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the fish tail bottom and the mountain goat head seems like a message from the ancients pointing to the full spectrum of experience and potential in capricorn, the ability to exhaust all human potential, wade through the oceans and climb the top of the tallest mountains, true and ultimate mastery

We all have every sign and every planet in our natal charts… even if a sign is intercepted and contains no planets it is still there, as fine detailing or a dormant aspect of your personality waiting activation by transit or progression. When you make judgements about the signs you are not only judging certain people but also fundamental aspects of yourself. To say “I hate Aries” is to say that you hate the independent, pioneering, explorative aspect of yourself. To condemn these traits in others is to imprison and oppress a fundamental facet of your identity. What we deny in our own consciousness we meet “out there” in the world. If you claim to hate all Aries people, you are most likely fated to encounter them and other manifestations of Aries energy until you forgive and accept the Aries in you and allow it some room for expression.

Twelve signs encircle the Earth and everything on the planet falls under their rulership. You cannot deny these fundamental archetypes. Together they encompass the full spectrum of experience, the twelve ways the universe unfolds itself. It is not helpful to judge or condemn the signs in yourself or others. To do so is to cut yourself off from an essential area of life, to judge from one limited perspective that a certain manner of expression is unnecessary or detrimental to your development. You can’t section off parts of the birth chart without considerable psychological damage. Do you hate the sign Aries, or has one Aries hurt you in the past? Is Virgo the most annoying sign, or do you frequently find yourself arguing with Virgoan/Mercurial people? The value judgements we make about the signs as they manifest in human personalities tells us a lot about how well we handle these traits in ourselves. Usually a strong negative reaction to others of a particular sign indicates the underdeveloped, unconscious workings of this sign in ourselves. Before you make sweeping statements like “all Geminis are bitches” or “I hate how dogmatic Aquarians are”, consider why you feel like this, what aspect of yourself is this feeling coming from, and is there any likeness between yourself and the sign you supposedly hate? To call all Geminis bitches is pretty bitchy, to condemn all Aquarians based on one interpretation of Aquarian expression is fanatical and dogmatic… you see what I mean? You contain all the signs whether you turn your gaze from them or not, and those you turn away from won’t disappear, only fester in the darkness of your subconscious and emerge in sneaking external ways to show you how angry and hurt it is that you won’t accept it… You are the lord of your own inner universe. To cast out one of your subjects from your internal kingdom is to doom yourself to fight this expression outside yourself until you let it back in! You are a universe within a universe. Make peace with the many characters and expressions inside you, and you will find dealing with external expressions of the signs much easier and more rewarding.

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Literally tho. How do people consider Clarke good rep when she's the suffering bi and will end up with a man probably.

The answer to the first part of your question lies in understanding what “good rep” means. 

Good representation does not mean wish fulfillment. Or, not in a story like The 100. I mean, good representation might mean that we get to star in our own fairy tales with happily ever afters, sure. But we don’t want that to be our only story. The default people in this culture get to have all sorts of varieties of stories to represent them. Fairy tales AND apocalyptic tales of suffering.

Yes. Bisexuals deserve to have their happily ever after fairy tales, too, in which they find their true love, of either sex, and ride off into the sunset.  But there are other stories being told out there that we deserve to be a part of, and The 100 is decidedly not a happily ever after story. There are reasons to get the stories that are NOT about happily ever after. 

We watch post apocalyptic shows for a reason, and it isn’t to get fluffy romances. It isn’t for the happily ever after. It’s for the struggle. If you don’t like to see characters suffer, don’t watch this show. It’s not a problem with representation, it’s a problem with you not liking the genre.

Good representation does not mean that nothing bad happens to the character. It doesn’t mean that the character is always right. It doesn’t mean that the character is always the good guy. Or always gets the girl/boy. Or always wins against the evil. Or never has to struggle. 

Good representation means we get to see ourselves in the full spectrum of human stories, experience, and life. We get to be the hero and the villain. The strong and the weak. The noble and the dishonorable. And everything in between. Good representation is not stock, cardboard characters, which if you want no suffering, you’re going to get. Find me a bisexual anywhere who doesn’t experience suffering. We can all relate to suffering because we are all human, and humans all suffer. 

