”

“Call me Tony.”

“Tony,” you agreed silently, “he was just doing his job.”

“He was an idiot.”

You smiled slightly, not really finding a valid point to argue that with.  “I’m starting to feel like we all are.  How the hell are we supposed to do this?  The team is scattered, if it’s even a team…”  Your voice faded as Steve entered the room, crossing his arms and leaning against the bulkhead, watching the two of you from across the room.

“(Y/N), I need to know what’s going on between you and Loki.”

“You and Loki?” Tony asked in total surprise, turning to you with wide eyes.  “What the hell does that mean?”

“It doesn’t mean anything,” you replied, holding your hands up in surrender, “he seems to think he has feelings for me, if he’s even capable.  I think his play is to get inside my head to help him keep this team apart.”

“Is it working?” Steve’s tone became deeper as he moved towards you, glancing up at Tony as he approached.  He stood close, backing you up into the wall with his proximity and his towering height over you.  “I need to know where your loyalties are, (Y/N).”

Tony responded, putting his hand on the Captain’s chest and pushing him back slightly, “hey, maybe lay off the kid, huh?  If her loyalties were with Loki, why would she be standing here trying to help?  I think we’ve lost enough people in one day; we don’t need to start pushing more out.”  Tony looked at you with anticipation, wanting you to back him up.

“Believe me, Captain, I’m on your side.  Loki means to start a war, and we are nowhere near ready.  He made this personal when he took out Coulson.”  You pulled yourself away from the wall, ducking under Steve’s arm, pacing back and forth as you voiced your inner monologue.  “He hit us all right where we live, why?”

“To tear us apart,” Steve offered.

“Yeah, divide and conquer is great, but he has to take us out to win,” Tony agreed.  “He wants to beat us; he wants to be seen doing it.”

You continued to pace past the two men, trying to find any clue that would lead you to Loki, anything that would get you to him so you could try to convince him to stop.  If he really cared about you like he claimed, then you might be the only hope of avoiding an all-out war.  “Loki’s a full-tilt diva, right?  He wants flowers, he wants parades, he wants a monument built to the skies with his name plastered…” your voice faded as your gaze shifted to Tony, both of you immediately understanding.

“Son of a bitch.”


“This is why we strap in, Cap,” you groaned, your stomach flipping and feeling full of knots as Clint tried to land the jet as safely as possible, still barely maintaining control. Steve had grabbed onto a roll bar on its roof, struggling to keep his grip as his body swayed with each movement of the plane.  “I swear if you fall and land on me, I’m throwing up on you, Steve.”


You did your best to keep your mind off of the building nausea waves with each motion as Clint finally brought the jet to the ground.  Throwing off your harness you rushed behind Steve from the back of the jet and stood marveling at the war zone around you.  At the limits of your vision you could see Thor and Loki atop Stark tower, fighting for control.  “We need to get back up there!” you shouted above the commotion.  

“Hey sweetheart, let’s not keep your boyfriend waiting!”  Tony swooped down and grabbed you around the waist, hurrying to get you to the roof of his building.  He lowered himself just enough to release you safely, moving quickly to avoid a blast from Loki’s scepter and returning to the battle below.

“What are you doing here?” Loki asked angrily, reaching down to grab you and pull you to stand between him and Thor.  “You are not meant to be here, (Y/N).”

“Then release her, Loki,” Thor commanded.  “Release her now and put an end to this.”

You could feel a low growl and a laughter in Loki’s chest as he held you to him, beginning to back away towards the tower’s ledge.  “Loki, please, you don’t want to do this.  You need to stop it.”

“No, it’s too late,” Loki sneered, pulling the two of you over the edge and onto a Chitauri speeder passing by.  “Hold on tightly, my love.  I should not wish to drop you now that I finally have you.”

“I won’t be yours as long as this continues, Loki.”  

“Do you not see, (Y/N)? This is now for you as much as it is for me.  We will rule together, as I have said all along.”  His attention quickly shifted to his left, his eyes focused on something in the distance that you couldn’t see.  “Such valiant effort, but so wasted,” he mumbled, reaching out to grab Hawkeyes arrow from the sky just before it connected.

You heard the small beep from the arrowhead and clutched around Loki’s waist tighter, knowing what was about to happen.  Seconds later you felt pain throughout your body as you landed on the roof of the tower, rolling to a stop when you hit the wall.  Natasha landed right behind you, positioning herself between you and the Asgardian.

“Come on, we need to shut this down!”

