full store

i sit while ruminating
in my head
is the realization
that love is simply a bag
of stolen groceries: 

two softly bruised apples
a bag of salted nuts
a bundle of sage
one orange recently picked
a bottle of cleaning detergent
a pack of garbage bags
a large knife
one perfect apple, 

and a mouth full
of stolen store samples.


Yuri!!! on Ice Animate Café ❄❄❄



I tabled at my first con and it was awesome!!! @itskleine was a great table partner and we had the best helpers!! The best part was meeting wonderful, talented people!! *__* I was able to receive……beautiful…..things….and I’m so /happy/ I want to be buried AAAAH

It was a great and worthwhile experience and I’d love to do it again some day!! I AM IN LOVE W EVERYTHING I HAVE JFC!!! Thanks to @huegor@cirquecarte@radiocga , @redteapanda, @honeydrop-haze, @yuumei-art, @fuwaffy, @ririfm, and @spicytunaa!!! ((Whoever…gave me the cute devil!mob charm…pls…who are you…u dashed away 2 quick)) 


> Everybody
> The connection isn’t good, so it got disconnected~ㅠ..ㅠ
> We will go and perform well~~~
> *J-Hope smiley sticker*
> smile~.~
> Later
> I will come back later and chat again~.~
> Love you~.~
> Jiminnie is seriously picking out his outfit
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> Jiminnie is so sexy~~~
> I will go show off my handsome face and come back
> I will come back later😂
> Hm
> *Jimin sends his own laughing sticker*
> What is this? (hoseok)
> *Jimin sends another sticker*
> lol~ *Jimin sticker*
> bye *J-Hope sticker*

trans: jhope-shi


bells on low, on high
will you ring for augustine tonight?

♪ kh editors’ challenge! - day # 9: a graphic that has any of the kh symbols on it

No. 1 Thing I Loved about the Apple Store Q&A (Dec. 11, 2014): Wordless communication. (video)

ETA: Alternate caption: Eyebrow conversations.

This concludes my list of Top 5 Things I Loved about the Apple Store Q&A. Hope y’all enjoyed this one-year anniversary walk down memory lane! :’)

“Well I’m evil, so don’t you mess around with me~”

Started out as a Bog King expression practise and turned into something completely different… <.< Sorry for sketchy stuff again. If I ever finish the FULL drawing of this I am so getting a ticket straight to hell… O///o

a passport is just a page
an entry ticket to someplace unique,
where there are no boundaries
and a whole world just for me.
a plane can cost just ten dollars
if you know the right places to look;
you’d be surprised how many airline employees
work in stores full of assorted books.
so many adventures and lands i’ve roamed
kept away in an old black shelf;
maybe if i read enough words,
i’ll make a world for someone else.

ebay makes it so easy to make bad financial decisions

like there are stores full of dirt track racing and stock car takeoffs that are cheap and perfectly good

stop me from buying nascar parts for my non running car please help

“Somebody That I Used to Know” was playing in ROSS, and I’m not ashamed to say that practically the whole store full of shoppers, myself included, was quietly jamming out to it. When did I become someone who gets excited about that song? When did everyone? How many years does it take before a song becomes ‘nostalgic?’

I bought it on clearance at Anthropologie. Because God knows you can’t buy anything full price at that store. Heck, most of the time I can’t even afford the clearance. @germainekitty

Also, thank you everyone! This outfit makes me feel happy today. I needed a little extra happy.

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