Suffering and obstacles are how you get character development. Personality flaws are how we get multi-faceted characters. Heroes become heroes because they suffer and fail and struggle and win. Any hero who doesn’t struggle is much harder to relate to, especially in our current culture. We aren’t really looking for supermen anymore. We’re looking for real people, with real problems. I personally don’t want to see a character who never has anything to fight against. I want to see someone like me, imperfect, who fails, and hurts and keeps getting up every day, even when they feel like giving up.

I can’t agree with this idea that good representation equals only happiness and an easy path. I can’t relate to that. Who is it representing? Who never suffers? If there’s no struggle, there’s no story. Giving us boring always-good always-happy characters as representation is a cop out. That’s just side kicks and comic relief and limited storytelling. Have you thought about what kind of story you’re asking for? Have you thought about what kind of character you are saying is acceptable to you? It seems like variations on fluff. Nothing of substance allowed.

And as for the concept that a bisexual woman ending up with a man being bad representation, have you thought about how you are making bisexual women who end up with men feel? You are saying, basically, they are bad bisexuals, or they don’t count. That because they love a man, they are actually straight. That hetero women are enough of a representation for them. You are saying that those women are invalid bisexuals, and only women who end up with other women can be considered good representation. 

Don’t do that. Don’t discount all those women and invalidate their lives, experiences, identities, histories, desires, and preferences. Bisexual representation is not the same as lesbian representation. And it’s not the same as straight representation. It shares some similarities, but it is not the same. I’m not discounting the validity of wlw relationships, I am asking you not to discount the validity of bisexuals who are NOT in wlw relationships. There is room for representation of both. We should fight for both.

Clarke Griffin as bisexual representation opens up the discussion of sexuality for a great many people who experience attraction to both sexes, and this conversation doesn’t end when she is with a man. In fact, perhaps it reaches out to many bisexual women who have not understood their own bisexuality, or felt like they were not valid as bisexuals because they loved men. Clarke’s representation says they count, too.

A bisexual woman is bisexual, whether she is primarily attracted to women, equally attracted to women and men, or primarily attracted to men. Or non binary, or trans, or whoever she’s attracted to. That’s up to her. And no matter who she ends up with. She is bisexual whether she is celibate or sexually active or poly. Whether she is just hooking up or in a committed relationship. Whether she has never been in a sexual relationship, is all about the unrequited crushes, fixates on fictional characters and fantasy or is tired of these young shenanigans and retiring from romance with her rocking chair and 16 cats. Whether she is a queer activist or never tells you about her sexuality at all. 

It is not up to you to define for other people whether they are a good enough bisexual or not. Their sexuality is their own, and if you could perhaps not tell them who they allowed to be, that would be nice. I speak for myself, for my sister, and for my best friend, as well as any number of women I have known and respected, and others I have never met. 


So the idea right now is that Emma’s heart can’t be taken by anyone because she has the heart of true love right ?

okay so…

Regina lost her first love ( true love ?) because Cora ripped his heart out cuz love is weakness…( Cora’s words )

Cora could not rip Emma’s heart out, cuz love is strength ( Emma’s words )

My headcanon will forever be:

Emma’s heart is protected by the literal gods because she was always destined to be Regina’s “replacement” True Love / Savior.

 Literally everything that happened after Regina lost Daniel was meant to lead her to Emma and Henry. (Not going after hood, not killing Snow etc., the curse) The Gods were like:

There was a time
I used to look into my father’s eyes.
In a happy home
I was a king, I had a golden throne.
Those days are gone,
Now the memory’s on the wall.
I hear the songs
From the places where I was born.

Upon a hill across a blue lake,
That’s where I had my first heartbreak.
I still remember how it all changed.

My father said,

“Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child.
See heaven’s got a plan for you.
Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now.”

Everything in their lives is connected, they are literal twin fucking flames !!!


