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Tony Goldwyn - Ellen Degeneres Show January 19 2017 (Full Interview)

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13 July 2014 - Dekalb, IL 


This show introduced a ton of songs from We Were Dead, as well as an early version of King Rat

(01:20) Ocean Breathes Salty
(05:50) Black Cadillacs
(09:40) Paper Thin Walls
(13:46) Fire It Up
(19:01) We’ve Got Everything
(24:00) Float On
(28:15) The View
(33:50) Bukowski
(39:03) Missed The Boat
(44:48) World At Large
(50:13) Lucky Me Again (Early King Rat)
(57:17) Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
(01:02:00) People As Places As People
(01:06:53) Dashboard
(01:11:40) Bury Me With It

(01:20:25) Invisible
(01:24:46) Dramamine


Glastonbury 2016 - Full Show

01. Intro (Delirium)
02. Aftertaste
03. Outside
04. Burn
05. Devotion (Acoustic)
06. Keep on Dancin’
07. Don’t Need Nobody
08. Figure 8
09. On My Mind
10. I Need Your Love
11. Anything Could Happen
12. Love Me Like You Do


Another semi-forgotten musical, Alice at the Palace is a musical adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Elizabeth Swados (Runaways) wrote a fascinating score, her strange non-tune writing style panning out rather well for a musical about the wacky locale of Wonderland.

An abbreviated production of the musical was filmed, notably starring Meryl Streep.