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Yousana drabble/one-shot

Yousef was excited to go to the stupid karaoke event.

He really was, really.

Seeing Sana again after they hung out on Friday? Being able to talk to her freely without being afraid of Elias possibly being hostile about it? Not feeling insecure about not being a Muslim?

He was excited.

So imagine his shock when he walked in and all he saw was Even singing while Sana was grinning and cheering him on.

His blood was boiling.

He told her everything about him - okay, maybe not everything, but he told her the basics. She knew the reason he stopped believing in Allah was because of him. She sought out Even, probably asked him to come so that they could make up or whatever. And possibly get him to believe in Allah again.

Hell no.

She was trying to change him and no matter how sweet her smile was or how bright her eyes were or how adorable she was whenever she got excited about something as insignificant as cockroaches, she couldn’t.

She can’t change his beliefs.

So he ignored her.

After seeing Elias arguing with Even’s friends, he had the idea that things would not be going well so he immediately had to seek Sana out to help her brother. He didn’t want to speak to her but he couldn’t just let Elias lash out.

Right after she left to help him, her friend Noora started speaking to him.

“Bad day?” she smiled knowingly, observing his annoyed expression.

He nodded. “Yeah.”

“Ah, Sana. She’s the most loyal sibling I’ve ever met,” Noora commented.

He shrugged. “Elias and Sana might annoy the fuck out of each other but if you hurt one of them, you hurt the other.” That was actually a direct quote from Elias when he warned him before inviting him to the stupid SYNG event.

“She’s usually loyal,” Noora sighs. “Especially as a Muslim, I just can’t help but admire how dedicated she is. With all this Russ stuff, she still manages to practice her religion without a struggle.”

Yousef shrugged. If he heard one more word about Sana, he was going to scream. All he wanted to do was to forget the girl with the cute dimples and kickass basketball skills.

“I remember once we went to this party last year and there was this Penetrator guy hitting on her and she rejected him in such an embarrassing way that he couldn’t even talk to us anymore,” Noora recalls with a laugh.

Yousef couldn’t help but crack a smile. The same girl who could barely meet his eyes had no trouble telling off some random stranger.

She had no trouble trying to change him either.

“It’s actually pretty cool that she’s loyal to the whole rule about only marrying Muslims. There’s a lot of non-Muslim guys who have shown interest in her but she’d brush them off without a problem.”

That caught his attention. “What?”

“Yeah, she told me that Muslims could only marry other Muslims. She was pretty strict about it.”

Yousef clenched his jaw.

Why even bother with her anymore if she was going to end up marrying some random Muslim guy?

The thought of it made his heart clench. He didn’t want to picture her with anyone.

“Actually it was because I was interested in you,” Noora laughed, catching Yousef by surprise. “She told me that I’d be better off without though.”

His eyes hardened. “Did she, now?”

Noora tilted her head. “Yup. She said something about Muslim guys like you only using Norwegian girls until they want to get serious about a Muslim girl or something like that.”

He wanted to laugh. He’s been losing sleep and smiling for hours thinking about a girl who thought he was that low and disrespectful.

He wanted to stop loving her.

He wanted to forget her.

He wanted to never think about her again.

Yousef found himself smiling a sinister smile. “Well, I’m actually not Muslim.”

Noora widened her eyes and coughed. “What?”

“I don’t believe in Allah,” Yousef shrugged.

Noora grinned. “So I guess you’re not concerned with only marrying Muslim girls?”

He forced a smirk. “No.”

“In that case…” Noora leaned forward and touched his chest with her small hand. Her eyes drifted towards his lips and he knew exactly what she was thinking.

He slowly moved towards her and lowered his eyelids.

All he could see was Sana smiling as he handed her flowers. Sana laughing as she sneakily stole the ball from him. Sana’s terrible carrot peeling skills. Sana’s rant about the universe with her eyes wide and excited and bubbly like a cute, curious little girl’s. Sana’s challenging stare whenever someone questioned her abilities.

He needed to stop thinking about her. He needed to stop thinking about the girl he’d never have.

Without a further thought, he threw Sana’s beautiful face out of his mind as he leaned forward and met Noora’s lips with his own.

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Ah here's another one from me, I hope you dont mind-- there's a custom in Japan where when a male senior graduates from high school, they can choose to give the second button of their school jacket to a junior if they so wish or if they're asked. So with that, how would Haruka, Makoto, Rin and Sousuke give their button to their crush?

