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Oh my God Ash I feel like a bad follower of you now because I didn't know you got to meet Danai!! I just read it in your latest ask... How could I miss this?? You've probably talked about this a lot but can you just tell me how it was to meet her?? Just... was she really cute and sweet, was she?? I've read like millions of people's experiences about that and ALL OF THEM were totally enthusiastic about Danai. I'm just so jealous but in a good way... I love her so much I want to cry!!

Aww, haha! Yeah, I’ve talked about it a couple of times, but no worries, I’m sure it was easy to miss with everything else going on around here. My meeting Danai was basically a collection of a few short exchanges, but they were lovely, and she was absolutely the cutest and sweetest and made me somehow love her more than I already did. 🤗

So at WSC last year, at her panel, I asked her whether she thinks Michonne has told Rick about Andre at this point. (She thought yes.) So after the panel, we went to go take pictures with her, and as soon as we walked into the little photo area, she’s like, “Hayyy gurl.” And as my friend was putting down her stuff, Danai and I spoke really briefly and I told her how much I loved her and she thanked me for my question about Andre, and joked that I tried to catch her off guard and that made me really happy, idk. So we took our picture and headed on out. I think it was probably all of a minute, because photo ops move really quickly.

So then we went to pick up our picture, and the staff noticed that my friend blinked, so they sent us back to the line to take another. Danai saw us approaching and was like, “You’re back! Okay!” She was just so cheerful and sunny and I never wanted to leave her. Thankfully, my friend’s eyes get really tiny when she smiles, so she looked like she was blinking in the second picture too, and we got to go back one more time. Everybody in the booth was like, “AGAIN?” Danai was like, “Okay, what is going on? Who keeps messing it up?” And I was very quick to point out my friend because I will not have my queen thinking I don’t know how to take a picture. So as we start to pose, she jokes, “Well all right, y’all should just hang out with me all day.” And I’m like, “Sis, yes. Please. PLEASE.” And we laughed about my friend’s awful picture-taking skills (she’s actually very good at taking pictures, so this was just fate intervening I’m pretty sure), and the photographer actually showed us the final photo on her camera to make sure everyone was good with it. And that was basically it.

Also, the next day, we had a picture with the cast, and I was so busy embarrassing myself with Andy, I didn’t really realize Danai was there until I was standing next to Norman. But she remembered us and said hi and asked if we were having fun and I thanked her for coming back (she wasn’t scheduled to be there, but came back for the cast picture). So nothing all that interesting, but she made my weekend and I totally see why everyone in the cast is in love with her. Because bitch, me too. 😩

I’m hoping she can come back this year so I can get her autograph and have an uninterrupted couple of minutes with her, but if that’s all I ever get, I’m totally okay with that. ☺

Dating Cheryl Blossom Would Include:

• Way too many arguments about everything

• “For fucks sake Cheryl! Why can’t you just leave it alone?”

• Eventually apologizing stubbornly, Cheryl apologizing as well

• Her venting to you about her family

• “I can never tell if you like them or hate them. One minute they suck and the next they’re alright. I don’t think they’re good people, Cheryl…”

• Getting close with Jason and finding out more about their family that Cheryl hadn’t told you

• “You never said Jason and Polly wanted to run away, you never told me how they treated Jason”

• “I swear I didn’t know half of that, i’m sorry, okay? I don’t know what you want me to say about it…”

• Constant stress

• Still loving each other through all of the rough patches

• Having some good moments that made everything worth it

• Going to football games just to watch her cheer

• “You look hot in that outfit”

• “Shut up”

• Jason jokingly threatening you

• “Hurt her and I hurt you”

• Joking back at him

• “You’re on, buddy boy”

• Helping Cheryl through her stress and panic

• Finding out about Jason leaving and comforting Cheryl about it

• “Hey, the guy plays football. He’ll be fine, you loser”

• “you are such an asshole, I love you though”

• Always hugging each other or cuddling up to each other, both of you finding it comforting

• Going on boat rides with her at sweetwater river, playfully threatening to tip the boat

• “Careful Cheryl, don’t wanna upset me now do you?”

• “(Y/N) I swear to god if you even try-”

• A night full of crying after finding out about Jason dying

• Coming to the memorial and holding Cheryl after the speech she made

• “I love you, it was the right thing, Cheryl…”

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I came up with some trickstervirus bitty bones for you then I remembered that you all ready made some… but then I remembered that you didn’t give any information on them.
So I did that and slightly changed the outfit, (all i really did was make it bigger and added colour) and I have dubbed them Trickybitty’s!
But before I did anything with them I wanted to run them by you and get your permission first. (so i have only done Cherry as of now)

So without any further ado present to you

•diet consists of Cherry related foods and sweet’s (or any kind of sweet’s)

•while having a high sugar tolerance can still have a sugar-high. (trust me you do not want to unleash this beast)

• is about 4.5 inches. (is the smallest of the other sans Trickybitty’s)

•is sensitive about his size.

•CandiedCherry is the second most difficult if the Trickybitty’s to care for.

•while he doesn’t mind hugs, he doesn’t like being smothered in affection (not till you get closer that is)

•seem to have similar personally traits to that of the Edgy and Runt Bitty’s (so can be slightly aggressive if pushed and quite sensitive as well)

•will sometimes throw plush objects at you if you push or upset him too much as a way of saying “stop”. (but never ever something hard or that could cause you or anything else damage no matter how upset)
•(may shout baby curse word’s like “poopy head”)

•when upset eyes will change from green to red.

•Is a sympathetic crier.

•cry’s alot. (but will try to hide it)

•can be fussy at times.

•can pur, but only if he’s close to you and is comfortable around you, if not and you try to have him pur he will bite and scratch your hand. (not too hard but it’ll still hurt a bit, it’s more of a waning than anything)

•funnily enough depending on how C.C cries when you’re around can show how close you are:

 ▪hides when upset, will swot you away when you try to comfort him, denies crying or being upset in the first place and puts up a fuss.
= not close at all.

 ▪cries in your presence with back to you but you can hear him sniffing sofly, will still put up a fuss and swot’s you way when you go to comfort him, but does it half-heartly.
 = getting closer.

 ▪doesn’t hide it as much, you can hear the crying more clearly, doesn’t put up any fuss when you comfort him and will snuggle in to you, but won’t call out for you.
= quite close.

 ▪full on scream-crying, very open about it, call’s out for you, willingly cuddles with you for comfort and will cling to you for awhile when calming down.
 = extremely close. At this point in time C.C may start referring to you as mama or papa (etc.) and will actively seek out your attention, affection, becomes more affectionate to you and may get jelly towards others. (but he’ll never admit it)
•(and will now pur).

So! What do you think?


Oh my gosh! Aaaaa he’s too cute I wanna keep him!!! QuQ
You can make profiles for the bitty tricksters if you want! I don’t mind! >v<


Hello, yes someone please explain #blackout to me because I am hella interested in learning (and in having a beautiful dash holy shit)


Ok can I just rant for a second about how fucking important representation is.

I was watching the most recent Steven Universe episode just now, and it got to this scene with Ruby and Sapphire, and completely out of nowhere I burst out crying.

Like full on tears streaming, uncontrollable sobbing, for about ten minutes.

Because I realised that this was the first time I had seen on TV a gay relationship being portrayed as normal and happy and healthy. And it made me so fucking happy to see it because it’s so rare to feel accepted and normal.

I’m so glad this is on a children’s program as well! I wish I could have had this when I was younger, and that I hadn’t had to work things out on my own. Minorities really need this kind of support, especially the LGBT community, to just feel less alone.

In short- thank the holy heavens for Steven Universe