It is said that Twin Flames, also called Twin Souls, are literally the other half of our soul. Each of the Twins is a ‘complete’ soul in and of itself; in as much as we can describe a part of the whole as being distinctly ‘complete’.  But together both souls create something more.  

Some believe that we each have only one Twin, from which we chose to move apart and effectively go our separate ways, incarnating over many lifetimes, generating a full spectrum of human experience and moving ever closer to expressing more love in the journey to remembering who we truly are.  

It is said that there will be times, when the forces of Creation, driven by the impulse of Life to express every greater beauty and truth, conspire wonderfully to bring the Twins back together again.  Such a reunion holds the promise of something amazing emerging from the power and passion that represents the potential of the Twin relationship.  This reconnection of the One Soul, at a human level, involves the awareness, balance and integration of our masculine and feminine components, raising individual and joint consciousness.  It is also said that the Twins come back together in their last lifetime on the Planet, so that they can ascend together.

Some characteristics of the Reunion are shared by many; such as the initial meeting being wholly unexpected and unanticipated, and in many cases unwanted.  Both Twins may already be in solid committed relationships, many with family and fully established lives.  Both Twins will have evolved independently, to the point of being relatively happy in themselves, and quite sure of their purpose and mission.  Normally, this union tends to be between two relatively evolved souls.  However, when they meet, and recognise each other, a process begins that can challenge and disrupt their lives in ways that neither could have imagined.

Traditionally, when this happened in indigenous cultures, there was an understanding of the phenomenon; and the tribe, village or community would support both families in moving towards the potential - as it was believed to be something that would eventually benefit and elevate everyone.  However, in today’s society, there is oftentimes not this level of awareness and compassion, and the Twins movement towards their shared destiny is seen as fundamentally ‘bad’ and destructive.  

But it must be remembered that the ultimate reality of this relationship is to explore and express Love in a way that can inspire and guide others to do the same.  The experience invites and offers the Twins a profound opportunity to reach towards and make manifest a Love that knows no bounds or limits; a Love that can carry them and anyone who feels the energy, to a deeper sense of Self Love and desire to serve all of Life.  It involves the generation of a shared destiny that is far greater than either Twin could realise on their own.  

The most difficult part of the process can be the desire to integrate the relationship into pre-existing structures.  Many times this is just not possible.  One or both Twins may feel that it is all a bit too much, and collapse or retreat back into their previous lives.  Other times both Twins strive courageously, and with great faith and imagination, to build a life that honours the truth of who they are to their Twin, and their very real existing commitments to their families and communities.  Ultimately, this relationship is borne from Love, and it is elevated by Love.  And as with so much else in the human experience, the level of difficulty and pain experienced and expressed is a perfect reflection of the level of resistance (individual and collective) to what IS, or what is meant to be.

It must be understood, that despite how the relationship might appear to others, it is primarily one that involves spiritual service to the Great Unfolding.  This is the main reason for the Twins finding and reconnecting to each other, as the relationship generates a massive amount of creative energy, which is utilised not just for their own evolution but for the good of all.  The Universe is orchestrating this spiritual potential, and realising it through these unions.  It is a fast and very efficient remedy in the service to the rising expression of consciousness on the planet.

At a human level, where the fear, confusion and resistance tends to manifest, it is sometimes difficult to know if you have met your Twin, or if the intensity of attraction being experienced is actually due to some expression of karmic entanglement.  There are no litmus tests that can be carried out to distinguish the truth of this; it comes down to the depth of feeling and the attraction at a soul and spirit level.  This cannot be meaningfully shared or described to other people, and it remains a sacred secret that exists between the Twins themselves.

It is worth noting, that even if you are completely sure that you have met your Twin, there is absolutely no guarantee that one or both of you will be able to face or indeed survive the intensity of the relationship.  This intensity expresses primarily at a soul level, but will reach out and affect all other aspects of our being.  In such cases, the meeting may act as a catalyst for a conscious acceleration of spiritual development for one or both Twins, which may bring them closer to being able to be together at a practical level.  In essence, the ability to stay together and manifest a coherent and integral life together, including the loving elevation of the families involved, depends on the strength, soul level awareness and overall commitment and service to Love.

