full power super saiyan


Vegeta’s transformation into… Super Saiyan… Darker Blue? I don’t know what to call it. Super Saiyan Blue 2? Full Power? Super Saiyan Cobalt? Azure? True Blue? Royal Blue? Super Saiyan Hexcode #0059CF? 

Anyways, this was a beautiful transformation. I wasn’t expecting to be hit with such emotions with this scene… UNIVERSE 6 EMOTIONS. He needs to defeat Jiren, not to prove himself stronger, but so he can get the Super Dragon Balls to bring back Universe 6. We got a Cabba flashback… Vegeta was fueled to transform to Super Saiyan Hexcode #0059CF  his new form by his desire to keep his promise to Cabba, to wish back the Universe of his now-erased student. 

(sniff) I’m going to be okay… really…

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Alright Mr. Feel, time to put your powers of precognition to the test. What will they call Vegeta's "Power beyond Super Saiyan Blue"? Cause its obviously gonna have some sort of name to it

Full Power Super Saiyan Blue or just SSB2


Vegeta may have a new form?

In these two new images Vegeta doesn’t look like he`s in Super Saiyan Blue form but something different. To those unfamiliar the normal Blue form is lighter blue hair also the eyes are lighter blue, plus there is no iris just all blue. Also the aura is lighter blue with less particles flowing around.

In this possible new form Vegeta has darker blue hair, with a darker aura and a black iris, which kinda resembles Goku`s Ultra Instinct like iris.

Is it Super Saiyan Blue 2 the next stage of Blue, Completed Super Saiyan Blue basically you can fight at full power for much longer. Is it like a Super Saiyan Rage version of Blue, sort of like a power boost what Trunks achieved when he got real mad. Or is it a mixture of Blue and Ultra Instinct so you have the strength of Blue, and the awesome dodging abilities of Ultra Instinct. 

Just wow the possibilities get me so excited! I really hope that Vegeta does get a new form that Goku doesn’t have. It would make things a lot more interesting and maybe Goku will be a bit annoyed about it lol. Most likely scenario Goku would be like “Wow Vegeta, you have gotten a lot stronger.” I can imagine Vegeta saying “I have achieved a form even Kakarot hasn’t achieved, Jiren!”


The power of Frieza is naturally so great that his body could not contain it all. His first form has a power level of 530,000. His second doubles to 1,000,000. Although powerful in his third, Frieza never spends time on it, jokingly unveiling it and stating it would prevent him from being able to win a beauty pageant. Frieza’s final form is actually his base form, first utilizing it at 50% against Goku, then increasing to 70% against Super Saiyan Goku before reaching full power. At his peak, Frieza has a power level of 120 million. Rebuilt with cybernetic enhancements after his defeat, he exceeds limits imposed by his organic form, though Mecha Frieza proves to be no match for Trunks. Thanks to training, Frieza obtains his ultimate form as a means of taking revenge on Goku. Though Golden Frieza actually surpasses a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, the form is very taxing on stamina. After using it for so long, Frieza has his power plummet to the point where his moves no longer faze Goku. If it weren’t for his pride, Frieza could’ve dealt with Goku and Earth, but dies yet again.

Golden Frieza, by Marco Mendoza.

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all your responses to 'sailor moon vs [insert character/person here]' asks are giving me LIFE rn #gokuisdead2k16

I don’t know why people keep defending that dead hoe when he’s weak af.

In his normal state he isn’t even a Super Saiyan.

However Sailor Venus already is (powerful blonde beautiful hair by default) and can go full super saiyan if she wants to in a heartbeat.