“You are all of you beneath me!” You pulled from Nat’s grasp at the sound of Loki, rushing towards him to see the Hulk holding him back from getting to you.  “I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by-“

You winced watching him be thrashed by Hulk, seeing the ground smash beneath him with each hit. Once it stopped and the Hulk left him, you rushed to his side to both keep him in control and to check on him. “I told you, there was no way to win,” you said quietly, your eyes deliberately kept up from him, watching Natasha as she closed the portal once and for all.  “We never would have worked out, Loki.  You don’t listen to me.”

“You were chosen for me centuries ago, my love.  Do not give up on me so quickly.”

Your eyes widened as you finally looked at him, seeing a mischievous grin cross his lips.  Before you could ask him to elaborate, Steve’s hands were around your arms, pulling you up and into the group, separating you for the last time.


You wanted to know what Loki had meant, but the answer wouldn’t be coming today, not that he would have been likely to tell you anyway.  He seemed to take a great deal of pleasure in leaving you with the questions that now consumed you.  Watching as Thor led him away in shackles and muzzled, it felt as if you would never have your answers.

“I can return, if you should need me to, (Y/N),” Thor said quietly, glancing back to his brother.  “If I learn anything, I will contact you.”

You nodded wordlessly, your eyes still on Loki.  You watched as his fingers wrapped around the casing that held the Tesseract, the thing that brought him to Earth in the first place, but now you wondered if there was more to it; if he had come for you as well.  Looking around the circle to each member of the team, you stopped to hold your gaze with him for just a moment before turning your back to him, holding your breath as you heard him disappear, not knowing if you would ever see him again.

“Hey, you okay, kid?”

“Never better, Mr. Stark,” you replied with your best convincing voice, grabbing your gear to head to your car.  Your phone buzzed in your pocket so you stopped briefly, reading the message quickly and trying to hold in your excitement as he watched you.

T.A.H.T.I. is underway.  I need you there.

“Good news?”

“Yeah,” you sighed, “and it’s about damn time.”

Part 3

led-lite  asked:

With your AU loki costume designs I can't help but wonder if at first he's resistant/hesitant to adopt Sigyn's fashions for him(?) and then just somewhere along the line goes 'full tilt diva'? (Eg. That "well I AM tbh" ask response) And yes I know I'm nudging you for story hints again!

Oh he hates everything and anything at first. He’s got nothing but the messed up underclothes of his armor when he first gets to Vanaheim, and the first real royal wardrobe he’s given is what the royal court deems “proper” consort dress- which Loki hates with a passion it’s meant to humiliate him a bit anyway so he’s justified, honestly

So Loki fucks with his clothes until they look more Asgardian-like. When it comes to Sigyn’s attention that he’s dissatisfied she lets him dress as he wants. It’s more or less Loki’s own love of fancy stuff that has him getting into lots of silks and furs, and Sigyn likes spoiling him with jewelry lol

There’s phases in his wardrobe, the more comfortable he feels with Sigyn and in his new position, the more Vanir fashion influences his own.

I’m a few days late, but this whole tumult over @knightinironarmor‘s post finally drove home why so much Tony critique falls flat to me: it’s almost all seated in ableism/mentalism and is therefore invalid right out the gate.

Some notes before I get started:

1. I’m going to stick to responding to the posts that Nat herself responded to; if I branched out from there, I’d be here all night, I don’t doubt.

2. I’m also going to stick to the MCU, because that’s the context of the original post. All the gate-keepy “been reading comics for x years and I therefore know more than you” nonsense has not only already been addressed but is irrelevant in a discussion about MCU Tony.

3. I’m not a psychologist or LSW or otherwise formally educated in psychological analysis. I do, however, have both generalized depression and anxiety and therefore have firsthand experience with unhealthy thought patterns and how those can manifest, as well as how neurotypical/mentally healthy people can interpret and react to those manifestations in ways that aren’t necessarily constructive or well-informed.

4. I admittedly have not read the post in full, but Nat herself addressed quite a bit of this in her own response to some of this commentary, especially the nature of altruism. I swear I’m gonna read the whole thing soon, and I highly recommend that y’all do, too~

So – the TL;DR version is that Fandom needs to work on not conflating mental illness with character flaws. For more of my thoughts and observations on the subject, read on.

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So, after like 3 months of hectic-ness I finally got around to fixing my ‘Home is…’ collection.

I fixed my sleep induced spelling issue that an awesome and lovely tumblr user pointed out and I think they turned out nice and I adjusted a few other things, particularly on the Hogwarts one.

The sale is still going on btw! On both my RB and on Tazer’s! Tazer’s RB

(Who btw hasn’t been eating on his break at work because he doesn’t have the money to buy anything, guys help him his commissions are open!)

