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Earlier today I was thinking about who I would like to run for president if we don’t burn down that system before the next voting opportunity.

🙌🏽🙌🏽✨💕I chose FullTen 💕✨🙌🏾🙌🏾

First off she knows education is important, she doesn’t sweep women’s issues under the rug, she’s young so it’s not likely she’ll die of old age in office, also she’s not a rich old white guy that knows nothing about the average citizens worries, needs, and wants (also she cares very deeply about the have-nots and the abused)

She’s an out spoken self made business woman, believes in equal pay, equal rights, and is no nonsense and no bs.

She has no tolerance or pity for sex offenders, abusers, perpetrators of hate crimes, or oppression in general.

She’s a great candidate in my opinion, and if I had the time I’d type out every single reason why this wonderful lady should be president.


like seriously go look at her tumblr @fullten so you can see for yourself why she’s a great candidate

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My wireless usb stick is being a bit of a asshat tonight.
So I drew Ed playing with a cute little Dachshund pup named Hazel~<3 (I forget her colouring, just know she is a brindle pup :D) Ed also has a hot water bottle under his automail arm.


Some of my favourite bits so far of this