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Adopt a Goopy!

Say hello to my newest babe. And he’s for sale!

This mini Gaster Goop Ball was created from my desire to carry my favorite characters in the palm of my hand. This little Gaster is made of super stretchy material and chock full of plastic pellets, and he is hand made to be squeezable and pull-able. Think of him as a precious stress ball. Having a bad day? Give him a squeeze.

Benefits of adopting a Goopy?

  • Low maintenance! He only feeds off love and hugs
  • His material is made to last. After weeks of loving my Goopy is still holding strong
  • Hes tiny~ Little babe fits in the palm of your hand
  • He’s cheap! Give a Goopy a home for just $12! Every sale benefits Goopies everywhere

Payment is through paypal and by commission only. Each Goopy is made to order. Pay first, and I’ll make your little babe and ship him asap. However since that is the case, some delay may occur. Most Goopies will be completed during the weekends.

Please PM me for any further questions! (I also take commissions for plushies and various other things so feel free to ask!)

Dear gringos that love Lúcio as much as I do, 

if you want to draw/write/etc him and want to make him sound and seem more realistically Brazilian here are some Brazilian day-to-day things that he would probably do  “probably” being the key word here, u do you thing, follow your dreams.

Also, other Brazilians should add more stuff

- He would kiss your cheeks when he meets you 

(in some places boys only kiss girl’s cheeks, and shake other boy’s hands. Also, we only do it once on one cheek. And instead of actually kissing we just press our cheek to your cheek and make kissing noises.)  

- He would probably have a bag full of plastic bags in his house

- He probably walks around with flipflops most of the time. Out of the house, in the house, to the movies, to the mall, etc. So says the carioca stereotype.

- He’s probably very chill about being on time

getting to a party 30 minutes “late” is the polite thing to do. 

- He certainly takes at least one shower a day, probably two, sometimes even three. 

- He would probably call everyone by their first name

Like, even when he’s being formal. In Brazil there would be no Mister Morrison. Mister Jack would be the formal way to go. 

- On a date he’d probably sit by his date’s side, not in front of them. 

It’s more intimate and closer than sitting across the table. ;)

- “We should meet later!” “Oh yes, let’s meet later!” and then nothing ever happens.

- He’d probably be very touchy-feely. 

Brazilians usually are. He’d probably lean, cling, hug, hold hands, pass arms around friends and loved ones as casually as possible, it’s something most people in Brazil don’t mind at all. 

- If he gets engaged the brazilian way then both him and his spouse-to-be would have engagement rings

- Basically we’re all very chill 

- Also he is a black man but he’s also latino, don’t forget that  :(

- And it’s Portuguese, not Spanish. This one is not optional. I’ll fight the next person that makes him say “Hola” instead of “Olá” stg 

valentine’s day headcanons
  • it’s everyone’s favorite holiday y’all
  • let’s talk about yamaguchi and how much of a romantic he is
  • v-day brings out the cheesiest side of him
  • he gets flowers for EVERYONE
  • tsukki is allergic to pollen so yams buys him plastic ones
  • they don’t die though, so tsukki doesn’t throw them out…
  • …..which means his closet is full of plastic bouquets from years past
  • anyway
  • yamaguchi takes his time to make treats for all his friends
  • which he packs into adorable pink gift bags
  • with personal notes about why he loves whoever the gift bag is for
  • so the whole team gets one, obviously
  • tsukki doesn’t get one, however
  • it’s the first year he’s been left empty-handed
  • yams has the smuggest smile while everyone else unwraps their bags in the club room and tsukki is just. dumbfounded.
  • so he complains
  • “yamaguchi, where’s my bag?”
  • “i left it at home. you can come by and get it once we finish up this meeting!”
  • so tsukki agrees
  • and yamaguchi still looks smug
  • they go to yamaguchi’s house
  • tsukki does not see a gift bag anywhere and complains again
  • but yams tells him to close his eyes
  • and he makes him promise not to look while he goes and gets the “gift bag”
  • except
  • it isn’t a gift bag
  • tsukki feels a long rectangular box in his hands
  • and yams tells him to open his eyes
  • and it is a box. a black box with no writing on it or anything
  • “are you proposing to me?”
  • “just open it, you dummy.”
  • tsukki opens it and
  • wOAH
  • it’s a….bracelet
  • it’s plain black leather with a tiny silver circle
  • it kinda looks like the moon
  • but it has an engraving of the letter “T”
  • he assumes it’s for “Tadashi”
  • and suddenly tsukki is blushing but not ANYWHERE near as much as yams is
  • “it matches mine.”
  • and yams is wearing one just like it
  • except, upon closer inspection, it has the letter “K”
  • which is obviously for “Kei”
  • and tsukki, although still salty he never got a gift bag full of food..
  • is very happy
  • because he loves his boy
  • even if he is the cheesiest
  • “happy valentine’s day, tsukki.”
  • “so this means we’re valentines now?”
  • and yams blushes even harder but nods because DUH
  • tsukki hates consumerist holidays but
  • he could never hate one that yamaguchi loves
  • because DUH
  • he loves him