Anyway, here are the links to the shirts you see above.


Baker Street



Also, I’m going to make another post with the Special Black Edition 'Home is…’ collection shirts and pillows and etc. on it, I just didn’t want to clutter this post.


Also, if you have any suggestions or comments on my RB items, please feel free to send me a message.

I think I’m going to edit or make a new Loki: Full Tilt Diva Design soon, so be on the look out.

Deleted lines from The Avengers script #484
  • Loki: There’s not many people who can sneak up on me.
  • Natasha: But you figured I’d come...?
  • Loki: After... After whatever tortures Fury can concoct, you would appear as a friend. As a balm...! And I would cooperate.
  • Natasha: What did Fury do to you? I don't see a scratch on you.
  • Loki: First, he presented me with a cup of tea with the milk poured last instead of first; then, he permitted me a cup of champagne gold flake ice cream, but it was too cold; and then he subjected me to...
  • Loki:
  • Loki: *(shudders)*
  • Loki: ...An excruciatingly slow WiFi connection.
  • Natasha: *(gasps)*
why frostiron?

A Battle Of Wills

I wasn’t really into slash until one day I realized that Tony and Loki make perfect sense. The full-tilt divas couldn’t be happier than when they’re up against a worthy opponent. I watch Tony teasing Justin Hammer and just imagine him thinking “This is too damn easy. He falls for every little thing.” He had to build Jarvis to have someone quick enough to spar with him verbally.

As for Loki, he wasn’t even interested in fighting Thor one-on-one until his brother’d gotten some sense beaten into him and Thor came back with that hammer, officially “worthy.” But after that, he goads Thor into fighting him with a vengeance. He’s been searching the universe for someone who is his match, such that neither can make the other kneel.

They balance each other quite perfectly. Vast brains and not a slouch in combat, but all their best physical weapons are based in intelligence too.


They’re both great appreciators of the game that on Asgard would be called flyting, and on Earth verbal sparring, or simply snark. There is nothing better in setting up tension in a FrostIron fic than a nice bout of mutual witty insults. They might not talk to each other for long in the Avengers, but they’re smart enough that they learn a ton about each other during that exchange.


They’re both masters at hiding the pain that their lives have inflicted on them, the inadequacy that they feel every day. They’ve never met anyone who would really be able to understand all that they carry with them.

There’s often a tension there, in fics, as each tries to pull out the other’s story first, because it’s hard for them to trust each other until they can see how similar they are if you dig down to that core of pain and self-doubt.

It’s often said that Tony could see a lot of this in Loki when they had their chat in the movie, that he recognized the scramble for power as a) a cry for attention and b) a means to another end, rather than an actual desire to rule. He recognized that, being a man at the head of an empire for the simple reasons that he wanted to make his father proud, and he wanted enough money that he could play with his toys all day. The company itself interests him very little.

Genius Level ‘That Kid'itis

The other thing that they’re always looking for is simply someone who is anywhere near as intelligent as they are. It’s hard to develop a meaningful relationship with someone who can’t follow your thoughts on, say, interdimensional energy phenomena or what have you. I think it’s safe to say that growing up, neither of them really had best friends the way other kids did.

It’s often fun to follow up on the trail of hints provided that connect the time Howard Stark spent with the Tesseract with his ability to conceive of a supernaturally efficient power source of his own. This allows us a beginning point for common ground between Tony’s science and Loki’s magic (already established with a comment by Thor as being related).

After that it’s only a short jump to “Finally somebody gets it!”

Push and Pull

What it comes down to is that they interact in such similar ways with the world around them, when they meet, something dramatic is bound to happen. Either they’re pushing each other off the edge of their mutually questionable sanity, or they are pulling each other back from the brink. There are so many viable scenarios.

And it’s oh so entertaining to watch it happen. They are the cleverest, most interesting characters in their universe.

FrostIron Fics Where Tony Stark is Aesir

Because I love fics where Tony is Aesir. This will not include golden apple fics (there may be some exceptions however). This will be updated whenever I find new fics *crosses fingers*. Some of these are also Role Reversal AU (YASS), but I think there was another post flying around with those fics. Anyways, Aesir Tony, my on-going mission. BAM. WIPs are indicated with **. Oh right, they’re all FROSTIRON btw.

Last updated: July 13/2014

New fics are indicated in bold.

Personal Favourites indicated with ♥♥

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Choices Must Be Made (Part 3/?) (Thor/Loki x reader)

Part 2

Thor searched everywhere. You had told him that you would be monitoring Bruce and Tony, but when he went to find you just before all hell broke loose, neither of them had seen you since the meeting on the bridge. When he had exhausted every room on every level of the helicarrier, trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, he went where he had known you would be, though he didn’t want to believe it.  He went to Loki’s cell and prepared himself for the inevitable fight.