One primary element of the the Twin Flame relationship is that your Twin knows you better than any other person in the Universe, even if you have not had much or indeed any time together in ‘real’ life.  This Knowing transcends, experience, personality or habitual behavioural programming, and provides an impetus for change that is fast and furious.  Anything that needs healing is healed; anything that needs letting go of, is let go.  If it isn’t then the Twins know this and together they move towards its resolution, rapidly.

With many Twin Flame reunions, there may even not be a shared language, as they come from very different countries, cultures and backgrounds.  Yet there is a deep similarity, or resonance, that is unmistakable in its expression and presentation.  Each Twin will have their own connection to Spirit, but together it seems as if the communication is enhanced and optimised.  Twins will rapidly establish and utilise a telepathic connection that is very deep and often comic in its expression.  When you look at your Twin, hold them, kiss them, be with them, it is felt with the intense sensation that you have arrived HOME.  Time together is like being in an oasis in the middle of a desert, or seeing the Sun after a year in darkness.  All relationships up to the point of meeting served to prepare the Twins for this.

Twin Flame Love is not automatically expressed as romantic love, although there will be romantic moments.  It is not merely a strong, physical sexual attraction, but that is often a fundamental component.  Basically if you meet your Twin, you will begin to experience a massive internal shake up, a spiritual revolution, which initiates a greater understanding of yourself and the meaning of Divine Oneness.  It is an opportunity to experience and express unconditional Love.  This is the greatest gifts being offered by this relationship.

At a human level, the Twin Flame relationship is a forge of heart activity and continuous spiritual, emotional, mental and physical testing.  Both parties will simultaneously offer the other a chance to let go of old patterns and programs that limit love, and to move towards greater love in all aspects of their lives.  There will be little or no manipulation, as the other feels this intimately and shuts it down immediately.  Your Twin invites you to look into the crystal clear mirror of beauty and truth, to see yourself as you really are, and at the same time holds that vision for you, without condition, doubt or hesitation.  

This relationship is rarely ‘easy’, and will continue to confound and confuse, evoking fear and doubt, and will spread out like a virus (not automatically a bad thing…) infecting and affecting all others in the orbit of this Binary (Twin) Star system.  It will challenge everyone on every level.  It will push each Twin to integrate their masculine and feminine, and to move towards greater self love; the stepping stone to true unconditional Love.  This potential offers the possibility of a love that will endure beyond space and time.  There really is no choice.  It is the beautiful truth.  It is the Beauty and the Truth combined, expressing as Love.

In finishing, it can be said that the Twin Flame relationship can be seen as a bridge to greater understanding and integration of Love.  It brings both Twins and all in their light to a higher state of being and consciousness.  It gives them opportunity to serve something so much bigger than their previous sense, gifting and blessing them with a mission that will affect all life at a planetary level, and beyond.  The individuals within the pairing are not so important; it is the combination of their strengths and capacity to love that opens the doors to loving emergence for all.


and Snowing are twin flames, clearly

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what would an ideal gatekeeping process look like to you? you're vocal about hormones and surgery being too easy to access, but what kind of screening do you think there should be?

In a phrase: trauma informed care. Holistic well-being needs to be the priority, and if there are problems that could contribute to dysphoria (trauma history, internalized misogyny/lesbophobia, mental health issues, etc) then those should be explored to see if the person can live with fewer, less drastic, or perhaps even no modifications to their body. I don’t advocate “conversion therapy” for the dysphoric person to “accept their gender role”, as I’ve seen people say that radfems do. I advocate the full spectrum of human experience and personality type to be accepted without regard for sex. I can’t say that this will fix all cases of dysphoria or render transition irrelevant, and I don’t think that anyone can do more than give informed speculation until this model is actually implemented, but I think that it would help. 


Purple doesn’t exist. Sort of.

Why is there no purple (or ‘magenta’) in the rainbow? Isn’t the rainbow the full spectrum of colours? 