(Oh my gosh, I had to look up a little more about this tradition, and it is so freaking cute!)

Haruka: Their lunch period was the first chance that he had to track them down. He knew that they typically ate in their classroom with their friends, and while that made this slightly more embarrassing, it wasn’t enough to stop him. He’d already removed his second button and had it firmly in one hand as he stood in their classroom’s doorway looking for them. When he finally found them sitting at a small grouping of desks with three other people, he strode forward before he had the chance to think of a reason not to do this. The group of friends fell quiet as he approached them and came to a stop beside his crush’s seat. Without a word, he placed the button next to their bento on the desk’s surface and watched them for some sort of response. They seemed surprised at first, looking between him and the small token, but after a few seconds a light blush bloomed across their cheeks causing their friend’s to laugh. He was still waiting to see if they would accept the symbol of his affection, and when their hand slowly reached out to pick up the bit of plastic, he couldn’t help the small smile that worked its way onto his face. This, of course, only caused his crush’s face to go from pink to red as their friends cooed and teased once more.

Makoto: He’d managed to make it through the day without anyone asking him for his button. Nagisa had told him that it was a miracle since there was apparently a group of about three or four girls that had been looking for him. But even though no one had requested it, he hadn’t seen the one person that he actually wanted to ask for it. The day ended without him seeing them once, and he could feel his heart fall a little. He sighed as he made his way towards the club room where the team planned to have a small end-of-the-year party. He’d even waited around the shoe lockers a little longer than usual hoping to catch them. Honestly, he knew that he was moping, but he couldn’t help it. This would likely be his last chance to let them know that he liked them! He was just starting up the walkway that lead to the pool when he looked up and, lo and behold, there was his crush sitting on the steps that lead up to the pool; one leg bouncing, fingers tapping, and just generally looking nervous. They finally noticed him as he got a little closer, and they immediately stood up while brushing off their clothes. Meeting him halfway, they took a breath before starting a small ramble on how they’d been looking for him with little luck and how they really, really had something that they wanted to ask him. Even thought he thought that it was adorable, he thought it was best to put both of their nerves at ease. With a little fiddling, he was finally able to remove his button before holding it out to them. “This is what you wanted to ask for, right?” Their nervous words stopped at his question before they nodded. Reaching for their hand, he placed the button in their palm and watched their fingers close around it. He was still holding their hand, each of them smiling at the other, when a whistle came from the direction of the pool. There was the rest of the team with Nagisa and Gou cheering for him. Cheeks stained red, he was about to apologize to this crush for the embarrassment, but when he heard them laugh instead, he found it infectious and joined them. 

Rin: After receiving several requests for his button, he finally just had to take the thing off and put it in his pocket. He hated having to turn people down when they looked so hopeful, but he already had someone that he wanted to give it to. He just had to find them. It took a little searching, but when he finally saw them, he waved to flag them down. They smiled when they saw him, and it made his heart skip a beat. But it didn’t go unnoticed by him when they glanced down at his uniform and their smile faltered. They jokingly asked if someone had already gotten his button, and he blushed as he reached into his pocket and ran his thumb over the smooth disk. “Not exactly, well, not yet,” he told them before holding out his hand and presenting the button to them. “People wouldn’t quit asking, but I already knew who I wanted to give it to.”

Sousuke: He never really got this tradition in the first place. The second button was supposed to be the one closest to the heart, right? What about on uniforms that used blazers? Then it’s not anywhere near the heart. He really hadn’t planned on participating. That is, he hadn’t until he saw his crush get buttons from more than a few other guys. Each time they’d gotten a button, he watched their reaction. They had politely accepted the button without saying anything about returning the boy’s affection, and once the guy left they just looked very awkward about what to do with a button that didn’t seem to mean much to them. Part of him wanted to offer up his own button, but he didn’t want to be just another guy who got the brush-off. He flip-flopped between doing it and not for most of the day as he watched them quietly and weighed possibility of acceptance against the risk of rejection. Though he was pushed closer and closer towards doing it as another couple of guys offered up their buttons. Not that he was jealous or anything. No, not at all. He was just about to start removing the button from his jacket when he heard someone call his name. Looking up, he saw his crush approaching him with a nervous smile. “I was wondering,” they began. “Well, if you haven’t given it to anyone yet, I wanted to ask if I could have your button?” Inwardly, a little voice was very smugly telling him that they hadn’t wanted anyone else’s button because they’d actually wanted his. Outwardly, however, he easily popped the threads holding the button to his jacket before handing it over with a smile that he hoped didn’t seem too eager. Though his button wasn’t free. He did manage to work out a trade; a button for a date.