I love Sunbeam! She was the first G1 pony I ever found at a thrift store; at the bottom of a plastic bin full of toys. I was so thrilled to find her, even though she was well loved! My Sunbeam has the letters “APL” written in pink highlighter on her shoulder, and her yellow streaks and glittery cutie mark have almost completely faded away. She’s the grandma of my herd, and one of my favorites!

Tbh freshman year vs senior year memes are funny but they make no sense 2 me because they’re always like that 😍 glow 😍 up 😍 but irl it’s like….

freshman year: shows up to class 20 minutes early with perfect hair and makeup, a cute (but weather inappropriate) outfit, takes notes in a moleskine and sips starbucks

senior year: walks in 20 minutes late in sweatpants and a hoodie, no fear of death, notebook is a plastic bag full of loose leaf paper, doesn’t own a single pen, drinks soup straight from the can. Leaves 15 minutes early and is never seen again until the final

Do oil companies and governments not realize that all our water supplies are interconnected? Do they not fucking live on this earth like the rest of us? Is there a top secret colony on the moon for the rich when the shit inevitably hits the fan? Like I’m just wondering what they think is gonna happen when all of our rivers and lakes are full of plastic and oil and climate change fucks us all over.


i know there’s been a million posts like this but

i love how the protags of the black isle and bethesda fallouts are serious people driven by family and morals and duty

and then courier 6 is just over there scampering around faded as fuck in the desert with a head full of tesla coils and a messenger bag full of plastic dinosaurs, on a journey to fuck and subsequently murder Chandler From Friends (and probably topple a couple civilizations in the process)

whenever people are like “you realize that fairies are assholes, right?”

1. they’re assholes 2 you binch bc u call them names!!!! i call the fairies things like “og sparkle babes whom i love” and they leave me bizarre, sometimes hilarious gifts (like a plastic baggie full of $2 coins but ONLY the ones with women on them stuck in a pocket of my backpack while i was at this fairy-themed store down on riverstreet) and i love it

2. i am an asshole 

I work at the mart for pets and LET ME TELL YOU. I’ve had to deal with dead fish and urine/fecal matter before, but today still takes the gross cake. It was after close so I went and got carts, and I saw one that still had bags in it. At first I thought someone had left their stuff, but when I pulled an item out of the bag, I realized it was 4 empty bags of cat food cans. Some of the stuff from in the bag got all down my arm. BUT THEN when I went to put the bag in the trash area I realized….¾ bags had USED CAT LITTER IN THEM. (Side note: it had been snowing earlier so everything was even more soggy) Someone actually drove 4 completely full plastic bags of used cat litter and empty cat food cans to our store and put them in a cart for me to find. People honestly disgust me. Why would someone ever think to do that??? It was a shitty end to an annoying night.

Heartbreaking what humans are doing.

Post-Mortem on the 13 stranded North Sea sperm whales finds their stomachs full of plastic. This occurred near the town of Tönning in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany).

There are also other reasons, all of them human ones. Tragic.


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Bucky surprising you, his girlfriend, with a baby fox from a local rescue.
••• Requested by Anon •••

The kit sprung towards you in bounding steps that were almost like jumps. As it turned a corner its back legs swung outwards and it almost lost its balance. Then it leaped up, pawing with its fore paws for attention and its wet tongue licked furiously at you outstretched fingers.

“Hey, little one!” You laughed, sitting down to get closer to the fluffy pup. “Who do you belong to?”

It was at this moment when Bucky entered the room carrying two plastic bags full of animal treats, toys and other accessories. “He belongs to you, (Y/N).” He said, smiling widely at how quickly you and the fox had become acquainted.

“Mine?” You asked him. Your eyes were wide and a smile spread across your face, making your cheeks hurt. “Oh, Bucky!”

You jumped back on your feet, the fox clasped in your hands, and you darted forward to plant a kiss on Bucky’s mouth. “You have no idea how much I love you.”