full suit needed


After saw those cool references and last beautifull @keiid’s drawing I had to draw my dear wears suit :3 

I tried my new sort of style (and this time looks quite similar Mashima’s one, I’m lil pround ^^) also with coloring, the colors look strange bc the phone destroyed them :,)  btw hope it’s ok ^^

ok but i need a photoset of all of Terry’s shirt n tie combinations from B99

i made some caps as i binged the show, but i’m actually considering downloading the entire show just to take caps of his suits

i mean look at this, just a few examples

good lord

and sometimes other dudes look fly too like

im truly jealous tbh look at these Men™

Okay, I’m thinking maybe Supergirl cosplay for the next RTXL 

that or Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon 2 (i love my girl but her outfit for the first movie is bleh)  I’d totally go for camicazi from the books if I thought anyone would recognise

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snippet of sehun during she’s so dangerous
cr. iridescent boy