full tatt

moving ahead into reworking snakes & ladders i’ve made the executive decision to uh

do this

i’m sure no one is surprised lol. the full tatt suit was a visual element i kept thru every incarnation of this character i’ve had over the years but, at this point the only ones that are crucial to the character are the sun tatts on her shoulders

and i dont want to find myself subconsciously editing my protag out of this comic because i hate drawing her tattoos

also now you can see her abs better, win-win

anonymous asked:

omg I just found you and let me just say that your japanese tattoo is PERFECTION, scratch that, everything you do is perfection?? I was wondering if you were planning on making more full japanese body tatts? Have a blessed day <3

Sure I can make some more just for you, Anony. Since you’re so nice. ;0;

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