Our experience of colours is as much to do with the biology of our sight as physics. Your eyes don’t measure the wavelength of light. You have red, green and blue cone cells. Each set of cells detect the presence of red, green or blue light respectively, and let your brain know what colour has been detected. 

So how do you see yellow, for example? Yellow is close to red on the colour spectrum, so your red cones fire a bit, as do your green cones. Your brain gets messages from the red and green cones and guesses at what’s between the colours: yellow.

So what does your brain do if it detects red light (at one end of the spectrum), and blue light (at the other end), but no green (in the centre)? Green is in between those colours, but your brain knows you’re not seeing green as your green cone cells are silent, so it invents a colour. Magenta! So magenta doesn’t appear on a rainbow because it doesn’t have a wavelength like other colours.

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My name is Liz Jones and I am a pro-choice parent. I had my son two and a half years ago and an abortion last year. After dealing with a traumatic birth and the stigma of abortion, I became a doula to help other parents through their difficult transitions. I believe that everyone deserves love, support, and autonomy through the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences.

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I've read somewhere that capricorns have been perceived as a sign of a mixture of both earth and water elements, because of the half goat/fish symbol... what do you think of that?

i guess regardless of the mutlfaceted biological engineering present in capricorn it is on the axis of cancer, a water sign, so capricorn experiences ‘wholeness’ by soaking in its watery shadow. the fish tail bottom and the mountain goat head seems like a message from the ancients pointing to the full spectrum of experience and potential in capricorn, the ability to exhaust all human potential, wade through the oceans and climb the top of the tallest mountains, true and ultimate mastery. i hope this made sense!


Ralph and Bronson lost their dads in different ways, and they will bear that loss differently throughout their lives.

But like Moe and I, our little guys are connected in a way that can’t be explained.

“You’re doing a really good job,” Moe tells me, and it is exactly what I need to hear, because it’s exactly what she needs to hear (and she is doing a fucking awesome job btw).

“Hey, brother!” Bronson called after Ralphie, chasing him down to give him hug after hug. They ran through every feeling in one hour, as you can clearly see from the photos.

Yes, that’s because they are toddlers and we let them have ice cream for dessert. But it’s also because they sensed in the same way that Moe and I did that they share a human experience that most kids won’t ever have.

It’s love and loss that binds us together, that full spectrum of the human experience. It’s a language we’ve learned to speak before our peers, and we’re already fluent.

Training in Courage

‘Practitioners who train in courage become true warriors. The war we wage is not with enemies outside of ourselves but with the powerful forces of our own habitual tendencies and negative emotions. The greatest of these is fear. In order to become fearless, we need to experience fear. Facing fear changes our perspective and gives rise to the courage to face our neuroses as well as our enlightened qualities.

Fear and worry are understandable at times. It would be stupid not to be concerned for our personal well-being, and selfish not to be concerned for others. Feeling concerned is a natural part of human goodness. But when it prevents us from accepting our life, fear is crippling. We find ourselves saying no to the world; no to our karma; no, no, no to everything - which is a very painful way to live. When we spend our life wishing it were different, it’s like living someone else’s life. Or, we could say, it’s like living our life despite ourselves. meanwhile, the full spectrum of our life experience goes by unnoticed.

Someone asked me recently if I am afraid to die. Truthfully, I am more afraid of not living my life fully - of living a life dedicated to cherishing and protecting myself. This fear-driven approach to life is like covering your couch in plastic so it won’t get worn. It robs you of the ability to enjoy and appreciate your life.

It takes courage to accept life fully, to say yes to our life, yes to our karma, yes to our mind, emotions, and whatever else unfolds. This is the beginning of courage. Courage is the fundamental openness to face the hardest truths. It makes room for all the pain, joy, irony, and mystery that life provides…

With an open mind, fear can become your greatest ally - because facing fear means facing your life, and facing your life means living your life. You become courageous and victorious over the world of good and bad, right and wrong, comfort and pain. This notion means a great deal to me, as my birth name, Jigme Namgyel, means “Fearless Victory.” But I think it is good advice for everyone.’

- Dzigar Kongtrul, It’s Up to You, The Practice of Self-Reflection on the Buddhist Path.