full outfit yes

i’ve never even played inquisition and i love him :^ )


When Clint came to visit me during the ComebackClint saga, it was my job to take pictures of everything that he has collected. Let me just say, these things are so wonderful, so now I am going to gush on and on about them all. The gushing is not in chronological order, and reblog and claim what you made!

Covering that junk

Clint had a solitary pair of underwear when he started his journey, but he NOW has more fun boxers than any doll i’ve ever seen. He has spiderman ones, superman, wonder woman, some cool flannel ones, and they are all so cute and great! They are thin enough to easily fit underneath the SUPER TINY knit black pants.  In addition to the underwear, there are TWO DIFFERENT Hawk-Blocks, one with the face of Hawkeye which is meticulously cross-stitched, and one with the face of Deadpool…because of could there is. :D So very excellent job, guys, in making sure that Knit-Clint’s Knit-Junk would never be seen by anyone, ever!


Clint now has an entire wardrobe of awesomely made clothing! He has his FULL Mini-skirt outfit…yes…I’m serious. Its the mini-skirt dress thing, BOOTS with tiny little fold over parts, and his headband to match. The triangular pattern is even right and everything. You knitters are so crazy! He also has some knit black pants which were integral to Clint’s journey, and some knitted purple shoes that even have little knit-tread on the bottom. Clint also has an assortment of custom shirts, a triplet of Hawkeye-related ones, which have been swapped in and out throughout his journey, and also a Black Widow and Captain America fan shirt, which are fantastic and give him a great variety. But the best part is that the people that made these, sent along the SHIRT PATTERN! I hope Knitpool scans it for you guys so you can make shirts for your knit-people. OK OK, but then…in case Clint decides to go to the opera, he also has complete period formal wear, with little stockings and little pants and a little tux jacket with tails and a white, powdered wig. All of this is sewn and the jacket is lined! 


Clint has a wonderful variety of accessories. The bow is brilliant and so is the quiver, which is backpack style so that it actually stays on. He does have arrows, too, and I’m just so glad someone took up the challenge of making sure he was properly weaponized. He also has a cooking apron. This apron was put together with maniacal genius, so that I couldn’t figure out what it was at first, and then suddenly, it went together so simply. He has TWO hats, made by different people. One is purple and the other is black with the H on it, and BOTH of them fit great on his giant poofy head which is an accomplishment all on its own. And he has a hoodie too, with a teenie little zipper and this hoodie looks SO CUTE on him, gah. Again, kudos to making anything that fits a small-body, big-head doll, because its completely insane. And speaking of completely insane, how about a functioning knit backpack? WUT. Ok…and…the adorable sleeping bag?! Its literally made from the most perfect fabric on the planet. And he has a harness, like this badass climbing harness with the proper rings and everything.


Clint has two pets. Apparently, one of them is a bee. He had two bees when he came to me. Now he has one bee, BECAUSE I STOLE ONE. They are so cute. More on the bees later. But his true pet, Lucky the Dog, is so precious and suits his scale so well, that its almost like a true character of its own, so I just couldn’t include him in accessories. Yes, some brilliant knitter out there took the time to give Clint his little dog and its wonderful. 

I tried to take pictures of everything, and I hope I covered everything! If I missed something, please forgive me! (another post coming of the OTHER things with Clint)