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Tiny, innocent Gaara from Episode 76, the cutest most adorable baby of the whole series hands down, full stop, end of story, no questions asked

If that sweet little face came to my door with some medicine I would scoop him up into my arms and he would be mine ❤️

Thank you now my heart is failing

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It's not "gatekeeping" and if it is its not a bad thing. You can't let someone who isn't trans call themselves trans. That's like saying a 100% white person can call themselves black. Or a die hard Christian can call themselves Jewish. They literally lack the criteria to be included in a group. There's nothing fun or quirky abt being trans, cis people who call themselves "trans people without dysphoria" are making a mockery of actual trans people like me. It's okay to be cis it's okay to not be.

self harm mention, suicide mention

Phoenix says:

I’ll let you in on a secret here. THIS BLOG BELIEVES YOU DON’T NEED DYSPHORIA TO BE TRANS. So you can waste your time all you want but you’re not going to convince us otherwise.

What are you hoping to get out of this? To convince us you need dysphoria to be trans? To push a 14 year old who’s always felt better being perceived as male to suicide? To make a 16 year old who is questioning their identity debate self harm? Because asks like these serve no purpose other than to hurt people and I sincerely hope that’s not your opinion.

You don’t need dysphoria to be trans. End of story, full stop. Now stop harassing other trans people because their experiences are different than yours.

Also, the criteria for identifying as transgender is simply identifying, at least partially, as a gender other than the sex you were assigned at birth. No dysphoria needed.

Jay says:

oh. my god, i’m literally. phoenix has chill. i do not.

y’know who’s not trans? cis people. y’know what trans people who are nondysphoric AREN’T? cis.

how would you feel if this blog kept getting messages about how you weren’t trans, just beacuse of something you dont feel. something you havent experienced. having a checklist to be trans is fucked up, mate.

having a checklist for transness is what lead to the “true transsexual” concept. that you had to get bottom surgery, you had to be on HRT, you had to want to pass, you had to want to be cis, you had to want to be straight was even included in some cases. and that is DISGUSTING.

no matter what I think of you, no matter how much I think you need to take a long hard look at yourself and your literally transphobic mindset, and how much i think you shouldn’t be messaging this blog at all, i’m not going to say you arent trans. because i have respect for the fact that you’ve identified yourself to me as such, it is not my place to police your identity, or claim you are not who you say you are. you do not have the right to do that to anyone.

If anyone’s making a mockery of trans people it’s you buddy. This community is supposed to be open, welcoming, and safe for people who are not cis. You’re making it the difference between a chilled out youth club and a fucking private elitist pay-10k-to-gain-membership club.

here is the questionnaire for if you are trans

do you identify as a gender other than your assigned one? if yes, you’re trans. did i mention dysphoria? no, i fucking didnt

would you look at this? the definition of transgender

Transgender people are people who experience a mismatch between their gender identity or genderexpression, and their assigned sex

oh, and what about transsexual?

Transsexual people experience a gender identity that is inconsistent with, or not culturally associatedwith, their assigned sex, and desire to permanently transition to the gender with which they identify,usually seeking medical assistance (including hormone replacement therapy and other sexreassignment therapies) to help them align their body with their identified sex or gender.

woah, would you look at that? you dont need dysphoria, by definition, to be fucking trans!

and guess what? it is gatekeeping. it is a bad thing. it’s one thing to say “drag queens aren’t part of the trans community” - that’s TRUE. if a drag queen identifies as a cisgender person, they are not trans. but saying a literal, in the flesh trans person, is not trans, is purely VILE.