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ok but what about a Pitch Perfect Stucky AU


Bucky Barnes reluctantly attending college while he actually wants to DJ, can’t turn down little floppy-haired acappella singer Steve Rogers asking him to join his group that’s stuck with oldies

the group is called The Avengers and it’s totally pretentious but Tony the Full-Tilt Diva leader chose it and he won’t change it 

Bucky brings the beat and they all slowly fall into it

Steve and Bucky fall for each other though

Daniel James Hiddleston - Part 1: “Why Does Mommy Look Different?”

A/N: My first mini chapter fic for Hiddleswift. Covers Taylor’s second pregnancy with Daniel.

Three year old Juliet Hiddleston was really confused. Her mommy didn’t look the same anymore. Her tummy was starting to get rounder and the little girl just thought that her mommy was eating too many cookies and candy. She was playing with her daddy in her bedroom. Tea party was her favorite pretend game she loved playing. Her grandma Diana made the best tea when they visited her in London.

“Daddy?” she asks.

“Yes ladybug,” Tom answers putting down the tea cup.

“Why does mommy’s tummy look different?”

“Why don’t we ask mommy that question,” he said with a smile picking her up and walking into the living room where Taylor was watching Friends, Meredith and Olivia were somewhere.

“Sweetheart Jules has a question for you.” He told his wife as they both sat on the couch next to Taylor.

“Mommy why does your tummy look different?” she asks again.

“Well there’s a baby in there.” Taylor told their daughter who still looks confused.

“A baby? Like my baby dolls?”

“Well yes and no.” Taylor said as she took Juliet from her husband’s arms. “Inside my tummy is your baby brother. Daddy and I wanted to have another baby and now were going to have another one. Isn’t this exciting?”

“Yeah,” Juliet said resting her head on her mother’s shoulder.

Taylor looks at Tom who just smiles looking at his daughter with his wife. They were a little nervous about telling Juliet that there was a new baby coming. It had just been the three of them for so long and well he had heard the stories from his mother that when he and Sarah were younger they tried to trade Emma for a dog and he totally forgot that happened. He hoped that his daughter wouldn’t do the same to her little brother.

“How does the baby come out?” Juliet asks.

“Let’s have daddy explain that to you.” Taylor said looking at Tom with a smirk.

Tom has to think of something to say to his three year old. He playfully glares at his wife which made Taylor giggle.

“Well Jules when it’s time for your brother to be born, mommy and I will go to the hospital and then in a couple hours the baby is born.”

“A couple?” Taylor asks her husband.

She had been in labor with Juliet for fourteen hours and she thankfully had gotten an epidural after ten of those hours. She also knew that they didn’t make small babies. Juliet had been 7 pounds when she was born and she had a feeling that their son would be the same way.

“So after the baby is born I will pick you up and then you’ll get to meet your brother.”

“When will he be born?”

“Hopefully in three and a half more months.” Taylor told their daughter.

“That’s a long time.”

“Yes it is.” Tom said and took Juliet back and she cuddled into his arms. “You turn four in three weeks. So the rest of those three months will be spent getting the home in London ready. Are you going to help us with the baby, ladybug?”


He kissed his daughter’s cheek and looked at Taylor with a happy smile.

That night they sat in bed, both wearing their reading glasses as he read a new book that Emma had recommended to him. Taylor was looking at her planner which had everything organized. She had to start organizing Juliet’s fourth birthday party, the menu and decorations.

“So what should we do for Jules’s party?” she asks her husband.

“Well how about you let me handle everything except for the food. I want you to let me and your family be the lead organizers while you sit and look adorably pregnant.”

“Ok but I don’t want you to be overwhelmed. You know how crazy it can get when we have a group of kids in the house. Last years was a beautifully chaotic circus with a bouncy castle how are we going to top that?” she asks putting her hand on her stomach.

“That my dear is going to be a surprise.”

“Just don’t spoil her too much. We’ve been lucky to have a daughter who isn’t a spoiled brat I don’t want that to happen especially with the new baby coming.”

“We’ll be fine. Juliet is a pretty normal three year old. She isn’t a full tilt diva.”

“So not like Loki in the Avengers?” she asks him playfully.

They had let Juliet watch the Avengers when she turned three and well she was a little scared of Loki but Tom reassured her that he wasn’t going to be mean to the superheroes anymore.

“No,” he told her with a chuckle before kissing her lips.