full throtle

ıllıllı ŚÄÏŸÄŅŚ ŅËVËŖ ĐÏË ıllıllı

((And from the ashes of my hiatus I rise like a phoenix whom has once lost all faith, whatever that’s supposed to look like!

Gosh, guys, I’m REAL sorry for leaving. I thought back then, “It’s my blog and my hobby, I won’t make any fuss if I want to stop. I’ll just stop and I won’t care.” HOO BOY. YEAH I still think of roleplaying that way, and that I wn’t make any fusses over leaving/hiatuses and such but I will NEVER leave without a word again.

Yeah, I managed to forget my anxiety of leaving all my mutuals behind and the possibility that my besties would be gone when I came back, but godamn its 1 in the morning and I’m emotional and can’t take it anymore. I’m coming back, full throtle. Prout, Lushin, and Chiaotzu are all back online.

The only mutual I know for sure hasn’t changed urls is @halfbredson. Hilda bb if ur still there hmu. Any other Ol Pal™ like or reblog this pls.

As for updates, all my current threads are void and I’m gonna soft some of the followers I gained while I wasn’t here. I’m… Not entirely sure where to start from there.

I really don’t wanna have to look for new mutuals because idk how the dbz rp community changed. I just know that it was good while I was here last time.))

confide--nemini  asked:

When Trevor gets WASTED he goes to the grocery store to get snacks and in the check out line he starts blabbering on about how proud he is of his son to some elderly woman and actually gets out a pic of Frank from his wallet.

some tiny old lady’s eyeballs bulging out because this obvious drug addict is showing him a picture of his ‘son’ which is franklin’s lifeinvader profile picture he printed out on printer quality paper on the webpage itself because trevor doesn’t know how to computer and it has so many folds and tears in it (b/c he does this often with little old ladies and also sometimes just opens it up randomly to look at going “ah yes our son” (wade oversees this and sheds a single tear why is he not the son))

i work with a straight up full throttle scene kid which i didnt think was still a thing so let me just get the word out that AlexisSTILLonfire and they really are Forever the sickest kids