Like, you use religion there as comparison. Some people are born into a religion - they’ve always been part of that religion. Some people convert. Both are valid members of that religion. No one tries to kick out people who convert to a goddamn religion, they’re ACCEPTED. WITH OPEN ARMS. LIKE YOU SHOULD ACCEPT OTHER TRANS PEOPLE, NON-DYSPHORIC PEOPLE INCLUDED.

y’all coming into this askbox, invalidating the identities of other trans people, your fuckin brothers and sisters and siblings, are no better than cis people who’ve done the same to you. if you’ve ever been told you aren’t trans enough, or that you cant be trans, or it’s just a phase, or any dismissal of your identity, you should know better than to do the same to someone else. i’m sickened that people like you are in this community and spreading hate for some of the most vulnerable people here.

I’m ashamed to share a community with you. Goodbye, don’t come back, unless it’s waving a white damn flag

A Theory About the Theories About Souls

So there are two general ways of looking at the soul in the Buffyverse. One of them, which I’ll call the Standard Theory, is that the soul is the real person and the whole real person, full stop, end of story. The other is that the soul is only a piece of a person; a very important part, but only a part. It’s the equivalent of a conscience, and either allows or enhances the ability to feel emotions like guilt, empathy, and altruism. A person’s physical memories and feelings and experiences, on the other hand, are what make them an individual, make them them.

The Standard Theory is put forth by Giles in the first season, and is referenced again, directly or indirectly, a number of times in later season of BtVS and AtS. The Alternate Theory is only put forth once, by the emissary of the Powers which visits Connor in AtS Season 4, trying to stop him from committing murder. It appears to Connor in the form of his mother Darla, who was soulless when she committed suicide to give birth to him. It is not clear what the nature of this being was, but when Connor asks if it is his mother, it replies that it has her memories and feelings, and is that not what makes a person what they are?

The Standard Theory is exceptionally useful for the situation that the show’s writers created it for: providing a reason why it was totally OK for Buffy to be in love with Angel, despite the fact that he was a mass murderer. If the soul is the real person, then nothing that Angelus does is Angel’s fault. Angel may remember it and feel guilty about it, but he did not commit those acts, and he cannot be held responsible for them. The same applies, of course, to any other vampire, much to the annoyance of Bangel fans.

However, there is an issue with the Standard Theory which the writers who originally conceived it could not possibly have anticipated. It’s not a worldbuilding problem, but a storytelling problem, and that problem’s name is Spike. Spike did not start out as one of the heroes, as Angel did. He started out as a villain, and as a soulless vampire, gradually changed his ways, and eventually sought and won his soul back.

You see the problem here, of course. If the soul is the real person, and the whole real person, then Spike’s story is not the story of a bad man who fought and succeeded in becoming a better person. It’s the story of a bad man who committed suicide and was replaced by another man who was already good. If soulled Spike cannot be held responsible for the bad unsoulled Spike did, he cannot get credit for the good unsouled Spike did, either.

There’s nothing wrong with this on a worldbuilding level. But it makes absolute hash of Spike’s character arc. It’s one of the things that annoys me about the current storyline in the comics. On the show, the Standard Theory got blurred in the direction of the Alternate Theory over the years, and in S7 of BtVS and S5 of AtS, Spike always behaves as if he is the same person as the one who fought to get his soul back. That’s why he can tell Angel in Destiny that they are nothing alike; that he is the one who fought for his soul. He may not want to be soulless again, but he can acknowledge the things he did while soulless that weren’t evil, and even be proud of them. Nor does he ever suggest that he didn’t love Buffy while soulless.

Whereas in the comics, in order to remind the readers that it’s totally OK for Buffy to (like? love? lust? Some four letter word beginning with an L, anyway) Spike, even though he tried to rape her before he got a soul, the writers have shifted the emphasis back in the direction of soulled Spike being a completely different person than soulless Spike (who didn’t really love her after all). S10 Spike does not want to see any continuity between him and his former self, who in his eyes was capable of nothing good. He urges Buffy to kill him immediately should he ever lose his soul, and why not? It won’t really be him she’s killing.

I realize that they are still maintaining a degree of fuzziness here, and yes, you can interpret all this as metaphorical. (And I’ll cling to that interpretation as long as I reasonably can.) But it’s a much smaller degree of fuzziness than the show ended up with. It’s no wonder Spike can’t come up with any differences between himself and Angel any longer. Under the Standard Theory, there aren’t any.

i don’t care what you say my favorite band floats with little stars on the background, they wear ridiculously amazing and colorful one man bands costumes, they get their fifth member to dress as a koala, they film a video with fans and they put everyone’s names in the end and they encourage people to follow their dreams your argument is invalid.